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The Line of Fire with Guest Host Stu Epperson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 12, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire with Guest Host Stu Epperson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 12, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/12/22.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown this for a headline today. The NFL takes over the leadership of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and other major cities. Would that not be a fascinating headline and why would you say that because crime and poverty is at an all-time high in those cities and look what just happened. NFL the Giants just fired their coach Joe Judge. The Vikings just fired Mike Zimmer and her general manager Rick Spielman, the Bears aspire their coach and GM.

The Dolphins just fired her coach in a surprise and it looked like he was turning things around on their the Broncos just parted ways with their coach after the third consecutive losing season, year after year after year. Things have gone south in these major cities so what if they headline today. Read the paper. The NFL NFL teams in specific took over the leadership of Chicago fire from my off my rocker and my all wet.

I'm not Dr. Michael Brown but it's an honor student for him. I'm Stu Epperson and Dr. Brown is out today were so grateful for him in the ministry of the line of fire and I'm tickled to death to be able to sit in the honored spot here in the in the truth booth in the line of fire and him invite you to call and tell me why the NFL shouldn't take over these major cities. Please call and tell me, and whoever gives me the best answer is gonna win two tickets to tickets and I got an update on Dr. Browning to give you shortly depraved prayers coming for him. Now this is the other topic you want to talk about.

So the first topic is, should the NFL take over the city's their failing will stew what are you doing to the politics. I'm not getting in the politics God has given me the money. God is given me is his money and when I pay my taxes there are stewardship and were they going and if I keep paying the same taxes to the same government that's that's doing the same nonsense and failing, but it was for this wave on the season-ticket holder for the Denver Broncos. I love going to games are fun. A paid X amount thousand dollars year to go to games to to have great seats to find food camaraderie, but I'm going.

There's a scoreboard in my team.

I'm going to win and I expect them to put a winning roster together expecting to put a winning had coaxed together a winning coaching staff general manager back office front office. All of the above and yet they lose games so they do they fire the coach. So what we do in Chicago.

We fire the mayor file.

The auditors fire the councilman what are you doing Baltimore crime goes up tonight so will be executed in cold blood in Chicago. What happens NFL. You lose games get fired. They bring a coach who wins Chicago. I'm suggesting NFL takes over Chicago or a specific team and they let the Chicago Bears leadership take over Chicago, the city leadership in a fire. Those people I know say Republican if there'll if there there if you're losing lives and being murdered, then you should be fired. It's common sense tell me I'm all wet telling why wrong. It 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 what should the church do about all this escalating crime.

I got the statistics right here and they are worse than I thought. I almost didn't want our producers to pick these out for me to print this its evil smash and grab retailers distorted. I guarantee you they're not losing NFL stadiums. I guarantee you that I go to the Panthers crashing through the gates and loading all of their souvenir shops all their stores. I guarantee you there make a nice coin, there, and if they don't win games. They fire their coach, so why shouldn't the NFL take over the cities 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84. Now what's at stake here your question. Your answer so I did make it real good answer to someone help me see clearly on this and I would give you are at paste it since it opened up a can of worms. I'm sorry grace in our producers in there with gritted teeth. He's ready to get your calls. He's got some lines open here on the line of fire Stu Epperson and for Dr. Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 I got to tickets right here in my hand for the wake forest Duke basketball game tonight at 7 o'clock the game is sold out, but I'm holding two tickets quite valuable tickets and him to give them to whoever calls in with a good answer to why don't we let the NFL.

Here's what here's how this happened, I would say more about how this happened a second and how out what why stew are you so worked up about this. I got a 19-year-old in a 21-year-old daughter while how tobacco by so fast and she is in New York City streets at night time and her mom and I are just like wow were people of prayer, but sometimes it to your knees and pray it's pitch black and literally New York is letting criminals run the streets you get turned in for a felony in New York around the streets the next day, people are getting murdered. She said friends getting beat up in the subway being shot cold blood in New York City, so my thing is what the world fire fireball bring in new coaches, new leaders let the NFL take over New York City, but will tolerate that you win a few games in a failure out they bring in winners to get to the Super Bowl. So this is kind of coming out at a couple other things are sure you but I would enjoy these two tickets.

We here's the dilemma the detectives grace and don't know how much time we have on this segment of the segments I want to get to some calls to a little bit, but we got we got a few minutes. Okay, wake fourth-place Duke tonight Coach K's last dance is final tour. The last time Coach K coaches in the Jewel Coliseum in Winston-Salem. Not even 2 miles from where I'm sitting, but there's a caveat I know someone out there wants these two tickets you call me at 866-34-TRUTH right now you make it to you. You gotta make a case against her for what I'm suggesting we NFL will and NFL team, even taking over the cities or failing and straighten things out just kids are dying being killed. You make your case go back and forth to be a little bit on this.

What is a believer to do. It's very important here on this show especially, but I'll give you two tickets to the sold-out Canaanite but the caveat is this. You have to show a vaccination card to get in the game. Number one weight wafers University just announces a couple days ago. Number two, you have to either show a vaccination card or show a negative covert test. Now the reason I bring this up is because I'm a give you these two tickets and I want to bless a listener of the line of fire with these two tickets. If you're anywhere in the North Carolina area. We have listeners all over the state all over the country really listen light a fire. Those of you who are out of state worse. You can enjoy the conversation. You can even weigh in if you think it's a bad idea. Good idea that wake shows is requiring ticketholders to show a proof of vaccination card or a negative covert test. Proof to get into the wake forest Duke vassal game night game sold-out. I just know that it's made a little tricky for me. I've talked to people talk to pastor earlier. I was blessing a pastor with four tickets and he called me back upset.

He said stew I can't go and again I'm not getting into the probe accent tiebacks, but some people have a really hard time with this other guy call me says and try to find covert test. I'm perfectly healthy but I haven't been vaccinated, but I don't have anything Artie had it you like a month ago.

I'm trying to find a legitimate test so I can get into the game tonight. I'm Artie a season-ticket holders do what I do like where he call me maybe you can call me now those of you have an opinion about this and I won't answer quite as articulately or brilliantly is the estimable Dr. Michael Brown but I love to hear from you. It 866-34-TRUTH Haley seems to be were Gratian right 866-348-7884. Do you think one of conviction against getting vaccinated.

If you're Christian you think it's fair for an ace, a major ACC team on the biggest night of their season.

Coach K's final night coaching Duke against wake and was to sail north you wanted. You think it's fair for them to require a vaccination card for people to get in the game 866-34-TRUTH and picking a good answer that I got to wake forest Duke tickets to give you now again you have to be vaccinated show that card tonight to get in or you have to have a proof of a part of a negative test okay yesterday hard for this test but you gotta get a proof of a negative test to to use these two tickets subject to. I mean it's all in all fairness to you. I'm not can give these away to someone is excited, maybe their big wake family. Once you mean you're coming from who knows where your listing from the Lake Norman area. Or maybe you're coming from Durham to come see Duke play wake tonight and you get these tickets but then you're not vaccinated, and you haven't had a test so you not to go to the game because that's the rule you think that's fair you think is heavy-handed. I know one of a friend of mine. I called him, he says, don't you think stew that's a good thing to do just to make sure no one sick. I said will yeah but people have common sense that I can go sick to again Marley. He said stew. You wouldn't believe the kind of crazy folks I've seen of the summaries game. So that was his perspective, I would hear your perspective and I want to unload a couple tickets to the wake Duke vassal game tonight. Kind of a cool thing. These might be the last two tickets left in town reason we got it we got a hot one right here so the toll-free number Collins 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 and then there's that NFL issue. Why don't we just let NFL take over the cities there about winning games were tired of losing lives what's come to say hey we got a little solution here in my off my rocker. Let's see what Rebecca says of Virginia, caller to the line of fire. I'm Stu Epperson and for Dr. Michael Brown got got nothing on him, come up and just a little bit but Rebecca, welcome to the show.

Great. Good to hear your voice what you think about all this. Now they were a little bit more patriotic like you now could do a better job than the people again better than nothing but look look look NFL. The NFL is very politically correct, either very I'm completely you heard on this program. I'm sure Dr. Brown they've missed the boat a lot. Even moral ethical issues but fate if they could stop crying. Many people are being murdered, rightly giving diesel and killing drive-by shootings and the chance to grow up in formal review about the stuff it's awful really is off on it aren't people again been vaccinated or actually the one getting that omicron had are all all negative.

Joe, while all the Lebanon, not Germany. So what what are some windows that game and have the tickets they show they show a put up a negative test is legitimate, but they got the omicron because somehow it didn't detect it. That's it.

So been evident about creative and completely okay what about this thing, how it affects our cities. What is a church to do.

Rebecca thinks her call got more calls, call 866342. God bless, Rebecca thinks with light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown big announcement comes on the Denver Broncos fire their head coach widely fired coaches feel good about mid like his tone of voice. He sees his wardrobe. All those leisure suits no he lost games he didn't win the games they're not contending for the Super Bowl so that my wife and I were watching TV.

She flips over to another channel and it's heartbreaking like it's almost tearjerking you see them talking Chicago and how the crime rate is murdered, you want to get killed go to to inner-city Chicago. It's awful, but these are the worst run cities in America corn article looking at by the hill. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco. The people are in debt up to their nose.

The political parties and run those cities. The political leaders and by the way, this is a Republican, Democrat, show gay you are Democrat. The murder Chicago. My thing is let's put the NFL and there goes the mayor and the alderman's and the Congressman and anyone else in Chicago was one of the place is there losing their losing not just know there little whatever games they play are the little bill here and there there losing lives. Kids are being slaughtered in cold blood on the streets, murder, murder rates higher than it has ever been in Chicago pebbles go to Baltimore to take a trip there. You want to. So my point is whoever's in control what control because they'll fire the people and they will permit the murder so Rebecca called and just last caller from Virginia. She said look NFL's got some walking views on stuff deftly some anti-family stuff that we talk about on this network on the show but you know what if they could stop the murder people do you killing people. The crime and inner-city Chicago put in charge what you think 866-348-7884 Stu Epperson Junior in for my good friend of the legendary Dr. Michael Brown, the regular host of light a fire.

He is recovering doing much better. Go to his Facebook page. Check it out for updates. He is excited to be back with you very soon. Keep your prayers role in an upward for Dr. Brown and I given away to wake force do tickets game sold out tonight, but this opens up another can of worms. Gotta be proof of vaccination card to get in the game and you've got to you or or show a negative covert test. I guess within 48 hours. So there's a people upset about that. I don't know why they call me but I'm asking you is that a good idea bad idea. What are your feelings about that or why not let someone like the NFL will these teams take over inner-city Chicago, at least kids are to be murdered every night in cold blood.

Retailers are to be loaded this smash and grab is on believable. Have you watch these. What news do you watch are you seeing these people there tearing up retail stores just taking whatever they want and the cops are told to stand down. It's awful. So as a parent of a 21-year-old in New York City who can barely get on the train work people are being raped and no in open daylight broad daylight chill knifed and everything because they're not putting criminals in jail or let them write out there letting them right out of the can to grunt out do it again in its day after day after day. So let's get the New York Giants they just fired their coach. Let's get them to run New York City in the end no more death to get the you know clean it up. Do what it takes. Let's talk to Paul another call from Virginia we got another guy. The light do we got a J called in and your your call is important to us as well.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH would love to hear your perspective. Maybe you think I am all wet. Which would be the first time in the what about always Paul Joe wanted here okay gotcha loud and clear. Okay I'm calling about a book called COBIT 19 global creditors. Okay, we all get great by Dr. Peter Breggin white well look good meticulously researched and as introduction reading COBIT 19 Peter McCullough, Elizabeth Butler and Beddoes Vladimir would you go but really is your last caller stated all eight have all what could be 80 in accurate, they are using the PTR. A lot of people are writing and talking about Dr. Robert Malone Dr. Peter Carla tornado warning tornado warning or did much airtime on the networks right I am not not stop what network because propaganda okay so what you Paul COBIT 19 in the global credit right okay now.

By the way, by the way so you think is a good idea or a bad idea for pro or amateur college athletics events to require ape of vaccination card or a proof of negative test good or bad. I cleared two complicated flowers right yeah let me get this let me recommend you be right. I really don't understand so I called one euro real are not okay God I'm not…….This was a website called what's the website again.

I got you some of the folks in my show real not okay real not rare government okay will not rare okay okay what about would be mandated up.start working cases are not publisher call pulses are not working.

He's you know he's talking about. You know this is a propaganda decided this book.

COBIT 19 in the global creditors haven't haven't heard of that book yet, but he's peak my interest. Maybe I need to check that Ellis jump on another call he would J the line open it. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 Stu Epperson in my good buddy Dr. Michael Brown on the light a fire, J you're on the line of fire.

Go ahead sir HH I wanted here.

I think you want talk about this NFL thing J okay we got a connection here maybe a bad connection is part J, there let's pop him back on hold Grayson check and see if he's there on your side and I'll talk to Elizabeth who wants to make a comment to maybe on both topics.

I'm try to give these doggone wake force to do tickets away the game sold out. Want to send a couple listeners got two tickets here will even write outside were 2 miles from the dorsal Coliseum and its Coach K's last time coaching there, but I just got a headline for my brother listen this guys this is breaking news from Jeff bordello, ESPN, staff writer Duke battle coach Mike she's just he is Misty missing the game versus wake force tonight 7 o'clock with a non-covert illness, so will be the last time a coach K coached team. Duke team will play in the jewel coached by him even though he will be there tonight. Interesting just got this as a non-covert related illness, but assistant head coach John Shirely. He's taken over to 4K next year will serve as the acting head coach was his game. That's tonight 7 o'clock.

I will do tickets sold out but I got you covered.

If someone wants to go and you got a good answer to to solving the world's problems.

In light a fire with Stu Epperson and for Michael Brown. Let's jump over and talk to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, thanks for Conan hard or really yeah big game tonight, yet they just drop this on is dishonest about two or three days ago and some people are upset no season-ticket holders looking for this game and maybe have a religious exemption or maybe maybe the vaccinations trigger a allergy in the in that they're afraid or or maybe someone with their same DNA was suffered greatly from vaccination in their very healthy and I don't want you know that we got that now they can't do their own sin on expensive tickets and they can't go on with our authentic purity. When you have people who have acquired on COBIT or not.

You don't now on to me that there really no better off than the rest of a person is because they're making a fully killing point is that I don't think that hundred guaranteed to work and an appointment being Bible Bible as well. So I did don't understand yet interesting, yet is really look, listen, I'm all about. I'm all about caution. I'm all about being careful of all about protecting especially the more full goal among us is trying to have a conversation, especially with people.

Some people with some pretty strong faith convictions by weight center. It's interesting, as if he was with. Don't we always talk about like at what point does your passion for a sport in your faith like you know I am I going to go to church Sunday morning or my get to go to my kids ballgame right like at what point do we have this conflict will this is putting a different kind of of conflict Catch-22 for some people and I really appreciate your call and I think you made some good points as he was some of the folks thinking yes ma'am work and why are you worried you know how to protect yourself and there also. By the way Ricardo requiring inside the building. Mandatory mask wearing for everybody as well and someone asked me earlier this it will look if I show a negative test and I show my vaccine card. Why am I wearing a mask, but nobody did another just, you know, I just try to be careful and and then some consider saying hey if you don't wear a mask and if you'll get vaccinated. And if you don't do all the stuff you're not loving your neighbor here and soon.

Is that going too far.

Someone help me out on all this, Elizabeth.

God bless you.

I appreciate your call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Let's turn over all of these dying here. Cities run by the same politicians for decades. The only get worse when we turn it over there about wedding there fire coaches and are making it work. Let me know you think it was these two wake force to do tickets to the game tonight with a special Yacht 866 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown comments. I'm not talking about trouble about right-wing left-wing by the fact that the little kids go to be murdered cold-blooded in Chicago tonight and you're not getting here about it or arising crime rate you hear about the smash and grab retailers city Journal had a big article that you know it's on incredible rise is thefts and violence at retailers by organized games that the cracks the windows they crash, and they make off with the goods. And guess what they do, they say resell it and it proliferates their drug offices and their drug you all that stuff in the money and all that that the debt per citizen. The debt per citizen is Chicago is $36,000.

You know, the debt for the number one debt per citizen city in America is New York City 64,100 just going to Stu Epperson and for Dr. Michael Brown, who is recovering to be back soon.

He can't wait to be back in the seat.

I wanted to be a near field for him. I'm watching the NFL watching the news about on ESPN about the fire and their coach a few days ago and then we flip over to another channel and their talking and people and tears start about all the murders in inner-city Chicago teams get worse. The mayor is doing nothing and I'm just in your thinking. These same voters go to the polls. Every year the politicians get on the same party to seek work to do all the stuff for you both must you vote for them what they do more of our more drugs, more violence over dense. I simply am proposing on the show to you today. Let's turn the inner city of Chicago leadership over to the NFL. Why because the NFL fired their coaches. The Denver Broncos fire the coach the Bears the Giants. These people are serious about winning games and I'm serious about not losing lives in. I'm a Christian I'm a citizen of this country. I'm paying money. The tax is not my money. It's God's do I not have the voice to ask for some accountability.

What's the definition of insanity were doing the same thing over and over again the same result always inner cities that yet people like you who's running these inner cities Baltimore crime is up.

Poverty is up. People are dying. It's horrible Chicago LA New York who's in charge.

The NFL comes in. They clean house.

They put winning coaches in the cities and the crime stops. Why not maybe a little common sense we are we done without redundant not having talk collegial conversations about this in a given way to wake force do tickets again sold out is tonight at 7 o'clock in Winston-Salem. If you get here. All these tickets outside for you with your name on but you gotta be vaccinated to go to the game or you have to show a proof of a negative test so backstage garbage so people are upset about that. So what are your thoughts on that. Do you think that's going too far forward. This was just announced just a few days ago was it go too far for a school that was a big game like this on the line says to suddenly announce that you have to show this proof to get in the game a see what we had Jay on the line for little bit. We we lost him for J. Would love to have you way and welcome to light a fire. Yes I gotcha. I will reach back okay I know what Jay I'm with you on the walking, as of the NFL on what you look quickly on this show you've heard Dr. Brown talk about know they're not friendly to a lot of Christian issues, but my point is there about winning games. Thereabouts with it, but my point is is let's get someone like them. Let's get someone like Chick-fil-A for Pete sake only use one that you're not to be upset about to run inner-city Chicago and maybe the killing. Do you hear what I'm saying that you go to the teams look big on a field roster that wins the gotta get a good good draft picks. They gotta pay top-notch people. Coaching staff front office back-office general manager marketing they got away.

If they don't deliver their out there fire in a letter they'll want to read or have my Novartis so Chicago fires there mayor she's out, she's done nothing to climb up there.

I don't care hey I don't care. She's a card-carrying member of the Baptist Church and I grew up Baptist.

I she's not you bring a salesperson you hire them. They better get their goals.

They remember forever. Guess what, we love you, but will Mischa you know Sanjay government needs to change and I'm asking and I'm say what is the church to may we hold these people accountable. You know these politicians to quit thinking about right and left and think about doing what's honorable to God and honor for the country and ended with the murders.

Gotta stop J thanks your call I got a bunch of folks way to get in here. I appreciate all God bless you a lot a lot of time and yes sir and were glad to hear his voice as well and we want to hear yours and 866-34-TRUTH got one line open, 866-348-7884 I try to get with these two tickets, but you gotta have your your vaccination card proof or a negative test. Some folks are upset about that. What you think. What if a religious person has all kinds of religious issues with this in if they feel like they're big fans of the deacons they want to see the wake to game, but there their whole life I've actually had people turn it tickets away. I want to give that way.

Do tickets again sold out, but think they're just like not knocking for that not to go to test for that knocking and I don't have my vaccination of a religious exemption.

I got a severe allergy to the vaccines and in my history and I know I'm not going to do it and so what you say to them what is a believer. Do you think that's good, bad, or is it protecting the people. Are you loving your neighbor 866-34-TRUTH I want to go to Sean who's been hold on for some time.

Sean takes her call in the line of fire. You're on here okay so all will walk back toward how people and helping not delegate okay yeah all I'm trying to say yes game tonight. Sean sounded try to see his leg due game. I got to take their burn a hole in my pocket. The one thing how where you go. Have me grab having to nowhere but the whole Sean just let me ask this question just common sense. I agree with you churches need to step up churches really dropped the ball jerseys to feed the poor jerseys and get aggressive and in good grassroots going vessel or quality. What are we doing. I agree with that but my sit my thing is why year after year to the cities.

The crime is escalating.

The poverty gets worse and worse and worse educations. Horrible cost-of-living stakes. New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, and yet people go in they elect the same leadership. Every year Sean I'm not set look, not Democrats are not rock the Republicans of the same dude, it's time to change. You are a McDonald's franchisee in your sales are in red ink work to put someone else in that store, I'm sorry and God bless you your nice person but you're not running. I think Rob yeah what's your take on the right go all rolled control people there all alone like we all I know yeah yeah and being about how light like we can get greedy to think about it that's what they sign they sign up the fixings.

There are politicians who have fixed things there politicians who have Giuliani winner New York a know it happened the crime it went way down I would be feel much better if he was in charge and by the way, I don't give a flip of these Republican independent or Democrat or an unannounced or whatever. My daughter is 21 years old. I'm scared to death or walking on the subway. Right now they're raping people in the subway. They're shooting people. A note that you don't the leadership in New York City does they smack on here to put it right back out and say let's second Giuliani was there that what happened, but which I asked the cold hard facts, but people get all emotional. One of always voted for this party. What put someone in there who's going to get the job done and hold them accountable transferred power of break out late, why not, why not why not. But you know now I meet all these politicians they taught. They they they spout out about God. We want to see them do something honorable to God. Okay, I want to see, see Biden Harris stop the murder of babies every time someone tries it to stop abortion. They soon I want to see them not using it in in in in hurting people are impoverished only see them stop slamming marriage all the time. Okay that they talk about God only want but they don't live it out one bit nonsense so I think yeah so John got blush. I appreciate your call. We got other folks jump in here, I still got these tickets for you Sean I really want to go to the game and I really want you to go to the game what you think like force when forced to wait for student man tonight 7 o'clock we think all below okay alright I got to take his plans were.

Well maybe that yeah maybe this is playing okay yeah maybe this whole thing.

Per Sean's comments is a wake-up call to the church. Let's see, we lost Betsy call us back 866-34-TRUTH wow what a conversation to let the NFL take over the dying inner cities because the same politicians voted in by the same people and usually is the same party are losing a people be murdered NFL you lose if the coach loses a game gets fired. Let's turn it list.

Let the bill run the cities. Why not and he wants these two Duke wake forest tickets, but you gotta have vaccination card or proof of a negative test to get into the game tonight in Winston-Salem. Let's talk to Mickey a North you want to call her Nikki or light a fire with Stu Epperson and for Dr. Brown.

Go ahead hello hey there, yes sir okay sorry about that. That is what you and now thinking that you you you fail because of the wrong leadership me there is anything elected going on. Sorry we had a great work coming up 866-34-TRUTH God bless you. Okay, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speed and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of fire down by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown voted in by the same people crime rate murder rate is up.

Violence is rising poverty is rising.

It is tragic, and yet we keep the same people in control and it's it should be heartbreaking of me were at as a believer, the Lord Jesus Christ. I vote as a lever towards Christ. I have I pay my taxes and am I one of my constitutional rights in this government and I deny, but I do in a loving, gracious way like informs like this radio show Stu Epperson and for my good friend Dr. Michael Brown eye to eye talk these issues were exercising our freedom of speech and were asking some common sense questions like what is the NFL are okay. Do you know they got some kind of wonky views and maybe not so politically. Another gave gone politically correct.

Some would argue Jason earlier they've gone unpatriotic.

In some cases, so let's say why not AAA put them in charge. If you have it. If you're not managing the store and is not profitable and productive your fired, and in the recent years, the NFL is I just was watching other this is that time.

Now they call it Black Friday. I think last week were they fire their coaches. They get rid of them there done there out, and they're speculating the other guys are going to be on the chopping block soon in NFL and college you know once the bowls are over than they start firing them and so I'm just telling you why don't we do that and fire. Some of these people that are running the cities and let the NFL take over the city's just a simple question and I'm also try to give way these two wake forest tickets. They announced the recently that you have to have a proof of vaccination card or a negative test proof to get into the game tonight seven that sold out. I've got two tickets I want to bless a listener if you want to go you let me know or let our producers know in were interacting on the subject right now 866-34-TRUTH you got a few minutes left to go in the show and I want to jump back to the phone lines and let's talk Annie's and hold on for some time. Any thank you for calling the line of fire jump on in here hello hello Anna, you're on here and Andrew fantastic Andrew read Bible name. Hurry, you, you little bit of hearing from my circle right yeah please be devils that you would like to write what I'm hearing that will "harming a negative quote, with no light will make sure people don't yeah I gotcha. Yeah and and or that people come people to the people can don't know like like will think anything against working right out. Yeah I'm hearing now you listen, I'm glad you waited in the MS perspective.

A lot of folks in in in and honestly to me.

It's not as big a deal as his other other people.

I was surprised and offer these tickets to two pastor and he was just like little bit frustrated by it. You know, just like wow that you know that this this this new rule other people are like what you know it's not a big deal and I just got tested the other Dale just take the test. I've been back saying I got a cargo ship a card so any but I love that I love your both perspectives in today really just have a conversation about that and also making sure that were communicating how we feel about these things in a gracious way these covered by these got a conversation any. Thank you for your call. God bless you my friend, Andrew Andrew, thank you. These conversations by way are simply opportunities to share the gospel like what's to talk about vaccinations and politics and cities in crime yeah because what would it in by the way my bottom line with me okay Mike my passion, my passion sure the good news of Jesus with her want to come in contact and but these are relevant conversations relevant in our culture. Everyone's talking about it.

So guess what I wanted to discuss this with my neighbor. My goal is to share the Lord with them. My goal will look one day when you die, whether it's of covert or natural causes or whatever hit by truck. Do you know Jesus. And if you're a believer who you share Christ with so these are all opportunities and options also to show that we can communicate. Believers can the pulpit from the radio Mike from around the water cooler in our office we can communicate with people who we disagree with in a gracious loving way and that's that's can honor Christ and not by the way, is a great testimony as well. Joe Dallas, Texas. Carolina fire. Stu voted for Dr. Brown. Go ahead Joe Victor Conan hey Joe you there, Joe hey Joe, we can hear you jump on in holding all Stephen I'm so well Stephen, we are were organ things right here you see the lesser from you go and what are your thoughts and will go to Joe next call about earlier about all that going to do the job. Yeah thinking that we can do one thing but anyway, over and over. Is this a grappling bear who will do the job just are not included in the work then people will not and that's what you know. That's why I told you that's why you you you know you may have a hard Dr. who's who's who's brought quite profane and quite mean but if he's if he's the best guy out there. I want him working on my mom's heart. You know, I may not want the sweet Christian I may not want a I may not want the sweet Christian heart talk to my mom's heart if the guys not you know God is not as effective right so you bring out my job job going there yeah okay Douglas even out yet preprinted the body and mind to go about. That's it. Yeah, absolutely. And you know what whatever whatever striper flavor.

The politician God calls us to pray for them. Okay console the word of God.

First Timothy two and three were to pray for those in power and let's see Joe here Joe not to call you Stephen. Even though I called Stephen Joe that you're hanging on, man, jump on in your Joe okay eight.

Joe you there hello okay let's try to get him back and let's go to Luanne were almost at a time. If you want to weigh in quickly. Please do so for wrap up here on today's episode of the line of fire. I still have to wait for Stu tickets Luana my sending you to the Wake Forest Ugandan.

I got two tickets right here with your name on awesome art and yes I think there yeah and I like that word.

No need to panic. No need to let the consumption. In fact, I was… And I thought about this and I said minimus Tartar others like that's fine. Just talk about you. Let's move on to some else's not make it dominate, but let's let's let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts and our conversations not only staggering but Luanne you to put on the whole book in which a brief old and working. I bless you with tickets to go tonight what's at lunch.

Hold on in our teams until you are dressed and were to leave these for you where the Christian radio card for you to and in you. Enjoy the game okay. God bless you and I'm so glad someone one and maybe Joe is still there Joe are you there, Joe hey Joe you there okay so we were trying to join the line. It's been an honor to be with you today. Friends Stu Epperson and for Dr. Michael Brown keep him in your prayers will be back very soon. He's feeling a lot better.

I guess the bottom line truth for today is going to be yes. Pray for your politicians don't sit on your hands. It's okay to demand accountability and it's okay to expect results and that's it all started the whole thing with this is not a book by any stretch. I'm not sitting here with a huge commendation of the NFL. They've sidestepped before and they've they've blown on some issues and whatnot but coaches don't win games they get fired Chicago the crime rates up. Let's fire some people turn you know, put put someone some entity like the NFL like chick flicks like Elon musk someone in charge of the cities so the killing stops me is one thing to lose games get fired if you're losing lives over and over again in crime is up in poverty is up and all that and people don't vote for the same politicians that promise the world and yet it increases poverty multiplies the compounds under their leadership, what are we doing that my friends is bad stewardship. If you're Christian, and even a pastor speak up and encourage people to vote for people that will honor God, but get things done and and and and work towards solutions to these issues and that is the bottom line truth, and ultimately, I love it. Luanne said what a blessing she is still a trust God it don't take these the COBIT of the vaccination things in these conversations don't let them dominate your narrative in your life, be defined by be defined by Jesus who he is and why he came and let him rule your life. Finally, my verse for the new year to 22 and 2022. First Corinthians chapter 2 verse 22 was it say Paul said I'm determined to know Jesus Christ and him crucified. Paul is concerned with who Jesus said why Jesus came conversations. Politics is talk about Jesus vaccination point people to Jesus Christ.

He is the only way he's our only hope.

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