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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 25, 2021 4:00 pm

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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 25, 2021 4:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/25/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. How about feeling a little love today. Start the line of fire with your host activist all the national speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience and resident of fire school of Ministry to the wider fire valve are going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to glorify broadcasts. This is Michael Brown not taking your calls today to be edified. Last to be encouraged going to be challenged were in a super divisive time in America right now. You don't need me to tell you that you currently turn on the radio get allied to have someone tell you that we are really divided as a nation, but were also really divided as churches, sometimes even families now mean you think of it, you have to make agreements okay we don't talk about politics right now you your Thanksgiving when it comes work because things are just so divided. Unfortunately, the body of Christ followers of Jesus. There is great division in our midst to not not healthy differences. Not healthy. Diversity not healthy airing of varied opinions but were downright nasty full of judgmental-ism tearing each other down rather than building each other up.

We talked about this before in my book evangelicals at the crossroads will be passed the contest. There is a whole chapter in the title of the chapter is have we failed the love test and addressed it before, my answer would be yes we have failed. It thus far, we have failed it and it's a serious test when you think of this that Jesus says in John 13. By this, will the world know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another, that that's the standard that Jesus gave he didn't say that the world will know you are my disciples, if you drive out demons, the world will know you are my disciples, if you heal the sick world will know you're my disciples, if you feed the poor, the world will know that you are my disciples, if you preach the gospel now all those things on various scales are important in our demonstrations of our being followers of Jesus, but when she said the number one way that the world will see's me that we are his disciples that we belong to him that were part of his family that were part of this faith that he's leaving in the world. Part of this holy movement that is leading the world that the way the primary way that all know it is the love we have each other. Now we can give you lot of Scripture today, and here's what I want you to do. Rather than say all boy does this when needed or that when you're done that you're sitting at a church service you thing a man I wish my husband or my wife or I wish this kid would I wish this mom was here I was mom and dad were here. I wish my neighbor was a this is really for them well when you're done applying it yourself. By all means share it with others post this on social media and say hey let's all take a look at this point, but I want to speak to just kinda face-to-face ear to ear while one when I started radio about 13 years ago gentleman who had been involved in radio for decades. Since May I appreciate your passion but your base having a one-on-one conversation with someone driving the car mirrors on the here shout at you on that you preached you on here talk to this friend is an older brother in the Lord. Also, your older in the Lord than me in older years than me but for many 65 years old and the Lord was 50 years that was making older brother, so I'm here to make an appeal. I'm here to encourage them here to challenge and so much of our division is public so much of it is about Donald Trump so you say we all have to agree and vote of no little, quite the contrary.

One of the major goals of evangelicals at the crossroads. One of the major reasons I wrote it was to say, can we unite around Jesus.

Even if we divide over Trump and those of us who are come voters. Can we vote for him without compromising our testimony thus far in many ways I feel we failed both tests, we failed the test of uniting around Jesus. Even if we divide over Trump and we failed the test of voting for him or supporting him without compromising our testimonies. So by God's grace we need to step higher now and it's it's critically important.

So was interacting with me privately and this is someone who is in the Lord and and not walking with the Lord. The but Mr. Sunkist the church and set out. I don't them go now because they be going with people who are no Trump supporters and hugging vote for man like that and sign this is the level of division that were facing right now in America.

So what. Let me share some scriptures with the right and and trust me, I examine myself by these constantly. If you say you know Dr. Brown. We appreciate your articles because you tackle controversies, but your gracious towards others of someone said that I treated some people.

He didn't really think they're worthy of this treatment, but I treated them of the exquisite courtesy I try to do that is you know with folks that call in and in different astilbe gracious one of the Christian leaders attacked me I like. I tried to respond truthfully, but graciously and listen you have to understand that that that's not my nature. That's Jesus in the that's how he's changed me over the years. That's how he's help me to be a different person.

So if in any way. I've modeled that for you, then recognize it if God could work through me in a way that there is gentleness and grace and respect and love as opposed to just argument and tearing down and sarcasm, which is the way my flesh would go if you see any grace in me then no, that's all.

The Lord that's all him and if you could do it in me toward whatever level Imad have to keep growing. The rest of my life than he can do it and you he can do it in each of us is not compromised by my grandma, I'm not compromising anything. None of inch and a fraction of an inch consciously before God. I'm standing for truth Rose Acosta consequence doesn't come right on everything right but means that where I understand an issue before God is best to understand understand for that rosewood of his friends was income's favor.

Whatever is respect. After our Lord. Same with you we we have to we have to protrude first and foremost our Lord first and foremost, but there's a way to do that were were not nasty with each other were not simply judging each other. Where were not claims of the motives of one another's hearts where we are not believing the worst about each other as opposed to believing the best about each other right.

Let's look at some of Scripture. Galatians chapter 5, beginning in verse 13 we from the tree of life, brothers and sisters were called to freedom only. Do not let your freedom become an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another for the Holter, can be summed up in a single saying love your neighbor as yourself. But if you bite and devour one another, watch out.

You were not destroyed by one another, can I read that last verse again, if you bite and devour one another. While this is a serious warning here. Watch out that you are not destroyed by one another. Let's take a deep breath and drink that in. Yes, we have freedom we are not under a legal code telling us every detail of what we wear and what we eat and what we say and you look at if you are a traditional Jew. There are prayers you pray that her set prayers.

When you use the bathroom you pray certain prayers before meals, certain prayers, lengthy prayers after you know when when you see it is a beautiful thing in nature is a set prayer. You pray every traditional do. This is a beautiful expression of their heart for minutes at know that they find it good pulsing that your unit under that you have freedom at your freedom to do good not to do bad.

We are freed from sin not to sin and to sum up all of the all of the tour. All the law that God gave summed up in love your neighbor as yourself. Love your neighbor as yourself. Otherwise, Paul says you bite and devour one another, even strike you to be consumed one binder it's it's it's like a snake swallowing itself you know starting at this tale and swallowing and sobbing.

That's what we are doing. We are destroying ourselves right cutting off your nose to spite your face. That's what were doing. We carry to patients. Five.

Let's let's look again here it beginning in verse 19. Now the deeds of the flesh are clear and and is in reading this one should ask yourself in your communication with others in your interaction with others about political issues cultural issues issues were we.

We have differences in your communication with others in the Lord in social media, face-to-face, phone, text, or are you communicating in the flesh and spirit of the deeds of the flesh are clear sexual immorality, impurity, decency, idolatry, witchcraft, hostility, strife, jealousy, rage, selfish ambition, dissension, factions, let's focus on the few these words hostility, strife, rate dissension faction that characterize the way we interact with each other.

Envy, drunkenness, carousing things like these are morning you just as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit God's kingdom something we live the sun. We are the fruit of the rusty fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law will if you cut us we should bleed love that's what I said for many years other words, this is not some show we put on. This is not all praise the Lord. Nice to see is in some false smiles notice who we are.

We do care about you do love you. P people feel it. People know it was edited to know you once they they get past that outward formalities they can tell if you care, they can tell if if you're doing something with sincerity. So if were walking in the spirit there is not going to be a spirit of dissension, a spirit of factionalism then be rage.

We love this can be peace can be joy. This can be kindness and again. I'm simply saying we need to live in the spirit by the word and demonstrate to a watching world that we love one another. There are ways that you can have deep, strong differences and do it with tremendous love.

Listen Dr. James White and I debate were both strong debaters by strong debaters and we can we can all your points forcefully really cut through the opponents points as we find them to be faulty. So we we understand strong debate, but when we have debated each other on on issues where we differ is brothers in the Lord that we hear overwhelmingly from people's life really tell you love each other to make our differences clearer make value in error here no serious error that I differ here.

You misinterpreted your Bureau you're wrong here make it very clear what is done based on why can't we do that with our political differences to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So friends, the standard is the word standard is not Mike Brown. The standard is not Pastor so-and-so standard is not the speaker. This teacher the standard is the word God calls us to live in obedience with his word and harmony with his word.

God calls us to walk in truth and to walk in love and he calls us to love one another as Jesus is loved us, and it should be that supernatural and that wonderful that the world sees a friends Michael Brown here talking about our need to step higher in our communication, our need to to grow in the grace and love and knowledge of the Lord and in the midst of a politically and and socially and culturally and spiritually deeply divided nation. We need to demonstrate unity in the church.

I want to read some Jew getting taught in Scripture today not take any calls to read something to the my wife Nancy wrote she she poured her heart out on Facebook one day and I may read this again later in the show and she is been coming. We talk about this constantly, and sometimes she's just overwhelmed in tears with the burden she said if I could I would bag all believers to stop biting and devouring one another, especially over politics and trunk. This is not the heart of God. The attacks slander and hatred that is aimed towards the ones that are commanded to love all sincerity, impurity is so far from everything I know about the Lord. It's difficult to understand how we got here. Jesus said that the world would know we are truly his disciples by love one another. How far we have fallen friends I I remember remember earlier in the year is right before the covert shutdowns are still traveling this year and late year before when I was getting gripped afresh with this sentence a bird that carried for many many years, long before Donald Trump's president were not carried for many years about how savage patients can be online and social media. You say well that's just been people's hearts will announce, for the world to see. So it's it's time to to deal with it right now maybe been fighting some sickness secretly and when the collapse work okay now everybody knows you got ethics is that it's been there a long but now it's become even more evident. Got fix this, but I remember some months back when Nancy got freshly burden about the Senate and an overwhelming way and and I had been freshly burden as well.

I remember sitting in an airport and we were talking on the faucet on. I'm just writing on the subject. Now again addressing it again and and she was beside herself with tears. I mean she would go pray and and was so overwhelmed.

That's all she do sob, what happened to us and please hearing. Please hearing you don't have to lecture me about taking a stand. Okay, I have lost a lot over the years by standing for I believe to be true. I am blackballed from many places Roy could speak especially to the secular world and secular media because the stands that I've taken. I understand that I understand what it's like to literally put your life on the line to preach have done that overseas and literally you know that there people there rented a riot that could be attacking violently those killed others in the past am not exaggerating give you a little and tell you exactly where habits or mention specific places, names that but I knew it empty preach what he could cost what the consequences could be there in other settings where we knew it could trigger riotous of the really dangerous if we preach what gully the March preach. We did it with my trestle together we did it. I understand that I'm spat in the face for the gospel.

I understand that you want to lecture me about taking a stand. But you don't have to be nasty, immature, mean-spirited, obnoxious, judge mental divisive to take a stand. You can do it in a way that honors the Lord, you could do it the way with the end of the night if nonbelievers are watching the site you have such an Africa. I find that remarkable that you have such deep differences politically in such different perspectives on these issues and have such tremendous love for each other.

That's incredible. Why is that people should be attracted to us rather than another of the world I find more unity in the bar, I find more unity. You don't some debate, been missing. The Christians. Some were Scripture Ephesians chapter 4 therefore Paul writes I a prisoner for the Lord.

Meaning I'm in jail because my testimony of Jesus posted to the Galatians don't know II bear stars for Jesus. Don't don't you bother me. I so I sit here I am writing as a prisoner thought I'm in jail he say because of my faith in this review. Therefore, I a prison of the Lord urged you this Paul writing from prison urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which recall was complete humility and gentleness with patients putting up with one another in love, making every effort to keep the unity of the rule unity of the Spirit in the bond of shalom, the bond of peace.

So let's look at this again this is our calling picture to be ambassadors of the Messiah, we must walk worthy of that was that mean this is for the sake of unity with complete humility and gentleness, with patients putting up with one another in love. Here we have differences put up with one another love making every effort to keep the unity of the rock in the bond of shalom no friends before I got saved. Many of you know my story, heavy drug user and I was in high school and you know there are cliques of people in your school of you been to the home school so you been to public school or private school. Big school begin to get your two clicks and their groups of people you don't even know exist because you're not part of their group in another culture.

You don't know who they are and then now you get all now you're in with this group and I remember meeting some folks that were some of the drug user.

Hippie types in the school little bit older than me. Most of them and as I start using certain drugs. I found out about this community and started hanging out with these people.

I do know how many there were. Whether it was 30 or 50 or 80 of us are 20 of us in the ionic know the exact numbers but I remember going over somebody's home and some some gal from the school member. She was a white gal and her boyfriend had a black father and a white mother of so he had that your skin color that you expect and he had had a big Afro and he was the part of the Black Panther party and also for the youthful builder that was that was that's kind of the crowd there and but when I first met them because they had like a hippie ethic and hey man is love.

Make love not war peace baby you know that was kind of their ethical home with the Black Panther salute to the other side of it, but I remember meeting them and there was somebody wasn't there and and he he was a heavy drug user, but he was more with the crowd that would like get into fights that kind of thing, you know, not the hippie style and and in some of the guilt we almost anything negative about a man and I thought Lafayette Craig Krupa know what grade ethics I was a deeper you got sinful lousy people like everybody else, but in this is like wow this is a really practicing. It's of peace and love, joy, this is cool in man I like this crowd and you I became part of that crap either. I was a foul person. The fact is that we get saved give a similar kind of experience, especially if you have no church upbringing remembering around a real believing church you get saved you think everybody just like the saints they will all their amazing there will wonderful. I remember getting saved November December 1970.

Once it was winter so the guys in the church know they would they come to service wearing a longsleeved shirt and only had a jacket like a blazer sometimes wear a tie but you always no formal shirt and and a blazer but longsleeved shirt for sure.

And then what I got warm mornings as he was in the 60s so we are 16, 17 years old when I got warm and guy comes in with a young formal shirt but a short sleeve shirt and a tattoo is attached to what this is.

This is early 70s right.

The tattoos were much less common, and we didn't know you were in swear and saved.

We had a guy had been on a chain gang. He was arrested and someone tried to kill him. Once the gang is room in the trunk of a car.

We just thought you were always say brother, Nick, you always loved Jesus you know and then you get to know people better.

He was a wonderful brother love the Lord because people know people been resident are still human beings we really love the Lord. I mean there wonderful godly people was around great testimonies and I spent hours and hours with them in and they had great testimonies and that they live godly lives. But you know they're there something about that attitude.

We just love people and you think the best about people that's precious in God's sight that I don't mean that were nave don't mean that we close your eyes.

I don't mean that were stupid. All right you were not talking about someone just got out of jail yet. I was a child abuser. They just got out of jail and they say, praise the Lord and say that I like to babysit your kids are not talking about opening yourself up for it for destruction, not particular families, and attitude and attitude. Where in terms of my interaction with you that Osama lonely.

We all got million dollars. Our family savings for the last 10 generations in your notorious swindler but you say all look may not change. Can you let me that money for new business ventures are not time at that on, attitude or love you and be patient with you, I I'm not can be demeaning. I'm not can I be insulting and all of you who say will the stakes are high.

We have a right to be like that. I would say you don't understand the heart of God and you don't understand the spirit of God.

I understand yes what it's like to take a controversial stance by doing that night and I'm paid for by the second Soviet but by God's grace, I will do it in a way, the issue is stand not my obnoxiousness gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown here. I am not taking calls today, but were digging into the Scriptures that I'm not catching up on breaking news or anything and one talk about today is of special relevance as were just a few weeks out before the elections, and I can't remember any time in my life where America was more divided than it is now, and when believers were more divided than we are now so I can't fix the problems of the world call worldly people to act like followers of Jesus, but I can call on each of us and examine my own life.

See, are we conducting ourselves in a way that honors the Lord all right when I wrote evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the trunk test. III put the title where I thought it should be.

This is about evangelicals.

This is about followers of Jesus you put in all Christian conservatives okay from different backgrounds, but because white evangelicals overwhelmingly voted for Donald competent raise questions.

How could we, the values voters the character counts, morality matters, people, how can we possibly vote for someone like that right. That's why, especially interact with evangelicals as an evangelical with the Manila Christian service from different groups that are not evangelical about a friend, but I felt this was a crossroads moment for us in our history that that we were the ones being tested in the primary test was not we vote for Donald Trump and the primary test was if we vote for him Which which I plan to do. Can we maintain our testimony before the world while doing this one to can we unite around Jesus. Even if we differ about Donald Trump. I'm thinking back to a caller name Mo who is run 80 years old black brother who prays for president Trump when he heard he had the virus immediately drawn to prayer group to pray for his healing and recovery, spoke to me with graciousness with a sense of pain and brokenness, but explain how he could never vote for Trump and we had a discussion about it, friends. You can have deep differences you can have passionate differences, but do it in a way that our brother did with graciousness and he said look I don't see how anybody could vote for. If the fundraiser share your heart, that's fine. And then some will respond. Hey, I don't see how you couldn't vote for him for the following reasons in Vermont.

I've done interviews on shows, especially since my book about evangelicals with crossroads. I got entries on shows where the perspective of the host is, how can you be a Christian vote for Trump or how can be of Christian or not vote for Trump I been on both the types of shows and and and know where people are coming from passionately and interact with people that I differ with pretty much everything in my life. Can we do it and situate here think it is challenge erratic.

Can we have our differences about the president in such a way that the watching world will learn about Jesus. Think about their talk tweak that out. I haven't already. Can we have our differences about Donald Trump in such a way that the watching world will learn about Jesus through our interaction will be attracted to Jesus through interaction. Let me give you some more Scripture get not taking calls today. Romans 13 A3 10 Paul says 02 no one anything except to love one another. One loves another has fulfilled draw for the commandments you shall not commit adultery, murder cannot steal to covet in their commandment are summed up in this word you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fullness of the Torah, love is the fulfillment of the law are so let's think about this treatment if if you steal from your neighbor, your loving your neighbor if you commit adultery as a neighbor's passionate, loving your neighbor if you bear false witness against you in your loving your neighbor will if you tear your neighbor down with vicious words, if if you if you falsely judge your neighbor. If if you domain and mock your neighbor, your loving your neighbor and we are called to love one another by what standard the way Jesus loved each of us are.

Let's look at some more Scripture just want share the word which feel that the weight and the force of the work first on chapter 3 John three verse 14, 15, and reading from the tree of life version we know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers and sisters. The one who does not love remains in death. Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in first John chapter 4 verse John chapter 4 verses seven and eight, loved ones, your beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and knows God wanted does not love does not know God, for God is love, friends, listen II don't want to give a moral lecture here is as someone sitting in some superior seat looking down those because I'm reading these for words and I'm asking myself the question I'm asking myself the question about my own attitudes and the depth of love that's in me. Let limit. Let me ask you question right especially to two men who were real sports fans but but maybe "babysitter sports fans as well.

Have you ever had a sinful attitude, a totally loveless attitude based on rivalry.

What will I mean okay to watch a game you hate the other team you think there they break the rules. They always when you know your team comes up short. Really don't like them at all think the players are arrogant coaches at whatever it is you dissolve it if you lived in their city probably love the right, but whatever it is history grown-up rivalry between cities. Maybe her parents had a similar data similar to whatever is you got your team and easily would guess you and in the middle again, the star, the team gets injured right and have you ever thought. I hope we can plague in the rest the games we could win. Have you ever thought that I've had thoughts like that repented before got what I'm hoping the injury what I mean if it's a fleeting thought, what unbelief sinful, carnal, immature, inexcusable, thought is that glad that someone's injury is more serious could win a stupid get why I'm actually had that happen in our heart that where how ugly how base that's we can use human beings and and now that a a spirit of how can you describe chaos and anarchy of just a spirit fighting division just loosed on the nation it it's it's almost like one of these things were you go to someone's house for dinner when you arrive. Throwing stuff at each other. You want to get out of the pit each other over the head with plates and spelling for Isaac what the family elders. A low family dispute. Next, they got a hand X and people started in someplace addition each other. That's what were doing spiritually friends it may not be with guns but as with words, life and death are in the power of the tongue as it was written in Proverbs look it early on the primaries in my days of staunch opposition to candidate Trump I said hey I got some free advice for you. You love it that justifies but it's free and my advice to candidate Trump was read chapter Proverbs everyday that was basically the advice or hear some key verses about the tongue. In Proverbs, so go through those verses and am it'll be good friends.

That advice would stand today. I mean I would honestly say that the one person I can defeat Donald Trump November 3 is Donald Trump and that had he conducted himself differently in many ways I don't mean being weak. I don't mean being spineless. I don't mean being compromised. II don't mean refusing to fight back for what's right. But if he simply lived by some of the biblical counsel how a wise man lives, how full lives how king is supposed to conduct himself if he lived by those you have so many more voters we have so many more people that agree with him on the issues but just feel so repulsed by who he is and how he operates in the division that is brought in the destruction is because that they feel they can vote for so that that counts, remains true, but I don't know if he has a relationship with God or not. God knows that but I do know that we do. We are part of the body. We do hope he does. But I know God knows we we are called to conduct ourselves certainly and the decades back I started going through Proverbs over and over and over again teaching on it. Going through it and and and I realized that what I had a lot of knowledge of the word, relatively speaking. I know a little but compared to others. I had a lot of knowledge of the word and I did hear the voice of the Lord speaking in leading that it had as much wisdom this day I don't have the practical wisdom that Nancy has just in everyday matters in simple things. It just knows much more has more insight and things like that but I realize again I need wisdom I need more wisdom and and I'd have go through Proverbs over and over when teaching a class on Proverbs a similar mucosa teach on the tongue another week on on your ability in another week.

On another subject that each week I speed read through Proverbs each week and pull out all the relevant versus just keep immerse myself other times just for months and months just read a chapter. Proverbs everyday she base going to Proverbs roughly once a month. This could do that over and over and over and teach on it and as you teach your convicted friends. God knows what he's talking about. God knows what's best. God knows what leads to life and what leads to death. Why not make a fresh study of Proverbs and just go through every relevant verse on the tongue by controlling her temper on treating others pull them all out and is easily done now with her, you know, having a bottle of cell phones and everything else pulled versus outer right amount put them in your put them in an email. Email to yourself and and start every day just reading through them during a lunch break meditating on them.

It's remarkable the wisdom that's there and it's remarkable that if will live by these things if if we will standby these things. How much better our lives could be and how much better the lives of those around us could be, let us love one another, for God is love. Let us love one another, for love is from God is not mammy family.

This takes maturity.

This takes commitment. This is serious. This is not for the faint of heart.

Using her temper, yelling, screaming, accusing, belittling, attacking anybody any child can do that to walk in love, course maturity, discipline and grace periods. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, are you ready to be bombarded with the word. Are you ready to be bathed in the word limit with the word drenched with the word washed with the word encouraged with the word challenged with the word great then you're listening to the right broadcast Michael Brown great to be with you friends.

I'm not trying to be a competitor to Rush Limbaugh or Ben Shapiro Dennis Prager Mark LeVan or Sean Hannity or Laura Ingram theories doing what they're doing. I'm here is your voice.

I'm here seeking to to bring a biblical perspective to everything that we do appear to cause to be like Jesus. So in the midst of our political and social differences now can we demonstrate a watching world.

How much we love each other.

You may have to delete 90% of your recent post.

You may have to just refrain from writing for you may have to identify so easily. These issues are so volatile to me step back, get with the Lord. Worship Craig at his heart and then then reach out then interact and share differences. Okay, here's what the Lord God Almighty or or master key, our Redeemer, Savior, here's the way he calls us to first Corinthians 13. This is the love that we are to walk in ready love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not brag. It is not puffed up, does not behave inappropriately, it does not seek its own way, is not provoked, it keeps no account of wrong does not rejoice over injustice rejoices in the truth bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Friends, that's what we called walking. That's what is so attractive to people. Look, it's a hostile world out there is a doggy dog world out there. People should come into our buildings come to our meetings coming to our social media pages and say you folks at different what is it what's Jesus is changed us. It's keep looking at Scripture. First Peter chapter 2 for you were called to this, because Messiah also suffered for you, leaving you an example to try follow his footsteps while he overturned the tables in the temple, Peter is not saying that's the example your father to going to the temple in Jerusalem. If it existed, and start over turntables and so you do that Jesus did that by direction of his father right he committed no sin there was any deceit found in his mouth when he was abused. He did not return the abuse while suffering he made no threats. Instead, he kept entrusting himself to the one he judges righteously himself bore our sins in his body on the tree so that we remove from sins mother for righteousness by his wounds you heal like sheep going astray. But now you have returned to the shepherd and Guardian of your souls. Let me give you some wisdom from Proverbs unless Cigna talked about meditating on Proverbs reading through it. A chapter a day. In addition to whatever other reading you're doing outlining or underlining certain verses deal with the tongue and how we conduct ourselves and then meditating on those to the get your heart and mind and medicine earlier in the show to whatever extent you see me as someone that asked graciously towards those who differ. To whatever extent I've been able to model that.

Trust me, it is the grace of God at work in my life is praying and crying out to God and meditating on his word and being broken by him and this is not the way I've always been asked for, especially the longer back that they knew me, the more the tell you all know that was not the way he was. So, to whatever extent to whatever extent God knows you.

You can tell your view which whatever extent of model that I can.

You can when I was hot I was so hot tempered before I was saved the best running game in nickname as I change into another person's, Craig the evil genie when I just of becoming a different person seriously got to change me change anybody right. Proverbs 15 one. A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger. Let's just focus on it for minute so I got you and you just respond gently.

It turns her wrath often softens things in an okay okay but calms down, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Hey, did you just look at me funny. Now you have your abnormal brawl. I was interacting with someone on on Twitter the other day and it started out, hostile towards me and I graciously pushed back and ended up with private messaging to find out how this person is doing with God, and they thanked me for the interaction is whether we can turn things friends. We must Proverbs 25 Proverbs 25 verse 15 through patience, ruler may be persuaded in a soft tongue can break a bone you want to change people's hearts patient is the goal and the argument not looking right wrist goal.

The two when someone change their heart to change their attitude right that's that's what we want to do. We want to change their perspective change their attitude. Soft answer soft tongue breaks bone look at what Jacob James says chapter 4 verse one where quarrels and conflicts among you come from the question right. Don't they come from this name your passions that battle within your body parts where do quarrels and conflicts among you come from a we in the midst of constant quarreling constant conflicts where they come from. They come from this demo the passions. The loss the fleshly desires that battle within your body parts new Jacob James is telling us that there is constant strife and division and quarreling that comes from summer comes from the flesh.

This word comes from a first Peter first Peter chapter 1 says this now that you have purified your souls in obedience to the truth, leading to sincere, brotherly love, love one another fervently from a pure heart. Let's let's break this down. You purified your souls in obedience to the truths he turned away the world, the flesh, following Jesus Salzman purified as it lead to sincere, brotherly love, you're in the presence of God. You get his heart.

How does he feel about his children as he feel when were savaging one another as his children had every think of. Think of it, just in a military way. Now here's the Army and this post before the enemy initiating each other much more the family of God's most loving each other that you purified your souls obedience to the truth, leading to sincere, brotherly love, love one another fervently from a pure heart to all my brothers and sisters who differ with me on different issues, theological, social, political, do you love me you love me all you love you all really really love me.

The concern about my well-being really carry that delivery fervently from pure heart, and how I feel about those that I strongly differ with but it's really different with me. Do I love them like these are challenging questions at and in the natural world always can fall short of God's grace we can live differently because grace we have to live different friends and look I look at the presidency of Donald Trump is a giant test for the world for America for the church. That's how you look at a giant test for us will reveal our hypocrisy will reveal our double standards would reveal our lack of love will reveal our lack of spirituality. I believe it's reveal all of the above. So for right this is a someone who voted for him in 2016 and plans to vote for him. November 3 right so I say these things as a trump voter but not as a trump apologist not as a trump defender rather I'm apologist for the gospel is a sad time again. I preach Jesus crucified resurrected not trump elected and reelected Jesus as my message, I messaged each of us is with us. Love one another as he loved us because he said that's the world will know were still delivery read again this plea from something Nancy posted some months back on her Facebook page or in the midst of the thread.

Nancy said this if I could I would beg B. E.g., I would beg all believers to stop biting and devouring one another, especially over politics and Trump's is not the heart of dog attacks and slander hatred that is aimed towards the ones that commence levels of certain impurities. So far for everything I know about the Lord. It's difficult understand how we got here. Jesus said that the world would know retrieve his disciples by love for one another.

A farm we fallen hate, kind, courage and if you recognize Smitty to this broadcast of the Holy Spirit dealing with you that you have been carnal in your online behavior or your interaction with others to apologize just as publicly as you sent to say please forgive me for my angry toner for my attacking others or for my judgmental is a more from my question. Your salvation based on your political Bonjour you have wherever you think you need to do and and then say look now pray for me because I want to be more like Jesus, that some compromise dissolving wimpiness, that weakness does not mean anything negative, only positive being like him emulating his ways, his conduct. We are strong stand. We have backbone. We don't bow down to the system of this age we stand for convictions regardless.

But we do in the way that honors the Lord.

Let us love one another, but the world look at us and say hey because people are Jesus followers friends have a whole chapter and evangelicals at the crossroads that deals with this so you have the book revisited chapter 3. Get the book will help you to love me at all that were hidden Lord and see Jesus along more and more like an another program powered by the Truth Network