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Taking Hold of God's Promises

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 10, 2022 5:30 pm

Taking Hold of God's Promises

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 10, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/10/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network prepare to be edified, built up encouraged and strengthened in the Lord for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more Centerview and spiritual clarity.

66343105 and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown. How do we get spiritual clarity. It is by looking up.

It is by looking up to God and his word.

It is by getting our focus where it needs to be in the midst of the chaos and madness and insanity and darkness of this world that's really help you do today here on the lawn, the fire Michael Brown thrilled to be with you here to help you be healthy and thriving in the Lord, but that the light will shine so brightly in your own life that the darkness of despair, the hopelessness, the fear, the confusion will be this spell okay here is how you are going to help us edify everyone that's listening and watching today that here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 8663 foray 784 don't call yet. All right to set the table and then you can call so every day we have the sacred privilege of speaking to you sharing the word with you giving her insights to you. Take your questions.

Recalls often on life and death issues. You know that this is not a lightweight, broadcast, criticizing anyone else or compare ourselves to anyone else's cons of fun programming out there, but I'm saying this not lightweight wheat we tackle the heavy difficult issues. We don't run from controversy correctly one true that we went through it with truth and with light and with life now. There's a lot that's happening right now in America that is extremely chaotic and there are grave reasons for concern for the health of our nation and the future of our nation. So as I prepare think about what direction to go on each show. If we don't have a guest coming on up. We don't have something that's really predetermined like the Friday show where we go with that. So late last night. I'm on my knees on praying which way do we go. I just felt there was a blank slate, and neither any number of controversies we could wait until I mean hey, everybody's got an opinion about the rating of Pres. from sophomore log either. He's guilty of sin and hiding things or this is an extraordinary example of government overreach. Maybe the worst we see in our lifetimes.

So I mean that's out there. What happens with Democrat Bill inflation climate control climate change these things is the builder to further hurt the economy and saw there are grave reasons for concern right now in America. The massive divisions over abortion, the overturning of Roe V Wade was can have state-by-state the 2022 elections. By the way if if you want the book that will help you come into the elections, with clarity of thought with with biblical grounding with the vision of who and what the church is to be in the midst of the world. Prior to my book the political seduction of the church. It will really help you think clearly. As we come into the election season and function as God wants you to function in the world. The website asked her to Brown, the Lord, to preorder your side every copy okay so I'm praying I'm thinking about this last night and I just felt impressed to do something different today to build up the body, and glory, and the promises of God. Be encouraged by the promises of God. So I posted on Facebook this morning earlier this morning which one promise in the word has meant the most to you which one promise in the word has ministered the most to you over the years, go ahead and share with you. Look at some of those comments, but probably several hundred comments and responses by now that's with the phone lines are open for you to do right now. 866-3487 84, which promise in the word at a key time in your life was life-changing was just what you needed was that ray of hope in the midst of darkness was that thing that built your faith was that that word of truth that help you to suddenly see with clarity what what your famous prep favors or over the years, something that you just love to quote and meditate on because it builds you up and gives your vision of God friends without a vision of God unloading seeing him with our physical eyes are picturing what he looks like in our minds. I mean without a revelation from the word of who he is of his character of his nature of his goodness of his eternal stability when you fall apart this world wheat we are going to be subject fear and anxiety. We are just going to get caught up with partisan fleshly things will will be drawn down but but if we can have that fresh vision.

I was impressed about this old maybe two weeks ago. Not enough time worshiping at the feet of Jesus. Not enough time gazing on the Lamb and because of that you get hold of these other forces you get hold by worldly things and obviously we don't have all day to just sit all beautiful fees listen to her favorite worship so but we must keep our vision their week.

We must be reminded we must be lifted so 866-34-TRUTH which promise from the word of God has been most meaningful to you. If you could quote Scripture for all of us to hear today what would that scripture be. I asked myself the question and and to boil it down to one I hadn't done that yet thought of many scriptures in many situations that specially ministered to me that were like a lifeline thing to hold onto them. It was a life-changing, but what's been on my mind today is a word that God gave to Jeremiah the prophet, and it's a word that was specifically for him, but I believe in a secondary way we can apply to our lives as his children, so it's it's Jeremiah chapter 33 verse one through the Lord came to Jeremiah 2nd time he was still shut up in the court of the guard, so he's under house arrest. He's been in a worse situation was going to die in a dungeon. Now he is he's shut up in the court of the guard, so he's under house arrest is a prisoner and he knows the city is about to fall and be destroyed. City of Jerusalem, thus says the Lord, who made the earth the Lord informed her to establish it. The Lord is his name. Sue wants Jeremiah to remember that in the midst of the difficult situation he's in the God who made the world speaking, the God who made the world is giving imitation of the God who orders this world is giving him an invitation and and look look at the invitation called to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known, call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known now again, that was a specific promise to Jeremiah at a specific time but is Romans 15 four tells us everything that was written before him was written for us as well for our hope. First Corinthians 10 tells us its tip toward us as well. So to build us up with hope. Romans 15 one us. First Corinthians 11 second Timothy 316 and 17 indicate that everything that God spoken his word it is God breathed and is for edification. It is for the equipping of leaders as well.

So we know this was a word to Jeremiah in a time of crisis in his life and the secondary way. It now speaks refreshed us work God is saying to us is giving us an invitation in the midst of the craziness of this world. I believe this word is speaking to many now you are shut up. You are confined you are in a difficult situation and you read these words and they jump off the page. Call me sometimes we exhaust every other means. Would we try every other way and it fails and fail and then we cry out God's inviting us now call to me and I will answer you, and do what will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known, and I just want to do this for you.

I just wanted read it to you in Hebrew so many because people just edified by even if they don't understand the words being spoken cry lot than that by giving the thug the load throughout loaded onto all it that there great things and they are they are hidden things secrets that you have not known.

So there's an invitation from God.

All right, let's amend open phones under the reach of the Facebook promises that is the Scriptures that are quoted there with his great-aunt to call in and edify the body of let's go to Georgina in Timberlake North Carolina with which passage promises been a special meaning to you definitely VIII yeah go ahead 28 yes so we know that things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

So, yes, go ahead. House administered to over the years while got tired of talking about his definition of God, not mine. Yeah, and now even when there difficulty. I know that he could call that good because he has the internal review goal rather than the apartment you will, knowing that he knows that is something I can claim to yeah yeah and it's an through whatever happens, we make dumb choices people hurt us.

The devil attacks but through all of that stuff God is working out his purpose. If we love him right and ultimately I it's to conform us to the character of Jesus and his for eternal good yeah what a great truth. Go ahead and I'm not nap apparently worked on at that point because working together. I was situations are working together to get him in prayer. Yeah, absolutely hate thanks for starting off with with one of the great promises. One of the great trees in Scripture and thank you 866-34-TRUTH I was hauling some heavy bags of mulch or something else around the yard for Nancy couple weeks ago and after Paul. The buzz does it all. Actually those six I need someone else about this time I had to go up the hill and are probably little hill with the bags and I thought hey why is this any different than just doing exercises will initiate a credit of force is because of one place up in several hey this is good for my muscles under the tightest little thing but in the big things. Even the crises God is at work bringing things together for our good, for his glory?

Resting of everything is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Let us know that with God.

You know it's it's it's a highlight in our Israel tours when we would be walking down the streets of Jerusalem the Orchard. I will talk about hey there was a time when this was desolate.

There was a time when none of the things you see here were here or other parts of Israel that are thriving and fruitful. God said it in his word got citizens word centuries ago and he keeps his word. The word of the Lord is always being fulfilled. Isaiah 55 the word that comes out of his mouth does not return void accomplishes what he sends it to do was their 40s. His word is always being fulfilled, always upheld so, which promise from God's word is carried you as minister to you has edified you and strengthen you over the years, you just quote the promise say that's all we do this, quote the promise and say goodbye that's perfectly fine, 866342.

Speaking of Israel.

Remember, the time is now to get your deposit in for our May 2023 total. Keep asking on the air until we have reached your seating capacity, so good.

Ask Dr. Brown WC run on the homepage for second slide the comes up, ask Dr. but over our Facebook page, a number of others have also quoted Romans 828 here's a quotation from Malachi 3 that has been made been a special value to the individual than those who feared the Lord spoke with one another.

The Lord paid attention and heard them in the book of remembrance was written before him of those who fear the Lord and esteems his name. They shall be mine says the Lord of hosts in the day when I make up my treasured possession.

I will spare them as a man spares a son who serves him then once more, you shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one does not serve that is so important to remember when you can get the feeling that God doesn't care that God is just letting the wicked prosper and succeed. And in the plans of the righteous are thwarted and you see people doing evil and getting rich from it and living into old age and you see people seeking to do right with very little funding backing or maybe cut down on some tragic accident you think where is godless wealth. Of course all these questions were raised in the Bible. The Bible itself raises the questions if we don't the Bible does to say these are issues that people look at and wonder about, but hang in there in the end, and as the years go on, you will see what thrives and you will see what dies you will see what endures.

You will see what collapses. That's why friends I always feel bad for those who are doing wrong. We pray for the repentance and salvation and I want to see the wrong there doing stopped Bruce feel bad for them because I know how it ends. I know how things and 866-34-TRUTH let us go to Beth driving a truck somewhere in California. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey Mike, I got out great. I allowed you now and I'm back on really bad word. There out of the back to Beth that we we are losing you here and there. So this list is try to get the Scripture was will look for you to be in a better zone so let's try one more time. A go ahead and give us that that verse that word 21 and I will Beth tell you it I am to read the verses for you. Just because I wanted to have you do it, but your your your feet is cutting in and out so I will do for you but only sometimes folks able why some coming on the air with a connection because when they call in the connections fine and in our call screener hears everything's fine, and then something changes once they come on so Hosea 2 in that day I will answer, declares the Lord out into the heavens and issuance of the earth and the earth shall answer the grain. The one in the oil they fill answer to Israel and I will serve myself no and that I will have mercy on no mercy and I will say to not my people. You are my people. They shall say you are my God, so the ones that had been God's people and fell away.

So God said of them low on me. The ones that use receive mercy and the longer did God serve them little, no mercy. Now with not receiving mercy. Now he says you're my people and having mercy or the frustration I Beth, thank you for for calling in. Let me share this with those listening that are in a backslidden state. One of the things that keeps you down is the idea that you could never get back that you ruin things. The things will never be the same that there's no hope. Why bother, and that that loss of hope that that loss of the possibly restoration is terribly paralyzing. God himself says turned back to me and I'll turn back to you. God himself is like the father in Luke 15, who is waiting and looking for the prodigal to come home and who will run and embrace them as the prodigal comes in repentance and contrition, God will have mercy on you and will call you his son or his daughter again if you humble yourself right now. Review her cry out for mercy as a gobbler retakes on come home you bring your not everything that was in the past, will be restored. There are consequences to her actions, but your own soul can be restored and strong in the Lord than it's ever been right.

Let's go to Kyle calling from Ireland. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown show you so many promise a quick question after this one of state I am with you, the promise throughout the Scripture I'm with you is a good day bad day is always been a foundational promise which is continually repeated in the Scripture, so made up's mother promises above all things, wears winnable little or no God with me so special promise to me throughout the whole Scripture regular Millie versus Millie, not Ms. repeated but I have a question about picking up Unocal you Romans and Galatians, go back to the promise of the related promise to Abraham, it seems that there God the promises seem to relate to Abraham medical versus another one for Abraham that I think of the Scripture. But you see all the promise of feeding into an ultimate title you know you Abraham, profiled a multitude or to notify them of this week's wrestlers of the glass. Dr. Brown that you think that the promise of the gospel. You know him yes and Selassie and all families. You don't just explain it.

It's because the Messiah comes to Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, David Messiah, so no it's able Abraham is the one to whom the first promises of redemption or given the canal come through his family, as opposed just to the human race in general. And that's why the promises are associated with it, but it's because the promisee the Messiah is the one who comes from from his offspring through the children of Israel through the tribe of Judah through the line of family of David now the Messiah comes and through Jesus the Messiah. All the promises of God are yes and amen whatever is God is said in certain context that is now affirmed it Messiah skews me a thank you for the call and to reiterate the I am with you promises yet it Matthew 28, 20 so Jesus saying to his disciples were going into all the world.

I'm with you always, to the end of the age. He was 13, quoting from Old Testament passages on the relieve you or forsake you.

It is that what we need is, isn't that one truth, enough to carry us all the days of our lives. The goddesses I am with you, have been abandoned. Not all over not just chaos or blind luck or chance God in the midst of a crazy world is with his people. Thank you for the call.

All right, let's enjoy the sum blessed a let's go to Sarah in Nashville, Tennessee.

Welcome to light a fire hey Dr. Brown, are you very well doing well thank you baby or program a lobotomy today in your live broadcasting everything I think everything if I wanted to mention Revelation 20 line.

I think around verse seven, right after he talked about making all things new. Yet he said he who overcomes shall inherit all the things talk about walking with the Lord not eating the fun Mike and he is alive and are met on both monitors are very beautiful and I can rest on them all the time. Consider the creation of the will gets the more comforting it is to know the forever and ever and ever will be with the Lord in an environment more spectacular than our human minds can imagine, we recently were grieving with with friends who lost her grandchild and the parents lost a child just agonizing tragic loss, heart heartbreaking and shocking on on every level, and that's and I were talking that to the degree that the world becomes real to us in the midst of those losses, there is that comfort okay. She's on the other side pretty to be with her forever and ever. It's it's a terrible loss right here agonizing loss, but she's not gone she's on the other side and that side is beyond spectacular.

The Lord himself treasure in the midst of this, let's edify one another. Friends let's build one of the let's do this the private lives, families, variations on a regular basis. Quoth the word courage one another.

The promises of God to be like that.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I the church service.

As far as I can tell it was many decades ago, but they say the Scripture. Let's do a Scripture shower something like that. But what's this and and is is a small congregation seated have thousands of people on the benefit hundred there and one after they were to start quoting Scripture what we quote a verse another verse that is just the shower of Scripture verse I remember being at a prayer meeting the basement of my house we lived in Maryland and we were praying together number of brothers and we said hey let's let's just quote some verses on faith in one after another recorded versus the remember in I just tell you, there's this this atmosphere of faith being built in strength, let's quote versus on the subject and you just get reminded of you ever seen one of these little things.

The Bible promise but were promise for every day and you open up okay today's what August 10, August the verge and it's it's worth, of course, it's it's there's no context to it is, is the standard by itself. If you really want to base your life to see the context to the proper exegesis of all that, but there's also just a divine truth jumping off the page I member staying a couple years ago the bed-and-breakfast in Asheville, Tennessee, and there is one of those Bible promise was that if I recall I got on my knees next to the bed. This flipped the pages.

This all edify fresh so that's what were doing today.

In the midst of the darkness of this world and the real fragile state of America today were reminding one another of the promises of God and hate. You don't need my permission to do it into the seven days a week into this the dinner table. You did is driving the car with a friend you could do this at a prayer call with a few people, 866-34-TRUTH will go to the phones momentarily look looking at some other Facebook comments Tom posted second Timothy 213 if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself. Michael posted. Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom of God's righteousness and all these things will be added to Joan posted Isaiah 5417, which she then personalized, originally promised to Jerusalem.

The people of Jerusalem the weapon formed against you will prosper and every tongue that rises against you and judgment you shall condemn call cleats are life elites lock coalition Takumi talk when he spots her. She so not a lot of day of the Nuggets in Khatami T. Remodeling recorded the hole with the ending inhibits literally every weapon formed against you will not succeed. Every tongue that rises against you. Judgment like in a court of law to condemn you you you will pronounce guilty. This is the heritage of the servants of war and the righteous is their vindication is from me. Susan: Isaiah 4031 for cuvée other than IFB Foucault off. Yes, those who wait for the Lord put their trust in the Lord will renew their strength W Ava country and built the mount up with wings like Eve like Eagles Yahoo to below you go the run and not be weary.

The approval you got off a bill. The walk not grow faint.

Yeah. Praise God for these words, Sean I is not seen her ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man the things which cause prepared for those who love them first with Mr. than pulses right after because revealed them to us by his Spirit.

While all right let's go to Kelly in Oregon.

Welcome to the line of fire which are verse Dr. Brown. I look at Job birth made me understand what John three really met on but didn't go around important robe shaved his head and he fell to the ground in worship that my mother mom and I shall return. The Lord gave a lot of taken away. I know God is auburn over all thing and I my wife lost her mother and I don't have a big I don't get that you been in that situation a good very hard thing to explain 50% of the time I didn't have to be quiet yet how do I claim God's sovereignty.

My wife and the extent of what just happened to her mother at a young age. This is being here is what I say Kenny and and I'm so sorry to this whole was your mother-in-law. 54 yeah. That of course is a very young age. One of the great lessons from the book of Job is there things we don't understand, they happen and it either looks as if God is being cruel or capricious, or the person must of send and that's what I miss with the friends ended up saying will Job you must to send your kids must ascend with mascara things happen and Job looks God will guide you must've done wrong. There he worships initially with the name of the Lord BP praise be blessed. But then, then Job comes to this conclusion will God must've been monstrous done something wrong and is he appeals to God against God, but one of the great lessons is God is so much better and greater than we could ever imagine. And there things that happen in this world and we don't have an exclamation.

An excellent explanation for. But what we can do is cling to his goodness to sit on understand this does make sense. Let's say your voice.

Mom was a godly woman just makes sense why this happened but I know that God is good. I know that on the day I stand before him. This will all make sense and a and I know at that moment that there will be absolutely no contradiction between his goodness between his love between his promises to preserve and keep the no contradiction and and Kenny. I'm reminded of the story that I read. I believe it was in a book by Edith Schaefer on affliction. Was she talking about one of her own children or someone else that I'll have to check but as I recall this this young man was doing mountain climbing and with you journaled that morning before he fell to his death was a promise from the word that the God would keep us from falling. No, maybe he just acted responsibly. Maybe he did something treacherous. Or maybe he was following all the safety precautions and was a freak accident Pinoy girl a verse about God keep you from falling. When I read this on both 30 something years ago or longer, so I have to check the accuracy of a memory here, but how is that this tragic event Kenny that I was just alluding to earlier we known this family the husband wife since all the early 80s so the other kids growing up now. Of course the kids or parents or friends or grandparents little bit older than us and one of their sons had three daughters and the three daughters were in the car with the youth pastor they're getting ready for vacation Bible school with a volunteer and help and do things they go out at night for some Burger King and ice cream. Driving in the car in their lane minding their own business when another card guide is no forget that argument grabbed the wheel car swerves comes into their lane kills 11-year-old that others injured because 11-year-old I had asked Kaman godly kids godly family on on on their other way to help his vacation Bible school that week in driving in their lane do everything right youth pastor three kids that there is no good earthly explanation for what happened, but the same God who promised to keep us the same God who sends his angels to encamp around us. The same God who did not at that moment. Stop that accident from happening.

For whatever reason, and he's trustworthy and the father in the midst of his grieving has really heard the Lord say then she's with me in life will come out of this.

You have to trust me paraphrase what she's with me and you'll all be with me and it will all make sense but may the Lord give grace can teach you. As for future wife and her family in the midst of this painful time. May that sense of gusting.

I'm with you that that's what you hold onto that.

I haven't left you, and I haven't changed that. That's the truth. Thank you Kenny and friends will encourage you don't change your theology based on their experiences don't do that because our theology is based on who God is, as revealed in his word that he doesn't change now if you don't believe in divine healing and you see people miraculously healed, and from your eyes and you revisit Scripture and say all healing is for today, and God still heals that's great you go back to the word and reevaluate. Or you have some superficial notion that all of God's people always be healthy and financially prosperous.

That doesn't happen, you go back to the word and re-examine things okay that's that's great, but just because you were in a temporarily difficult place when agonizing place doesn't detract from the goodness of God and the promise of God. That's why were doing this to remind ourselves of the promises when things often look contrary to those promises. I lets up. Let's go to Jan in Indiana, which sure Scripture for us to meet for four birthday.

Well through 13 and I know both how to be at bay. I know how to abound everywhere and all think I'm instructed both to be full and could be hungry, both to abound and get Her knee. I can do all things Christ which drinking me. I started out at a five-year-old little girl in Orkney for 11 years I ran crazy after I got out of that Orkney got gifted medic and then at the age of 20 think that when God found me and now I'm in my name XD I lost my mother, my real mother.

My father died in an automobile accident in which getting here and Danny. I lost my mom. I lost my younger there gift two years ago.

Well, it's not even true yet, but I lost my head.

I've been through some high adventures can load and backlinks. The very first Scripture when I couldn't even reread Dr. Brown G gave me get Bandon and I'm telling you through all these years has been well thankful that I had to learn to let go of pride and be humble and it kind I like this set to abound enjoy a can we please get a place of perfect. Thank you for sharing that with Jesus.

You had your and not just endorphin fly even through unspeakable loss.

That's really Jen, thank you for sharing that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, modify them. I'm smiling this because of an email that I got you never know who you reach out to open the door to the fruit that will come from it. So as you have opportunities to be a peacemaker is you about opportunities to be reconciler as opportunities to reach out to those who differ be like Jesus set an example.

Blessed are the peacemakers truly happy are the peacemakers's recall children of God by the way, by the way every day at certain times of the day I take my vitamins and health supplements. So every day I'm reminded of the value of Dr. Stanley's health supplements. If you have an order them for yourself yet again.

This goes along with a healthy lifestyle. There health supplements so you can't eat whatever you want. All day long. Never exercise the can pop a pill and think that'll make you healthy. But if you're trying to do the right thing to come sleep better try to help others your life and the supplement boy, these things can really help support a vitamin We now sit on here because Dr. Stanger is our only business sponsor so good vitamin your 10% discount on all your orders and then in turn, Dr. Singh makes a generous donation to a ministry to help us reach more more people right where we are encouraging one another with the promises of God were taking a break from all the news around us were taking a break from the craziness of the world that we live in them are encouraging one another with the promises of God, look at it like this.

We are swimming the water a lot this look come and fill our lungs with with healthy oxygen fill her lungs with life and truth from God's word on our Facebook page, a quite a few folks have posted versus that he won't leave us or forsake us a mean with your 123 just consecutive and then after that Romans 828 again.

Matthew 1128 following come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, I will give you rest is the same yesterday today and forever. He was 13. A Psalm three you will Lord our shield around me, my glory and the one who lifts up my head drew near to God, who draw near to you. James Dicker 48 Psalm 7328 is for me it is good to draw near to God. It may the Lord, my refuge that I proclaim all your work. Song of Solomon 34 found the one my heart loves that we always have peace in the Lord. The peace that he gives us which transcends human understanding.

John 14 Philippians 401 after another words of encouragement and hope of let's go to Gregory in Darien, Connecticut, which are verse for all of us. Hello Dr. Brown my call and I have to pay were very courageous and you attract a wonderful group of very inspiring all day long. You have wonderful funk I have to work with Buckley from Deuteronomy 30 through 1120 but II love ninth 20 you may know my last phone call I I love Mo okay this is the area where mode and how the Lord cannot have them be in your heart and 920 now. I called your but I am walking twice will you choose for the Lord to make you prosper and give you a long life will put you under" to life, be completely faithful to the Lord your God welcome to do whatever the Lord is the only one like you will let you live a long time in the land, your answer Abraham II love that Dr. yeah and it was amazing. Gregory, thanks for the kind words to thank you for all. All of our listeners.

Thank you for being faithful for contributing for for praying for listening, taking the time for for great calls on a regular basis and comments on our YouTube page and a Facebook page. Thank you for the participation in a show like today.

Obviously I could I could quote Scripture all day with promises and encourage you, but I knew we open the phone lines will will get great calls.

So thank you for the calls was amazing about the first Gregory that that Moses says to us, because the Lord I set before you life and death I said before the blessing destruction. Choose life, that you and your children really. Not only does God give us an invitation thing of it all, Almighty God, who is so far above our human understanding that we can't even describe how far above our human understanding. He is Almighty God says choose gives us a choice how utterly remarkable and is willing get it.

Choose life. Choose not here on your choice and I'm telling you which choice to make. Thanks for the call I was talking to James Robison earlier today about causeways being the best ways sharing his heart with me on some things and and how important it is for us as followers of Jesus to help the world see that God's ways are best, the God's ways are ways of life. You know, for example, we talk about the importance of the family.

The husband wife children. We talk about the importance of that being a healthy environment where the ideal situation is for children to be raised in a solid home by their biological parents that overall that is best for the welfare of the country and then you see this marriage breaks down as this divorce becomes rampant is the sacredness of marriage as lost as marriage is redefined as kids are raised in all different kinds of settings serve a period of years the destruction that brings the pain that brings the difficulties that he brings in you realize what the weight God set it up was really the right way, there is a reason for have you ever done something sources.

This is how it's done. You think the shortcut to bypass that only to find out that the shortcut doesn't work or ends up costing more time that there was a reason the thing was set up the way it was God's ways are ways of life. Yeah the encouragement first John four graders see Xenos than he who's in the world. Yet, one after another the same promises on the believe you or forsake you of sin that more than any John 1418 when Jesus is. I will not leave you as orphans country by the spirit. Okay, let's let's grab hold of that from Jesus speaking as a father to his disciples. Here I won't leave you as orphans right because his presence there has been a fatherly presence to them.

I will not leave you as orphans.

Our country has become. By the spirit. How real is the Holy Spirit in your life. How real is the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Romans 816 the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. Romans eight, Galatians 4. By that spirit, we cry, Abba father, because it's the spirit of the sun that's been put in in our hearts, which is five we bear fruit by the spirit. Second Corinthians 13. We have fellowship, communion with us, but we share in the life of the spirit spirit leads us the spirit guides us the spirit teaches us spirit instructions that instructs us or are you enjoying the reality of the spirit in your life or is there more is not just doctrine right.

It's not father-son and holy Bible, but father son and Holy Spirit, we learn of God through the word and the word invites us to know God and to ask variance God and I found that experiencing God in the midst of all kinds of difficulties is the way to thriving get through it.

Have you ever been filled with the joy of the Lord, for no good outward reason in the midst of everything going wrong around and you just have to get up and rejoice. And if your old time Pentecostal maybe shout jump maybe, but if you're not, shout, jump up, I think back to the early days of ministry when my salary at Bible school did not merely meet our needs. Family of four living on Long Island more expensive part of the country that than other parts right family for only house will be on Long Island and my full-time salary to share Bible school. The mid-eighties was $1450 a month. It was not adequate to pay the bills so every month. There was a shortfall and sometimes I was out speaking. Sometimes a wasn't a guy might be speaking of a small place in which a buddy to come from, but every month, God would meet us and help us and I remember sometimes I just didn't know how we were going to pay the bills. I did not was being responsible. I was working hard. We were being frugal at it with one woman car did know how we can pay the bills and sometimes I would put all the bills on the floor and begin to worship God and dance before the Lord on top of those bills. It was my wife's and God I worship you and rejoice in you I'm knocking to be pulled down by the circumstances was that irresponsibility because I was doing everything I knew how to do to be responsible and of wants all these decades God comes through with the difficult times hard times times of loss, times of challenge God comes through. He is faithful have a closing with this promise, maybe one most general promises in the Bible. First, this loan is for five faithful is he who promised he will do it. Faithful is he who promised he will do it, friends, remind yourself of the promises of God. Take hold of them share this broadcast with others.

Let's edify one another's we can shine like lights Mrs. Arthus and assure their emails asked the ground the Lord if you don't get a take 30 seconds outside of sleep and minister to you on a regular basis. Douglas, another program by the Truth Network