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The Four Stages of a Gospel-Based Moral and Cultural Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 3, 2022 5:00 pm

The Four Stages of a Gospel-Based Moral and Cultural Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 3, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/03/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. What are the four stages to a gospel based moral and cultural revolution time for the light a fire with your host difficult scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for moral insanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown all yeah I got gospel based moral and cultural revolution as surely as I'm sitting here broadcasting as surely as I am your voice moral sanity and spiritual clarity. I burn on the inside to see a gospel based radical sweeping change in America and I believe that we will see it with our own eyes. Oh, America will never be totally Christian.

Before Jesus returns.

Those can be good and evil back and forth as the Titus is gone dramatically in one direction.

I believe the be a shift but it must be gospel based to friends welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown. You know that the theme of Jesus revolution is burned in me for many years it's been a major theme of this broadcast so that God spoke to me before putting me on the air, so will get back to that for those new I'm so glad that you're here.

I'm so glad that you're listening and tuning in thrilled to have you as part of our audience.

Here's another call. If you weigh in on today's topic or call me about any subject under the sun as long as it relates in any way to the water fire were to me as long as is appropriate for a Christian radio phone lines are open 866-3487 84 can be. I was reading this in the Bible have a question or I think you're a jerk. Either way, if you don't like me if you want to look to me for wisdom. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH while I talk about revolution.

Why not just Reformation. I believe in Reformation. It's a subtitle to my book saving a sick America. It's a prescription for cultural Reformation III believe in Reformation, but I believe there must be something even deeper.

I've read a lot of books about Jesus not as a revolutionary who sought to overthrow the government to recall for violence or rebellion, God for bid, but rather a revolutionary of a different nature.

One new system was so radically different that it brought about a revolution in society receive Reformation sometimes can just mean changing the windowdressing without getting to the root issues obviously real deep. Reformation will get to the root issues but what we must see is not just changes in laws and changes in the system.

We must see a a fundamentally radical shift in terms of orientation for speaking to a journalist before the showing system. The more that is in the new cycle and looking at it the more that he realizes that the ultimate battle is not against conservative values but against God. It is ultimately to society saying this essay with Psalm two.

We don't want your God.

We don't want your Jesus.

We don't want your Bible get out of our lives. We in turn are saying were not here to impose our values on you. We are not here to force things down your throat. But we do want you to know that you are lost and in need of a Savior and Jesus is that Savior you can have a brand-new life in him. That is our message and you cannot change or waiver and I a speaker revolution because it's a theme that God birthed in my heart over 20 years ago, the simple insight which was a me self-evident, but just jumped all over me was more of the same only produce more of the same that what were doing in church life.

What were doing in the culture, but we doing in politics as believers is not working. Things are going in the opposite direction. Look, let's say you weigh hundred 75 pounds in your ideal weight is 140 pounds so you start this new diet and every week you gain a pound. The site okay the diets not working and more the same on the skin to keep going keep getting heavier, or if you are you going to try this new lifestyle thing and and it gets the opposite results or no results.

Okay, something else has to change. So it's gotta be revolutionary in nature, not rebellion. We are not rebels. We submit to God, we submit to the highest authority writes a will and the Laurel authority says do this in the higher authorities is don't do this, we obey the higher authorities or rebellion. It's obedience. I don't preach civil disobedience. I preach biblical obedience. We are not ones who come with hatred, anger, intimidation, Nono we come with the love of God with the truth of God.

We are full of courage. We don't back down. If if we live, we live if we die, we die we preach Jesus. That's who we are but it is revolutionary and and and it is revolutionary change in our lives which brings revolutionary change in the world around us quite so here are the four stages of a gospel based moral and cultural revolution is rural starts number one revival in the church revival in the church if to say it for the thousandth time that I don't mean that you're not getting it, or you have to keep repeating myself but I mean it's important to keep repeating it and that many people hear me for the first time, but I've been saying this over for years. I'm not so much concerned with the presence of darkness as I am with the absence of light.

I check into hotel happen over this weekend. Check into a hotel's dark it's night right flip the lights on and nothing happens. I don't say once was a dog darkness like Christmas.I rebuke the start does not like what's the matter with the light.

Jesus says to us as disciples. You are light in the world.

Matthew five Paul writes in Ephesians 5 that the light exposes everything and that we are light in the Lord Jesus also tells us in Matthew five that we are the salt of the earth and part of that means the moral conscience of the earth, so it is up to us with multiplied tens of millions of believers in America. The big problem is not America's darkness but we gotta fix the light right it's common spiritual sense. That's what has to happen is you look in history where there is gospel based cultural changes starts with the church getting revived. That's the first thing that happens number one very simple revival in the church. Its massive it's critically important.

But since were were each lights individually could start with. You could start with me. A fire gets ignited in your heart it touches your family touches your local church. It spreads in the community as a how often revival starts God gets hold of the few people in the fire and then spreads to others to others and then as a movement and behind the scenes for years, people praying, praying, praying, crying out, so we must deepen our prayers revival my book revival or we die is not an overstatement is that urgent.

That's where things start revival in the church now. Next stage Christians are living differently.

Rights of states number one we wake up we repent of our sin. We return to her first love and and and as a result of it. We start living differently, which means we start doing good week we start evangelizing more we start reaching out people see the change and also of course will be resistance because with the be a price to pay, but as a result of us getting revived when assuring the gospel more people are more drawn to what we have to say I remember when I was a commission salesman before was in vocational ministry and I was just having a day were I was overflowing with the joy of the Lord, and there was grace on the that I would sell way way better on those days people are not interested in the site. No problem. I just smiled.

Somehow there was such positivity in me that it attracted people and they were much more inclined to to buy what I was. So, how much more when what you're selling is the good news about Jesus right to put in those terms. And you are living in our people how you're different. What happened to you and then another's conviction behind your words of the holy spirits working three important people, the conviction of sin, and so on. So it's it's really quite amazing to see so number one revival in the church. Number two. As a result of that awakening awakening in the in the body which leads to were doing good were serving our communities more the gospel message is more attractive because our lives are full of light and love. And now what happens. Lots of loss people get saved lots of lost people get saved the great commission. This is what true revival will always result in evangelist always, always result in a surge of evangelism of people come to the Lord, which leads to the third stage, which is now as a result of many people being saved as a result of Christians awakening begins to change the conscience of the society. All these people think think of some of the that the most notorious anti-God. People in our society, from entertainers to to songwriters and singers and actors and then people in media news and influential thinkers and think of a number of them getting radically born-again. Think of them talking differently in living differently. Think of Christians are being awakened to boldness and the no more hiding in the shadows with their faith and and now laying out our values and and and the Gospels behind it and and many people are saved, meaning that just the statistics change you know drug dealers getting sable mean less drug distribution. The these things have happened historically. So now as a result of that, it's it starts to it comes to the society of a larger level, which leads to stage IV, which is that the general tenor of the society changes it's it's just like if you're you're painting something in the paint. This is kind of a dark gray and you keep adding more and more white painted and then then at the more your painting your pin this wall you can see it's getting brighter and brighter and brighter. But it must start with the gospel. It must start with revival in the church so do we drop out of politics.

No, no, we stay involved, do we not get involved meeting with our school teachers to see what are your kids are starting to not only stay involved, the judge would not try to to change the atmosphere in a college campus don't do all of those things push back against unrighteousness in the workplace do the right thing be involved in your communities, but recognize the for real change to come he can't just come by changing laws or getting rid of this person is putting another person because hearts have to change in the light must shine so we must see the stages revival in the church and then the believers becoming awake and doing good, reaching out and then the conversion of many sinners and and Christians living differently provide produces a change in society and then others, or let others see it. Others recognize it and and and the voting change the culture changes. That's how it has to happen. That's my passion and friends. Every one of us. We can all be part of it.

Start with praying for personal awakening in your own life. The birds of the Lord, the heart of God would start with you than start with me all right we will be right back home as I think of emotionalism stations faith, your questions about that but anything else you want talk about: 0366. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred 486-648-7884.

Anything you want to talk to about ask me about phone lines are open and will be getting to phone calls shortly actually talking a while about California's governor Gavin Newsom and his radical pro-abortion ads, including Scripture to support his point yeah will will talk about that pastor John MacArthur was written very stern letter of rebuke and I will share some of that with you. But first we got a lot of great stations, North Carolina before stations we went on back in 2008 when North Carolina rebuilt on them and experience others in state ever since. If if any of you are associated with Congressman Ted but I would like to clarify something. Give us a call if you're part of his campaign or your supporter and though his position well. Give us a call it 866-34-TRUTH just so your calling.

For that reason. So I got this in the mail today.

I I realized it wasn't sent directly to me was sent to someone else who currently was registered as a Democrat. Somehow ended up over at our house. Long story but but anyway of it. It says this Congressman Ted but opposes abortion even in cases of rape, incest or to save a woman's life and to date they've got a footnote for each thing in CBS this and and so on Huffington Post saying certain things so they claim to document this, but even supports laws that could put doctors in jail supports national band that would make all abortions illegal opposes woman's right to choose a reform is rape the victim of incest reforms.

Life is at stake for the guns protecting access to birth control. So it would not surprise me at all. I don't on a low Congressman but it would not surprise me at all if he being pro-life opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest as he and others would say why add another tragedy to a tragedy ready in the particular life of the baby that was conceived but I I don't know of pro-life leaders who say that if if this is the only way to save the woman's life of the mother will die by carrying the baby that you can abort in those situations because you're choosing one life or another you can preserve both and if a case like that arose. So just just wondering if you work with Congressman Boehner associated with the supporter of his, if you'd like to clarify this.

That would that would be great.

It just seemed to be typical fear mongering, exaggerating, however, even representing his real position.

I may just have some info on this year but see local news clip. When asked about that he said something to the effect of that should be in consultation with the doctor. But we have to think of the fact that there are two lives here basically is an overriding principle. Okay, got it yet. So anyway, I just saw that my thing is with political ads at Tufts since the times on YouTube.

That'll pop up praising candidate a right and demonizing candidate be there. A few minutes later another ad will pop up his exact opposite. Candidate B is wonderful got in the AZ earlier whatever it is I may just you think okay there so polar opposite. You wonder RER and in truth all was so exaggerated that's what you get the political scene instead of an actual debate on substance, self exaggeration and innuendo and end accusation as opposed okay I hold to this you hold to this, let's talk about so in any case, just want to find that out because he came in the mail today.

I thought I'd ask. Let's go to the phones and will start in Greenville, South Carolina, Samuel, welcome to the line of fire.

I look around or taking my call out of luck.

After question about art and politics but I'll get back no person around revival of luggage.

Speaking about while in order to about practically how you think is likely happening. You've been involved in the Bible.

And so you probably have some experience in helping people but I wanted to hear your thoughts about how practical you think will happen obviously prairie baseline critical to good people, but I just wanted to get a book about the practical for what you charge interest, so in order to see this happen we have to recognize our need, when I cannot pray for revival to be brought back to life. If we think that we are fully alive. If we think it was thriving. We were blessed with that all is well with America young. Pray for revival, unless you recognize this a problem.

There's an issue and and in that case you're excited to be in your own life you recognize your walk with God is not were supposed to be. We found yourself bounding in your you need to be free to be in your local church are not seen people saved. It's been years and years and her than he converts and it it could be something wider.

It could be your community seems to be mocking God now, and that the school systems turning in of the their different reasons for which we pray for revival, but it's ultimately recognizing something wrong in the church. Remember five of the seven churches in Asia minor that Jesus spoke to in Revelation 2 and three.

Five out of the seven he rebuked and some very severely in the Sardis, he said you have a reputation for being alive and dead in Laodicea. You say I'm rich increased and both have need of nothing, but don't realize Richard, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Think of being in that state and thinking were great and of course starts with Ephesus hard-working Orthodox and doctrine, exposing the false apostles persevering and yet you've left your first love so often where the last ones to notice it. My conspicuous mustache had gone completely gray and I did notice it.

Friend had seen in years and commitments. It whatever you must issue when all graph that what will. That's because my mustache was always a little bit lighter than my hair so my hair was dark brown in my mustache was reddish-brown as my hair was getting lighter. My mustache was getting lighter. I didn't notice idle because you see every day. You know where the change. So if something that blatant and obvious. We can mess. It's the same spiritually so we need to press into God of pastors and leaders need to give a vision of what with the church is called to be.

According to the word what God is done in times of revival in the past to create a hunger and thirst for people begin to seek him for more and and and for God's reality in their lives within leads to more prayer leads to repentance and crying out as to how God is going to move. Obviously, this is speculation, but it isn't in my own heart. I don't envision something like happen in Brownsville where there was 1 Key Pl. in America and then a few other places.

Small places were were people were flocking from around the country and in going to that place. I believe they're going to be hundreds, maybe thousands where the fire is falling where God is moving in that sense may be closer to the Jesus people movement where hippies radicals rebels by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands around the world got dramatically saved so I got safe 71 and our lives were just trying to run overnight it happened around the world and it was one of these things that God just did it was impossible to say why it was happening to so many of us the same time, but it did.

The difference here is my hope is that the churches will be ready in other words, that there will be thousands of hotspots were people being saved but the churches are ready to disciple them and take them deeper so you will have building after building in and hold meeting after whole meaning intent after tent where the meetings are going every night people getting saved every night in the getting plugged in and nurtured and disciple them communities are being impacted.

That's what I see as I pray and think about it, that's what I see and envision. But it's it's gonna start with each of us on a local level and the key ingredient is hunger recognition. Something is wrong recognition that there is more, and out of that the heart cry. The seeking of God. The personal repentance the corporate repentance and then the outpouring of the Spirit. That's that's what I understand, sir right they tell you it had a partisan political question. Go ahead and and asked we got little while before the break. Well it's about how we have more live by the Republican Party of the party for support of the gospel.

I get I get thinking around it because of ready to hello really radical thing that happened in the context of credit party but I do feel that there is no effective rebuke that I would rebuke for things that are wrong.

Republican Party and because many crickets.

The Republicans are more cruel God. If you like.

Yes, I was wondering your thoughts about hundred percent with you hundred percent with you on that and just jump in and select an answer before the break.

Of course I dress that the political seduction of the church in my new book on 10021.

I am with the Republican policies on pro-life on on family issues on Israel and some other key things religious liberties compared to other Democratic Party party policies, but both parties are part of just a fleshly worldly system, and neither party is God's party. That was one of my issues with Pres. Trump. I voted for him, but I was one where the evangelical voices and we disagree with that.

We don't like this. This is not a representative of who we are when believers become an appendage. The political party white evangelicals, often with the Republican Party like evangelicalism Democratic Party value ourselves. Rather, we are part of a heavenly third-party in the recall these earthly parties to account with rights and according get way too partisan in absolute right will be like that. I am sending some to my team to pull these up in a moment.

Yet this is the way we do it in real time. We have stuff prepared to pull up and some other things will show say take a look at this rate I will get that in a minute. Got a question for me one way and you want to differ on a certain .8663487884 that is the number to call. Okay, hurricanes, and divine judgment. We need to be very very careful before we call something an act of divine judgment is it will why am I saying that Hussein that about hurricane Ian and the devastation in Florida and beyond what I haven't heard people saying it but here's what I know if this hurricane hit California right now. If it hit one of these states that says we stand for abortion and we are going to be a sanctuary for abortion and come to us from around America. We want you here to have your abortions still like New York. It's been a haven for abortions. If it happened there or if some of the buildings devastated were Planned Parenthood buildings given believe it would be very easy for many of us conservative Christian Bible believers pro-lifers. The CC divine judgment is see we need to be very very careful what would we think now if people on the left said this divine judgment on Gov. DeSantis because of his pro-life policies and his anti-gay, anti-trans policies.

This is judgment we mock that we say how dare you speak for God.

This is obviously something tragic that happened in many lives lost in devastating damage done over hundred billion dollars of damage and again.

Above all, the loss of life.

We don't know why certain things happen that you may be of the belief maybe is a Calvinist that everything that happens is sent by God. And because it's devastating that it is therefore judgment by God on the sinful human race or simply God send these things says these things for his purposes. We might say we don't know why these things happen to Scott actively send them to see allow them to happen. Other other factors. We don't know but we just need to be very careful. I remember when I was on the air. Years back asking the question is God sending these hurricanes were experiencing is divine judgment in one color suggested if that was the case then they should just be hitting churches first since judgment begins with the house of God are the result of sin in our own minutes and then someone else said the odd thing is that all these alleged acts of judgment, and certain parts of the country at certain times of the year when that's hurricane season and it would get our attention. A lot more if they happen in a different part of the country at a different time when they're not expected yet that's true. So a few years back in Minnesota.

One of the denominations. There was meeting there.

Having a special meeting and they were voting about changing their views on homosexuality and what happened. A tornado sweeps through the city as this is happening is is not the time where it would happen. The place what would happen and what happens, it knocks over steeple of of the church building. Nobody was killed or injured in this but that was one of those things as their voting that got attention was God sending a message that we get attention but what we need to do when we see something like this hurricane is remember how small we are. Remember how tiny the human races with all of our boasting in all of our pride. We are tiny rains too long. We all perish because too hot for too long, will perish is to call for too long, will perish. If it doesn't rain enough, we all perish, and with all of her technology. We can't change it. We remember how small we are. Remember that one day there will be fierce judgment on the human race we come to God, saying, Lord, in the midst of this fallen world, have mercy on us and be gracious to us.

So I do with how is this and then you get involved and we know how to make a difference and help rebuild people's lives.

Gavin Newson and abortion.

He got the attention of the pro-life community. Last month, so mid-September when he made some announcements.

Now I want you to know how radically pro-abortion governor Newsom is. It is not a matter of it's not a matter of him simply being pro-choice. This is the tweet that he has pinned on his account on his Twitter account.

This is what it says new oh I'm sorry this is Hannah Hannah. Let me let me get the right one here yet. Here's his pinned tweet is pinned tweet says that so when you go on Twitter. This is the first thing you can see that the newest but this one abortion is legal in California.

It will remain that way.

I just signed a bill that makes her status.

It hit save him for women across the nation. We will not cooperate with any states that attempt to prosecute women or doctors for receiving or providing reproductive care has 1 million likes.

That was June June 24 1 million likes in the news bill just signed for any reason, right up to the point of conception. There can be abortion set that this is what he tweeted out September 15 between you ready new just launch billboards and seven of the most restrictive antiabortion states that explain how women can access care, no matter where they live, to any woman seeking abortion in these antifreedom states, California will defend your right to make decisions about your own health. So he's celebrating this is boasting about it is not just pro-choice. He is pro-abortion right and some of the states like Oklahoma by the Christian population there Christian belief there. So for Oklahoma once again to do was gotta got and Scripture verse yeah and in what will put the graphic up so you can see if you're watching but he's tell you, you come to California for your abortion and then there's a quote from Scripture the end, look at this. It's it says love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment in these so here's what it says needed abortion California is ready to help. Learn more and and then a Scripture love your neighbor to stop the words of Jesus. There is no greater commandment then these I minute it is absolutely sickening.

Marjorie Devon seltzer who was a pro-life leader. She tweeted this out.

This makes me sick. Gavin Newson quoting Scripture love your neighbor as yourself more 1231. This billboard going off in Oklahoma today everything is in California's abortion tourism destination sublingual words. How twisted this is better believe it. You know what governor Newson is shouting out to the nation your baby in the womb.

You're not my neighbor in the name of love your neighbor. He's opening up California to kill the baby in the womb come from Oklahoma come from these other states that the are now pro-life, they been pro-life and now more fully pro-life come to California you get your abortion doesn't matter where you are in your pregnancy you can get your abortion why Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. What a perversion of Scripture. What a sick misuse of Scripture, so the baby in the womb.

I looked to see someone make a graphic of this. Here's a baby in the womb right you got the pregnant mom and like cartoon picture you see the baby on the inside looking out. Say am I not your neighbor governor Newsom am I not your neighbor. Now come to California get slaughtered little baby Pastor John MacArthur has issued a public letter of rebuke to governor Newsom not about Republicans versus Democrats about the law of God about the truth of God, and he says this begins with this Almighty God says in his word.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. Scripture also teaches that it is the chief duty of any civic leader to reward those who do well to punish evildoers was good. Scripture references for each of the utterly failed in that responsibility routinely turned on its head, rewarding evildoers and punishing the righteous but continues mid-September. You were revealed to the entire nation are thoroughly rebellious against God, you are when you sponsor billboards across America promoting slaughtered children who creates of the room someone 39 is a 45 for the compound of the wickedness of that murderous campaign with a reprehensible act of gross blasphemy: the very words of Jesus for Mark 1231 is if you could somehow twist his meaning and arrogate his name in favor butchering unborn infants use the name in the words of Christ to promote the credo of mullah is 20. The be hard to imagine a greater and sacrilege, but it was on and then's personal appeal. My concern governor Newsom is that your own soul lies in a grave eternal peril, urging him to repent. Find salvation in Jesus and he notes our church countless Christians nationwide are praying for your full repentance. Please respond to the gospel. Forsake the path of wickedness your pursuit or your life turn to Christ. As for forgiveness, and use your office to advance the cause of righteousness, as is your duty. Instead of undermining it as has been your pattern that this is gospel rebuke sale. It sounds harsh. Well, this is how God would speak prophetically to someone guilty of what is remember Gavin Newsom's mayor of San Francisco began to issue same-sex marriage licenses. This is when it was illegal in America. He did it in defiance of the law and I I know a Christian brother who was in a meeting with him a church meeting with him and and prophesy the warnings and not not knowing about what his future was can be prophesied, warnings him way back. So this is a warning it's not Republican, Democrat, it is the law of God. In other words, if someone murders it doesn't matter what the state laws are the country laws are. That's a sin against God.

Nonetheless, if a man rapes a woman in a culture that looks the other way.

That's a sin against God, and that woman nonetheless.

And God will hold them accountable. So here is a gospel preacher, pastor, MacArthur holds governor Newsom accountable and praise for salvation. That's what it is about. So rather than joining on and cursing him. Let's pray for him. Let's pray for his repentance. Let's pray that he will have a Saul of Tarsus like experience where he encounters the reality of Jesus and realizes he's been sin against God in the name of thinking he's doing good for people. I'm sure he does think he's doing good in its heroic sinning against God, and that, among many other sins will damn him in his mercy, like millions of others. Let's pray that God would transform him and make California into a pro-life sanctuary the right line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, have you visited our website totally revamped brand. I mean, it is brand-new. It is so user-friendly years so able to navigate your way around and find subject to looking for and you need to keep coming back to it because we had something like 9000 items on it that we been transferring over from the old website to the news we keep transferring more material fun more and more and more as the days and weeks and months go by poster so much. There want to check in regularly to ask her to a.s. K. DR Brown dog org if you don't get our emails with special announcements with new resource offices orifice offers or to let you know that I'll be speaking your area. By all means sign up asked her to and take a second to and we got a really neat free e-book. Many book to send you all right, Susan, are you ready to get bombarded with edification and really get stirred, I'm here friends to to infused with faith and truth. Encourage security get stirred you ready to get energized spiritually. When you throw a number of things out to you. I tweeted this out couple days back I believe it is vitally important for Christians to be informed and to vote in these midterm elections, but my primary calling is not to help get the vote out, but to help get the body healthy and strong so focused on Jesus, that no electoral outcome will shake us or move us. That's why I'm here. That's why mother that's why write what I write. My calling is not primarily single vocal vocal others are doing. That's their calling in and their call to get you politically involved and it's important that we are my calling is is is to focus on something very different, which is to see the church healthy and thriving because of where healthy and thriving. Other things will fall into place if we get the vote out and were not healthy and thriving. Nothing will fall into place right this year my heart with you and encourage you to put first things first is so easy, politically. I know many are uninvolved, adorable little vote be informed vote. I it's it's it's a stewardship responsibility that we have here in America. It does affect our culture does affect how what your kids learning in school. I made an their their implications these things. However however, first and foremost healthy church exhibit that's critical have selected is much more critical. I was in the church is easy to vote, but the church healthy is a massive effort tweeted this out. It's really very simple.

If we who are Jesus followers shined more brightly. The world would be less dark. Bottom line, if we who are Jesus followers shined more brightly.

The world would be less dark and in this simple rules for disciples of Jesus this on Twitter if you want to follow me on Twitter.

It is DR Michael L. Brown we should get the two ells in the middle.

Michael LDR like Dr. DR Michael L. Brown simple rules to follow for disciples of Jesus vote, but don't get obsessed with politics stay informed. But don't get consumed with the news do good works, but don't forget about preaching the gospel fully engage your mind, but don't neglect the power of the spirit principal shall repeat those vote, but don't get obsessed with politics stay informed. But don't you consume with the news do good works, but don't forget about preaching the gospel fully engage her mind, but don't neglect the power of the spirit. Let's go to the phones in PR, Perrysburg, Virginia Josh Wilkinson want to fire. Thank you, Mr. Brown, Chris. Are you taking my question and Derek Kerner relate to our unit of speaking with Dell Paul Kirk I'm very politically active.

Home in our party and the local level in our I've always loved Aldrich's growing up in you know came from a very religious house (part Filipino gospel preacher today and he only he always had a Bible in the hand and the noodle bird but not going to put Jesus first brochure number: about hundred and ever since 2020 election and are mine you know are.

I honestly don't agree with everything the way the former president will state things PR campaign form form markdown. My band is became obsessed with conspiracy theories and so-called profit. Now they always move the gallbladder. Yeah. And there and it in her terms going to get reinstated by birthday right now.

By the end of the year.

I'm really concerned because he'll tell me the keep the faith. He parent by our faith and our faith got a B and G Yahweh, that's what I'm talking about but I'm very concerned because he's collating all. And tromp on their land again and see Josh. It's it's a real bad situation and many well-meaning people like your dad has fallen into deception, but I want to send you is a gift only done our call screen will stay on with you once and he was a gift for you to read and to get your dad might my new book on the political seduction of the church. I've to whole chapters on the false prophecies and how it happened. I'm a whole chapter on of chewing on how that crept in, and then why we supported tromp why we believed he was the better candidate why he did so much good encounter became a champion but then how things went too far. He became like the political savior and and many of us lost our way in the process. And that's why I wrote the political seduction of the church as a two-time tromp voter militantly opposed to many of the Apollo policies of Pres. Biden and the Democrats so rooted from that perspective, but it's it it is the worst deception I've seen in over 50 years in the Lord because I I've never seen so many people get to Cecil Bailey and and I think will happen as the stakes are so high. The issues are so intense. The.

The. The ramifications of who's in so massive for future generations that we got caught up in an unhealthy way and you know look if you if you've campaign locally with politics. You know how intense it gets and the more you see how ugly the other side can be and so on and so forth. It becomes terribly messy and then when that gets joined together with our faith, as opposed to. I'm a believer I preach the gospel of Jesus and seek to win the lost to be a good influence and live a godly life and I'm also involved politically, and I do this for job and sought right right fine, but when the things get emerged that our politics become married with the gospel.

We become an appendage of a political party. That's when there's real danger suits so Josh stay right there or call screen is to get your address and I want to send you a free copy of the political seduction of the church and tell your dad that I am giving this to you and him as a gift right and hopefully as he reads it and gets is the opening chapters will see hate this guy understands this Brown guy understands what we voted for tromp in and why we we felt the election was a critical and then with deception comes in so may the Lord use this to help you and many others are.

Thanks Josh your call screen will get your info now friends.

If you have not yet ordered the book. It really is critically important reading and and it will deal in-depth with with the key issues involved. Even that the role of the church in society. The, the, the role of the church in a do we take over society will succumb to passing laws and just quick note to my team. Hey, let's make sure the truth is on top of getting Josh's info here. Great looks good there all right. Thank this one of the future of the quarter-mile was looking to make sure we are following up on that but good friends. It's really important to get this right because we get 2022 elections upon us, and then it's gonna be a whirlwind of activity in intense emotion filled 2024 and who knows where things go. If if Democrats get a majority and in the Senate, then there could be surreal to case their analysis may be divine judgment on America. This also may be more for the church to wake up may be more to awaken us that we can put a trust in any part in the a lot of different things, God be God.

My focus remains the same church awaken. In fact I posted this on on Facebook and it Saturday night I was in prayer and I posted this found this quote posted it and it's reached over 400,000 people on her Facebook page, Smith, Wigglesworth, the apostle faith as he was donating 59th 1947, said this. The reason the world is not seen Jesus as a Christian people are not filled with Jesus. They are satisfied with attending meetings weekly reading the Bible occasionally and praying. Sometimes it is an awful thing for me to see people profess to be Christians, lifeless, powerless than a place where their lives are so parallel to unbelievers laws that it is difficult to tell which place therein with her in the flesh were in spirit and that's gotten over 13,000 likes and a man doesn't seem to hit strike a chord hit a nerve. Yes let us look more like Jesus led us represent him more to the world. That's the number one thing we can do vote yes because first things first. Another program powered by the Truth Network