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The One Thousand Year History of Poland's Jews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 29, 2022 4:31 pm

The One Thousand Year History of Poland's Jews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 29, 2022 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/29/22.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. While it's a large part of Jewish history and the part I was largely unaware of time for the light a fire scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice and spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown led prize me when I heard it in Poland when I heard it at the Polish Museum of the Jewish people in Warsaw. The statement surprised me that there is no Polish history without the Jews. There is no Jewish history without Poland welcomed friends to the line of fire Michael Brown here. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, welcome to all those tuning in for the first time.

If you have a Jewish related question of any kind. If your Jewish purse. Maybe traditional.

Do you happen to turn in your heard about the show and you can't believe here's a Jewish man who says he believes Jesus is the Messiah you want to talk to about it. Give me a call 866342.

Maybe your devoted Christian and you're wondering about some passages in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament got a question about Judaism or Jewish tradition. Or maybe you're Muslim and you've got some issues about the modern state of Israel form is open source. It's Jewish related with the agree with me or differ with me. That's not the issue that your question that we want to get to 866-348-7884. The earlier in the broadcaster call the better chance we have of getting to your call little bit later in the show. Also just got news about the new leader of Italy. The newly elected prime minister. The first woman. Not only is she a strong conservative who openly identifies as Christian as mother as female, which these days is big but apparently she's also strong supporter of Israel just found that out moments before the show started to talk about that little while okay so is making always in Poland this past weekend and the believers. They are said it would be really good if you could schedule time to go to the Jewish Museum in Poland and in Morrison.

I'd never heard of that. In fact it's only been eight years old. I think, and one of the members of the church. I was speaking was the principal fundraiser Christian woman to bring in millions of dollars from around the world, specifically Jewish twin around the world to build this museum so it's it's major it's historic and the fact that it was built with the help of Christians is of great importance, but when I would think of of Poland. Friends of mine that have been a been to Poland and wanted to do Jewish related tour of course they would go to Auschwitz and hopefully that in a future trip I can do that, although you gotta be emotionally prepared to do something like that because of the impact of the can have being in a place like that were so much evil to place a much unimaginable suffering but I have to admit then I had a bit of a blind spot in my own knowledge of Jewish history in Poland that measures what I knew. The overwhelming thing when I think of Poland in Jewish history. The overwhelming thing that comes to mind immediately. Is this before the Holocaust.

There were 3.3 million Jews in Poland, 3 million were slaughtered 3 million, the highest percentage in any of these countries were Jews lived all over in 90% over nine intent of every Jewish families, individuals slaughtered by the Nazis. It's it's devastating as as I was on one of these shuttle trains at Heathrow Airport going back from from Poland going back to go back home what one of the transit buses. I was on I just look around with okay nondelivery tent wiped out the families that you know neighborhoods and communities such and friends that in nine out of every tent wiped out unimaginable so I knew that and then I knew that there were significant rabbis that were Polish and significant Jewish communities in Polish history. I knew that right, but what I did and pieced together that the obvious was there was a reason that there were so many Jews in Poland. In other words, it had been a favorable place for Jews to live there is the obvious, but I just didn't think about because half of the 6 million Jews who were killed. The Holocaust were opposed Jews right so why were so many living in Poland only thought of the aftermath and the residue of Catholic anti-Semitism that was there that resulted in further horror stories for some of the survivors of the Holocaust which will come to in a moment but II didn't stop to ask what was so favorable about Poland for so long as a woman's tour of the museum.

Like a guided tour bite by their top tour guide and accompanied by a one of the pastors from the church that had done a lot of study on Jewish history, things like that and the woman in the church that had raise the funds for the museum so that was that the guided tour had with the three of them as as as we went around there was there was just so much took to learning. For example, were standing there, where the where the museum is built, it it's it's on the area that was formerly the Warsaw ghetto built over the rubble of what was once the Warsaw ghetto. I didn't know that there were 600 ghettos that the Nazis set up all over Poland. I didn't know that in Warsaw, one of every three homes before the Holocaust was Jewish. I did know that there were 1200 synagogues.

I didn't know that before. So again I had some knowledge of some of these things, but the specifics the details, but more. More importantly, the favorable history.

That's the part I was disabled, blind to it because of the devastation of the Holocaust and the aftermath being so horrific. Being so overwhelming that it's difficult to think back to what why were so many Jews living there in the first place. And why was it good for Poland angered for the Jewish people to the point to repeat that was said to me at at the Museum that there is no Polish history without the Jews and there is no Jewish history, the Poland right so the that the Warsaw ghetto was that the biggest most notorious of the ghettos established by the Nazis were Jews were herded together. Cut off from the outside world and lived on starvation diets use. It was a starvation diet 300 cal a day, 300 cal a day, and in it was there that finally there was the uprising as the Jews decided to fight back but with almost a weaponry in and get some possible laws. Of course, wiped out devastated, but those pretty much them surreal dying are terms similar to Masada. As as we shared with the Torino to think in those terms really die on our terms and you kill us. Go ahead, but we we've chosen to die this way rather than to die slowly of disease or or exterminating a concentration camp or of starvation here so Nazis wanted to make an example and also because there was an uprising with a morsel itself. The repulsive foot back is the Nazis and Poland lost 3 million to 3 million out of what may be 38 million versus 3 million of 3.3 million post-foreclosure versus Jewish population was still in Polish memory 3000 3 million Jews were killed 3 million polls were killed in the polls were killed.

Rising up against the Nazis. That's why Warsaw was so completely leveled and devastated. The Nazis were going to demonstrate Nazis were make clear that this is what happens to resistance.

If you help the Jewish families death penalty. I know it's easy for us. There will I were still about a Christian I was there for the Jewish people hopefully so. But when the penalty is death for you and your family. It's easier said than done.

It's it's it's a whole lot harder to sell Kevin my whole family slaughtered present help Jewish neighbor at the same time, there were different sentiments among the Polish people the one that I was most aware of was the boat with the Jews be killed, business not our problem or older Christ killers. They deserve it. That would be the most extreme in an anti-Semitic sentiment, some in Catholic and Protestant homes. But here Poland is a Catholic country with an Occult so that was there that was there for sure. In fact, Marty Waldman, one of my friends mission. A Jewish rabbi in Dallas, Texas I met his dad years ago stands with the Lord now is that was Holocaust survivor of an absolute horrific story among millions of horrific stories. The Nazis rounded up that the men there really that to kill them, and this we need to tailor them in here to it while he was child raise his hand. Okay well he's has two best friends's lifelong friends there. There right why must say why I need I need to assistance you have one pick one to think that you get you to lifelong friends. You pick one well that you can have. Do you pick one, so that's devastating's got it give death that some of his friends while he survives it in 1/2) survive the Holocaust. They go back to the houses that's vacant they got where they go to do. I mean there's just devastated. There sitting on playing cards and some of the neighbors found out some Jews survived and started shooting at them.

They ran into the wasn't just Running that's that's heavy ultimately survived post Holocaust, but I told her to to to one of the women at at the Museum of Christian women. When I told her that she said I've heard hundreds of stories like hundreds of stories like so that's part of the memory.

There are others that just didn't get involved. Hated to see what was happening. Think of all the others that these are my neighbors. These are my friends and they fought in and they died fighting for the Jewish people.

The Christians that I was with were great lovers of of Israel. Great lovers of the Jewish people and wanted to emphasize to me that through much of Polish history. There was great tolerance that you can go back five 600 years in Polish history and find clear edicts of religious tolerance and Jews will not be persecuted Jews will not be exiled from from this country because of their religious faith and they were free to practice it. So there was a lot more religious tolerance in much of the history and there's a Jewish tradition that citizen Jews were wandering exiled from other countries. They found this place Poland lien. There is a place of rest and abiding and then that that was they were looking for the place and they found it's always a nice place to stay.

And although there was discrimination at times and will be retrieving the second-class citizens for much of the history there was tolerance, which is why there was such a large Jewish community there for so long. That's the part that should've been obvious there was a reason they were there, but because of the devastating Holocaust history, and after that the part of the history really know, but I was sent back with this gorgeous volume.

All pictures 1000 1000 years that's how far back he goes one thousand years of Polish Jewish history and look at how Satan the devil working for human beings so obliterated something with such a history. While there's a lot of evil that is taking place carried out through human beings is also a lot done because his friends how the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH there again is Dr. Michael Brown on the far you one thing if we plan to do on our Israel trip May of next year. God willing is to have some time praying together really seek God together praying for God's purposes for Israel and the Jewish people and and praying for you that God would fulfill his purposes in your life. So if if you're there. Deftly want to do that when the nights have a special prayer time and I believe God will draw near to us as we do. If you haven't signed up yet we still do have seats available. As we were able to free up some additional hotel space in Jerusalem. So go to asked Dr. SK DR Brown dog or get all the details you get to make your flight arrangements in terms of what airlines you want to find and how you want to work that out and that we cover everything on the grounds it gives you more flexibility will meet up at a certain time and and then take you through everything from soup to nuts and you are in perfect hands and there you go, get back home. The way you save the best for yourself. So check out the details on the website, but the sooner you sign up, the better because seats are limited right. Also, if you haven't explored our new massively revamped. This brand-new website asked Dr. in our brand-new Jewish outreach website will which you can link by just clicking on Jewish there on the website asked Dr. Brown double check it out. You will be enriched. You will be blessed in the real Messiah website great place for jury seekers replace for those wanting to grow in their understanding of Jesus being the Messiah of Israel right let us go to the phones and we start with Caleb in wise Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call on Pharaoh core economic and be a minister with the Assemblies of God.

I'm a young guy and you blessed me greatly. But my question is been doing with a group called the Christian identity. Our Christian Israel movement that claims that that Germanic Anglo-Saxon people are the real Jews were done I would count crazy, but I've been trying to minister some people my hometown better in the Scripture.

My question that would help me maybe help them is our modern are the modern-day Jews the same of the Jews that we read in the Bible and how would we trace that to show that end, sure thing.

And thanks for the kind words Caleb locates to have my book, our hands are stained with blood. The tragic story of the church and the Jewish people. I do not, but I'm aware of it yet.

Let me encourage you to get it. Make sure you get the new addition the command in 2019. The originals is 1992, but we updated expanded in 2019. So make sure you check that out. I do have a section right deal with some of these lies and misstatements and misinformation and I give some references to DNA and historical data that's helpful so you'll find some really good material in that.

Okay, her hand stained with blood, you find some useful material there but today's Jews which would include people like me. We are directly connected to the Jewish people of the Bible, God not exclusively. What I mean is that there has been intermarriage and there is been conversion from other people groups into the Jewish people just like Ruth got Ativan as a Moabite orb or Moses married a Cushite woman she gets added in.

So, where Jews who stayed for long periods of time. So saying it in Africa or in India or in China or in Europe, there is going to be a lot of conversion from the people around them marrying into the Jewish people. If you marry out with the Jewish person stops practicing Judaism marries into the larger world around them. Then they completely assimilate rights and within a few generations. There is no knowledge of their Jewish history. This is gone, but if someone converts like Ruth joining the people of Israel or someone in modern history converting to Judaism another Marianne or if you have enough of the surrounding people at marrying Gina start to look like the surrounding people. That's what you have white Jews and black Jews and and and Asian Jews and things like that.

Words recently would've had Middle Eastern Jews more like Brown choose so we can trace things back but there has been intermarriage in and how can you trace it back what you trace it back with DNA that's that's 1 Large Way that you can, for example, descendents of Aron, at a certain DNA that was traceable. We call the priestly DNA and you can find it in, say, Ashkenazi Jews that have less names like: that they can trace back to that or in Zimbabwe, the limbo tribe severe have Caucasian Jews and then you have you have African Jews, black Jews and and both of them can trace back genealogically or excuse me through DNA back to to the erotic outline so DNA is a part of it. The other thing that I would do it for ministering to people like this is always use the exact opposite strategy which I would say the whole question is are you in Jesus. If you're out of Jesus then you're in the flesh, and you can dine your sent.

If you are in him then you are son of God or a daughter of God and that's what matters in your lineage doesn't matter at all because their Klonopin lies there caught up in the problem is that they have misinformation and that either have their sources for console bogus. There's no substances, no fact to it and what you could ask them to do as well in a while not, why not get a DNA test and see how it lines up in my case on 90% Ashkenazi Jew 10% Safari to but this can all be traced back and if you trace back the origins of Ashkenazi Safari cues you can trace that back ultimately to the ancient people of Israel but the problem is often faxed a letter to these folks in with the spiritual strongholds well so I would emphasize being in Jesus having that is one's identity and putting these other identities aside to try to set them free from the wrong thinking, all right. I just given the gospel of the Holy Spirit in rent this or yeah that's that's the key thing to do here not get caught up in these other things.

If they get saved. And this is truly born again another confused and you help them yes is the best approach, which is what I was saying at the end focus on identity in Jesus, 866-348-7884.

Let's go to San Antonio, Texas, Crystal, welcome to the line of fire holiday with thanks on farm output not regarding her impairment like a break a picture. Get a pounding like an old temple that had shown it would like Jewish or Hebrew writing and I see anything in the Bible quit that morning and that in that meeting, the devil has.

I corrected. Maybe God intended it or get treatment. Okay this is a great question actually. It's a great question. So when most Christians think of astrology today. You know that they think of a horoscope or something like that. Ruth oh I was born in this monster under this sign has the symbolism and we just completely dismiss it as is neither imagined or demonic. There is a place of astrology.

Not in that same way, not in the hip oil on the right side, this is that but that that the astrological signs do have certain significance.

You would have astrological signs for different months of the year in in Judaism and you know for so so there was I don't personally I don't believe Satan corrupted a good thing.

I don't think there was ever any thought to it in the resist what Satan corrupted. I will think was was good to start right but the way it is found in certain aspects of Judaism. It's not like modern astrology. As you know, but there is more of a sense of the the constellations. The stores that that they they are symbols or signs are or are related to human life a little bit more so I would say it's kind of in between our view wishes to completely discounted as you know, forget astrology and ramming that in the modern check your horoscope every day. It's kind of an NB, and saying like in creation. God established these things in Genesis 114 says that the stores this the sun, the moon, these things are four times and seasons, and when were Jews there and he was more deem which is the appointed times sold. Many would say I the God put them there to tell us when to celebrate certain holy days and things like that okay yeah so so that would be more of the significance and from there it's not that big a jump to say that they have other symbolic meaning and things like that so right anything on it and I was wondering if you know anything about it. I couldn't get in tonight. Yeah. So if if you if you check out the Jewish encyclopedia right and then this is an old work, but it's available free online. And it's it's got great scholarship for its day yet on Jewish astrology. Yeah, there is astrology. If you if you type in Jewish encyclopedia and then a space astrology all like they got heavy hitters here. Marcus Juster, Ludwig Blouin Kaufman count: these are some of the top two scholars of their day yet so they will get into it, they, they will mentioned that the background and and where this comes in and things like that and to what extent you know it's just from the pagan world and to what extent it's it's recognized within Judaism's a great question appreciated my spare time. Sure thing.

All right, 866-3423 get some foam open. Excuse me if you'd like to call in your time, and Israel will get you on the other side of the break has that, but 45 minutes from now 45 minutes from now for 15 Eastern time will be right back on YouTube are you to stay ASAP around ask how the exclusive use to chat Q&A. I light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire Michael Brown so delighted to be with you genuinely from the heart. Highlight of my day, every day is to be with you on radio and were grossly taken this broadcast YouTube Facebook podcasts delighted to be with you his number to call if you have a Jewish related question of any kind, 8663 for truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 other way just posted an article with your daily wire subscriber just posted an article there titled in the beginning, the real purpose of the first chapter of Genesis. In the beginning, the real purpose of the first chapter of Genesis. I think you find it interesting. If your DW subscriber.

Enjoy it all right. In fact, only to tell you a bit about it in a moment but first let's go back to the phones, our friend Yana Thanh and Israel.

Welcome back to the line of fire. Very I'm doing very well thank you so I won't write to you because of will know my my my relation regarding it. You know you are you are you.

Okay let me just encouraging that this fellow that that we connect you with that. He's an Israeli's a Sombra. He spends hundreds and hundreds of hours with with serrated Jews with three Jews who were off the Dara so used to be ultra-Orthodox and not anymore secular Israelis so it's if you talk to me you could talk to him even more easily because he's got more in common with you.

So just just doing. I just help your friend.

In any case so yeah okay I would be your mother. I yeah I remember. But being called to run the yesterday and I promote. The government allow the usual oil: you'll call me.

I love how you and I will deal this record because it if you rewrite your people.

Yes, you are right we don't got no company believing few young people and less so they differently limit limit assist. One thing that I want to answer you totally directly and totally honestly.

Okay. The fact that I had read for you Kara.

Leviticus 16, which lays out the regulations for Yom Kippur war, and it focuses on on the two goats.

The one goats that skill and the other goal laws a sale that the limits amount to the wilderness, and you don't have those you don't have the priest you don't have the blood do not have the diminished, the tabernacle to meet their abatement the temple does that trouble you, that the very central elements of the day and that everything is based on those elements. The cleansing by the blood and the sending away of the the sins into the wilderness that you don't have any of those elements does that disturb you and you earn yet because we are not believing God. I'm not going to you, Lyons, believing I know you are you doing about Yom Kippur and about. I'm not been so cold to bother you because you on the vital iPhone prologue to our own.

So the users also because of new siding distributor.

Yeah, I know it by a motor vehicle and around the yeah and if you feel you need a microphone you dated in one of the biggest gun in the New York all men in all of this volleyball player don't want you want to cynical and I you form the link I told you long before you know each other. The balding unique thing about going into the blog on the author and all on the pill but if it is not only make you build a great little I used the company.

Widening the ADEA manager Lombardy future. The when you call I received all about this great microblog but you can't be okay job of talking to you later in life and create some of the way I use you in on the complement negotiated, knocking you do it you know you and you will and you and you'll calm and yeah yeah are you doing so go there and is now out. Tell him I was just an essay was that as of spoken to different people over the years that were former serrated Jews with the same kind of thing that they had questions even as children and something wasn't lining up in the system but they felt they weren't allowed to question the system that this is how we do it. This is what we believe Sue could have questions within the system near the shock of Atari the back and forth the dialogue and discussion, but you couldn't have. You can question the system itself. And then of course they end up leaving what I'm saying is you're questioning was absolutely right, because Messiah came because the sacrifices the blood was all pointing to him, the 1 Who Would Take Our Pl., the one who would die for our sins again to quote one of my favorite verses in the Bible Isaiah 53 six colonic cuts Sue a cut song to email you for the cope on the new by the nave gable at the Vaughn colossal all of us have gone astray, all the slick sheep of groceries each turned her own way, but the Lord is laid on him the machine off the servants of the Lord. The iniquity of us all of us cover until near Palawan that the cost of his wounds. There is healing for us so that this was all pointing to him once he shed his blood once he died. We haven't needed those things anymore render new and better covenant. So for me, Yom Kippur is not a day rice, seek forgiveness because I've been forgiven in terms of reconciled to God. It is a day when I specially pray for my Jewish people in synagogues around the world that God would open their heart that God would open their mind that God would make them realize something's missing that we don't have the goats that we don't have the blood that we don't have the atonement so this is a a major major theme.

I pray for that. That God would open my people's eyes to recognize their need for blood and that the Messiah is the one who shed his blood is also a time though because it's such a sober time in the Jewish community around the world, even nonreligious Jews become more religious than I will also lay my life before the Lord. I do this often, not just at this time, but often I lay my life before the Lord, search me, God, search my life.

Look at me.

Is there anything displeasing. Is there anything dishonorable but I do it as someone who has been forgiven, who has been reconciled idle.

I don't need to hope that my name is written in the book of life for another year, because Messiah's blood has been shed for me and because of that I have been cleansed. I've been washed my conscience is clear and effective say this quickly before I was a believer that you know my story. I live recklessly for a couple of years. The worst thing I did was steal money for my own father, and Easter boast about it and then when friends began praying for me that had come to faith in Jesus. I do know there praying, but I started to feel miserable about the things I had done.

We call it that the conviction of of the rock that the Holy Spirit's conviction started to feel miserable about these things and when I came to faith in Jesus. I remember the night I asked God to cleanse me and wash me and and I acknowledge Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead. I remember the guilt all the guilt I had it all disappeared was that I try to find it and it was all gone. That's what happens once for all through the Messiah. Hey, let's just do this syndrome the phone. Stay right there.

We've got a break coming up all right but I just want to get a response on the use of the breakers he asked me the question I want to get your response and see how I can be of help to you on your journey on your spiritual journey and friends would you pray for your Moton would you do that.

Ask God here pray that a pretty could agree with. Ask God to open his eyes to the absolute truth.

The absolute truth about God, the absolute truth about his life. The absolute truth about Jesus. The supper we should all be able to agree with do that before friend units on open his heart, open his mind, but I think of the prayer. The psalmist golly knife had beaten the flow of the Torah, Tessa uncovered her eyes open her eyes that we may behold wondrous from your teaching from your law you there for friend units on right will be right back. To continue this discussion and remember to join me 30 minutes from now.

Are you to ask about handling our exclusive line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire back with your Moton in Israel, should mention that there may messianic Jews who will go to messianic synagogue on your keyboard. They will fast with a doing in solidarity with our people and they do it for personal soul-searching and purification, but not to receive forgiveness the way the rest of the Jewish community word and then others. Like I said my own practices is to specially pray for the opening of the hearts and minds of my people on that day and thanking God for the redemption and forgiveness that I ready have. So because of Jesus.

Yes, it makes a massive difference as to how I relate to young to poor. So what would he think my answer to a degree, eventually because him.

And by the next one will be needed there. Young people correct: on one game going minimal X-Acto.

It started here because it is in my future. No Austrian tribunal using all horse and the need to call on the and all the got the new American air and we believe in the same way you word on closing loan closing and we want you to come later clinician Empire and are you sorry I'm an all-out division would not write soon as you is the thing that I was going to out is is that the Torah has its purpose right in Jewish tradition. It's kind of the beginning and the end of of everything, but that the this the Sinai covenant had its purpose and and we failed we failed repeatedly so the 10 northern tribes of the northern kingdom go into exile and then the the southern tribes that we going to exile in bivalent Babylon and then we come back and then the temples destroyed again and we been we've been scattered around the world that the covenant failed, which is why God said he would make a new and better covenant, which is why we need Messiah if if if we would all just keep the tour in Israel would be observant and and and components of the came all of us righteous then we would need Mysia. The reason we need Messiah is because we continually fail in the turnoff the Hebrew Bible that's that's the picture of our failing and as to why we needed a new and better covenant because we fail the covenant itself was good, but we felt we felt we felt so now everything that was needed atonement make us right with God, the Messiah will do that because we could really keep failing otherwise were still gonna fail but this way we have redemption. We have forgiveness and that we have hope of of a better life in him and it makes sense and we haven't had the bay to be docile this time since since Jesus came into the world and and died one generation after that Temple was destroyed and God is been say hey this. It's the work is been done that the price has been paid and what one, one less question. Just real quick and then my big question went when you are, say, 14, 15 years old.

How many hours a day. Did you spend in in in in that the yeshiva in terms of this from prayer time to study time.

What how many hours a day we were engaged in this hourly rate from 8 PM right that was normally that was normally in your community write that much time studying, praying, so that that devoted you had, you had a conflict inside of you during that time. Yeah yeah so what would it take for you to more deeply consider my position. You are my light on.

Usually I are you going to be on the third on the trunk usually come home and you" only you lost me a moment to know how much your neuron and gambling. In general, when you think about God and about and about all. I'm sober and my mom my life much oxygen God yeah I live in the to let me really encourage you to call and show you're always welcome to okay you're absolutely always welcome when it when I see your name come up on the board like wonderful friend units on the measure still listening you're still here and that means a lot of people are praying for what one day hopefully find out how many people have been praying for you. I just know it because of family people listen to the broadcast. Watch the show and then love to pray for people just like you so I am sure you're getting a lot of people praying, but let me just encourage you. Just consider opening the door a crack to to email our friend in Israel who reached out to you and he's not aggressive.

He's not if you want to chat he'll chat if you eat what is in the land I think is of the country that was in the land. This will have a couple coffee one day or something just a fellow Israeli fellow Sombra that snow so many people with similar stories to your own story is unique to your own journey is unique but just consider possible. In the meantime, keep checking out the broadcast. Keep watching our videos keep calling you with your questions and will keep praying for you if that's all right. Okay you are chronically yes yes I do.

I have a have a couple I have real kosher. Jesus is been translated into Hebrew and volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus right deal with a lot of the subjects. The nature of God, the nature of atonement, things like that. That's translated into Hebrew. So if you if the we exchange that email information if you tell us if you email or tell us how to how to get you the books were happy to do it but yet the real kosher Jesus has been translated into Hebrew and potato it because I have your in your email information. Right you gave it to us once thought III haven't we think about anybody except my one friend is as per your agreement. I will I will email you personally. How's that right. I'm normally not able to go. I will email you personally.

You yeah you and are you going okay that that would be an absolute joy. Okay, so I will personally reach out to you units on and and then you can tell me how we can get the books to you. Alright, so God bless, I got a runner at a time, but thank you for the call. It's great talking to you and you know all you and you reasonably you yes absolutely.

Thank you, thank you so much on monitors that have the companionship I friends, let us pray for units God is kept and got us preserved and that God would open his heart and mind review. She with him all were joy will be in my joy to to reach out personally. Okay, I promised I was going to do this, so let me let me just to this Italy's new leader says she is a strong supporter of Israel considered far right even fascist by her opponents to buy her opponents baloney equates yourself with the Republican Party in the US and Lee cooed in Israel. The release likely this is from all great site to go to the Italy's next likely prime minister is been scrutinized for her right wing politics. Georgia Maloney is a strong supporter of Israel and despite her party being labeled by some as fascist or victory does not worry the local Jewish community. The last year, Maloney praised Israel to do some prayer breakfast event in Rome, which is the prominent politician, newly to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that would not be wild with Naji Wilde if Italy went ahead and did that wall at the big be very big for Europe. I friends little over 15 minutes from now will over 15 minutes will be back on YouTube asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown on YouTube, the Esther to Brown station will continue with Q&A there, and once more my appeal. Please pray for units on that God will open his heart and what he's calling. He's interacting and says that we can be partners in dialogue, even in the midst of our disagreement. Some of the Lord open his eyes and every other Jewish person listening, watching because he feels his son.

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