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The Radio Evangelist

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 28, 2022 4:02 pm

The Radio Evangelist

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 28, 2022 4:02 pm

Kelly Gilbert from "Trans World Radio" joins Robby to tell us what she is doing to pursue the Kingdom for God. David Heavener from the TV show “The Last Evangelist” tells us about the message God has given him to share with the children.

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Hello, this is will Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore. What a fun show we have today on most Memorial Day weekend we have with us some really really cool cats we have Kelly Gilbert here with Transworld radio and you may know, the Truth Network is been partnering with Transworld radio early come to WR to do these windup radios for the people in Africa and so it's kind of neat that you know all those people died for our country that we be able to do such wonderful things like go to Malawi writers. Didn't you just recently get over there Kelly years now I was back in 2019 that I still remember vividly that is so cool and you know what we got some neat stories coming up on you know these windup radios. You know those of your listing to the Truth Network obviously love Christian broadcasting as I know I do. And so, how neat that we get to supply that with special programming right there for the people in Africa right Kelly yeah programming in multiple languages. I think 20 to 30 languages across the continent of Africa with programming that is made and produced by people in country within the context of their culture and languages so we we just start a support system for the work that they are doing to reach their own people with the message of God's word and it's it's some of it is programs translated from ones that you might be familiar with. Like any jeremiad or do the Bible achieve any key things like that said, it's those truth but translated into not just their own language, but even some cultural changes as well to make it even more understandable and easier to grasp for the people there at and so need that you know with these windup radios.

I don't have to plug in manner anything they could just run them up and listen with it out in the field and when they're out there right, there's a lot of other people that can listen, but Kelly just at the very beginning.

It's so inexpensive right to contribute this. How much does it for to get one of those windup radios what what would that cost $50 to purchase the radio get it shipped and delivered into the hands of somebody in Africa that takes care of what it would cost to get out of customs from the distribution we are able to do that for just $50, which is a really amazing opportunity. If you look online. These exact radios cost a little bit more than that if your disorder when yourself, but we been able to work directly with people to make this happen and that's the part that you can play is giving that $50 to make sure wind up radio like he said it doesn't need be plugged in. It does need batteries change you just wind up the crank on the side and it works for a couple hours and people can listen and what they're hearing is God's word. It's the truth of the gospel. It's encouragement. It's a way for them to really truly grow in their faith. Are you discipling people in Africa just with the gift of $50 today and they can do that it I know there's a special number you got live people yes 1800-889-8856 56 888-988-5656. You can also go online and she can get back to the Truth Network subsite and also through Africa needs right so 888 I said 800 888-988-5656.

So, how cool is that. And also with us today. We have David Hefner who is unbelievable, TV series, you may be fairly familiar with already is called the last evangelist welcome David a chance to meet David at the NRB and so you know this, you're going to hear a lot about this TV series. I'm very excited to share that with you but you know that sentence kingdom pursuits do my my stuff so speaking of last time, as we like to use the word shenanigans. I just these anyway.

Speaking of last you may not know this Carmen, but I always have the last word know what is. Yes, honey, that's the only correct. I remember my uncles last words right out of you. Remember your anyway. His last words were stop shaking the latter and I don't I shiver as you might remember that Greek Achilles' heel of the wind that we got maimed Achilles' heel after well at his deathbed. Achilles realized that they were going to would lose they were going to lose the war.

So Achilles uttered his last words and what were the 2 feet hurts and the last thing I would've thought when I got my universal remote. You have universal remote. Now I don't I just use an app on my phone. Well, we have universal without all the sudden it might occur to you. This changes everything I mean everything the way those actual shenanigans. Here we would actually have a Bible riddle and we have a Bible ready for you today that you can call in and when of 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH I got a Telesis YM was the last talking last last tennis match in the Bible. When was the last tennis match. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you can guess that Dylan, one of our marvelous prizes in the kingdom pursuits possible calling and let us know when you 866-3884 when was the last tennis match in the Bible are getting back to David. So for those who have not seen the last evangelist David tells a little bit about what sure you know.

I underground churches for not being registered with the government because in the days of last evangelist. By the way, probably today you be registered know where you are know who's involved in which talk about well I end up going underground.

Finding these churches groups not rest until one night God find me and still lying on the Damascus city" like a good Christian movie where you got the cloud copy what's going on buying the Christlike: like how cool cool and where can people want to know about the last evangelist. How's the best way to watch that you go to David you can find out. The only place you can see, but we on Roku and Amazon Apple TV.

But you go there, David and sign up and watch it spelled like almost Heaven. But anyway, I hate CAV and ER like heaven with an ER like almost all your street. So Kelly, when did you start with Transworld radio.

Well, I actually came on here you are as an intern right after my senior year of college in 2015, I served for the summer and it's been a lot of fun because our interns for the summer just showed up some kind of reliving that timer God brought me here and I had a ton of fun but really just love the work that this ministry does on how it does it so well together with the common goal in mind of reaching the world for Christ with the message of the gospel through mass media cell. I was here for the summer very quickly just felt called and led to pursue full time went and did a couple years at our local station in Ohio and then came back to work here full-time at TW aren't honestly 19 cell almost 3 years now. All right we have so much in store for you today I want to give out that number if you want to call in one of those radios. $50.08 8898856568889885656 donate radios wind up radio. Welcome back to pursuits when we hear how context your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and were so blessed even to find out today when was the last tennis match in the Bible which numbers, I'm shocked. I am shocked, 866 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH, but better than that. We have Kelly Gilbert with Transworld radio and there wind up radio. The people in Africa program and David Heavener which is heaven for the last evangelist TV series so Kelly, when you went to Malawi.

Can you try to take and send one of those stories where you saw what was going on in person yet absolutely we were able to get there and meet up with it Malawi team, which is headed up by a man named Victor and we were able to visit three different villages and distribute wind up radios to people in the last place that we went was to a school for the visually impaired and to see these children, some who couldn't see it. All others who were bloodied up with someone you can see it all because they could see a little bit just hearing them, saying, just amazingly beautiful songs of hope and of God's love and their excitement to receive a wind up radio because Sudan is about hearing God's word.

It's about that. It's also about just knowing what the world is like and what they're going to face his day.

The world is not very kind to them once they are out and it absent knowing that it was just a lifeline for them in VA being able to hand that over and say God bless you. He's going to work in your life see this because you get to listen to the radio every day and hear his truth is being encouraged and and that truly was an amazing for me to witness to see how joyful they were, how humbly they receive that gift. The big huge smiles on their faces at every moment that I'm not forget anytime's really, really you may know Kelly I work with special needs. On Sundays, or teach the group for a long time and sometimes their blind I find it fascinating how they still have the light of God in their eyes and and you can see it so clearly and and is really neat that you can see that all over the world right there that there's these people there's there's like these people that are helping people get to know Christ and so I don't you find it just amazing that God supplies people for those children to get connected to where they could get these radios that we were able to work with what we called Tina we are ambassadors. People in local communities. He would been in contact with TW are in some way and then reset hey figure out who needs a radio where you live, talking with pastors suite we had them. We did an interview with. He's like the education minister for that area and was in charge of that school and was so excited love the Lord really just was so grateful to see these kids reached in this way so it's it wanting to get out there and give the gospel people but it's it's their own people wanting their people to come to know Christ till I member one man that we talked to who was a barber was crippled. He played the radio in his shop every single day and just passionate about the people in his country, fearing God loving the Lord because in his words, a country that loves God is a good country so you just a passion about his people coming to know Christ to so yes we want to get the word out to them, but they want they want it just as badly if not more so than we want them to hear it right again. It only cost $50 to give one of these radios may have folks standing by at 888-988-5656 or you can go to Transworld radio Africa needs Jesus program. So either way you can get hooked up about. So David what what what you want our listeners to know about this series. The last evangelist that they may not know basically Scripture to the current words we can sit alone Scripture, we can write Scripture, but we don't understand and apply understand what it means day, then what good is it going to be when Jesus talked in Matthew 24 and he said you will be persecuted, gave a list of things that will happen.

That's what the series does it on and on. Feels that like an onion unit that was going to get people education. I heard one time with Cristiano tell the story really went in the church and ask everybody said or how many people here remember the subject matter of last week's sermon that one person raised her hand goes. Now how many people in here know the name of the little dog in the Wizard of Oz that I have appointment story we live our lives in the story. And so the beautiful thing about episodes like this right is your bureau putting context for people of what these things are in the Bible and allowing them to live it right your screen and shifters. That's going to be a that is now, and she realized her eyes were open and that's what I get from so many people even a few come up to me. The look on a Sawyer episode, you're right on. I don't believe there's a God, but I believe that the government is doing this to us. So it's really touching a lot of people and that's what we have to do in the last days, everyone or someone last evangelist we've got to get out and not just beat people in the head with the Bible. But we gotta put in people what the Bible is saying how cool you can tell that David's factor and really made that the desire of his heart was to act out something like this about God is provided for you to have this platform right it doesn't come without you know are done deals with HBO, Netflix to make some phone calls and get it funded right away. The script is written four years ago, way before the vaccine virus lockdown small that that's dealt so I didn't call the studios got only not.

Don't call it my people working under the heart. That's a great so we set up a system funded in the spent talk, but the right, but it's happening slowly platform I'm not. I don't think I wanted to stay where it you know people can have it separated and that's what we call you cannot get a website that going thanks spirit right David we Find out how to get involved okay last so once again make you aware that the number to call for the wind up radius is 888-988-5656 888-988-5656. $50 buys one of these radios for these and not that you know the thing that just I was thinking about Kelly.

As you told that story is, is the guy that was being able to give those radios to those blind children. He was being blessed as much as a genre, absolutely he was just blessed to have us there just vividly remember talking to him and seeing the smile on his face and I never forget what he said that he was so filled with joy that we were making a fellowship together as are his words and I typically thinking out working to have lunch in the fellowship hall at church afterwards where you hang out working to have fellowship about what he meant was that's coming together, working alongside each other as brothers and sisters to further the kingdom.

It was an active thing that we were doing we were forming a fellowship to together. Further God's kingdom and I just really stuck with me whenever I hear the word fellowship and it was truly what we were doing and so if you get involved as your listening and say I want I want to make a fellowship with people in Africa.

I want to be in fellowship with them, and providing radios will be happy to have you be involved is just $50 per wind up radio these radios.

They blessed the one person who receives it. That also their family. Maybe even their neighbors and their community. Maybe their church as well because they can all gather around and tuning and hear the gospel is really really spectacular wood trim radio does because as we think about you know what's going on in all these countries is there's a shortage of the word of God. There's a shortage of teachers. In other words, here's a way to reach really literally millions of people because you guys have transmitters that are like a million watts or something crazy that writing very big ones that that from what I understand, Hitler had like a million watt transmitter something that he was using send out his propaganda will Transworld radio ends up with this thing and send them what was meant for Bev is used for good or all the people he can receive. I mean it's unbelievable. So we come back we got more from Kelly got more from David have been on the last evangelist, but I know you're dying to know what was the last player, I mean tennis match in the Bible. I'm shocked that you called 866-34-TRUTH 74.

I know it's memorial weekend. Welcome back to where we can't take your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and were so blessed to have with Kelly Gilbert would Transworld radio when there wind up radios to Africa program and David Hefner with the last TV last evangelist which is a TV series. The last TV evangelist with the last evangelist which is a TV series.

So, welcome back, and Kelly and I'll never, ever, as long as I ever live forget the story that John Summerfield told one time on the air with me about the China church that desperately needed information and they were providing it through Transworld radio is discipleship is so important because there was is called the church of the upside down prayer. Have you ever heard that story how I don't think you said that you need to hear this so this man was, you know, is a knowing house churches in communist China are often invaded and they would chase people and capture him and torture him all sorts of stuff and so they broke into this church and this man goes out run across his field and as he's running, he falls into a well and as he falls the rope in the well grabs round his leg and is just hanging there upside down world and unfortunately the communist didn't see this link is run by the field and you know he obviously escapes that situation but is unfortunately down as well hang in there buys leg and he has no way to get free and so he does what any good Christian would do when you're hanging upside down in well with the rope around your leg.

He begins to press oh you know shortly thereafter. You know these people from the village.

Come and find him and rescue him and so he considers this and says you know prayers that are done when you're hanging upside down by rope seem to be answered.

And so he started the church of the upside down prayer and they would all meet in this church. And so John men's group go in there always people are with you know the point being that you know without the Bible and and without people that understand the doctrine of some level of things you know you would settle. Why would Tobit you know through the Bible, you just haven't J. Vernon McGee in Africa.

Whatever your culture might be and to be able to hear that teaching I mean how precious for those people who really don't know that much about the Bible when you think about it.

They're hungry and they want to know they want to learn and grow and access to sell my chair. It's it's almost too much. It's it's overwhelming. It's hard to know where to go and what to start last and but there for a lot of people. They might not have anything they might barely be able to make it to church if it's too far away. It's too long of a locker mediator even really have a good church where they live.

Maybe they can't read. Maybe they they have no radio thereon blind like you are there blind anything you couldn't read it even had a Bible exactly but that's why these wind up radios can be so valuable because to some it's the only access to the gospel. They've ever had, or may even ever will have, and it's so cool how just one radio actually touches usual a whole family is not a whole village right absolutely. They their semi people that we met new TW are they new Transworld radio and I loved the ministry, but they did have their own radio and listen to their neighbors. They listened they were out in the fields doing the farming they listened as they gathered as a community but they got their own precious radio and I know we had one testimony that said, I never thought that I would that this day would come when someone would actually give me a radio very precious gift so beautiful and you know if you know one thing we can all do is just pray.

Pray that God will continue to meet the need for these radios in Africa course reports on your heart to give any level. It is not to be $50 with $10. Whatever it is it goes towards those kind of things and again all you have to do is tell 888-988-5656 or go to Transworld radios Africa needs Jesus in a radio program which is right there all over the website. Not hard to find.

I you do that Africa needs you can watch a video of our time there with the people in Mullally and see the faces see the people that are impacted by this if they were truly just a joy to meet our absolutely so getting back to the last evangelist. Have you had a chance to work with some neat people that you might mention a David guest stars Johnny Whitaker Johnny will start family affair with little twins redhead twins and not he was also Tom Sawyer about how I remember how sure I remember also Sigmund and the sea monster in the 90s so as a child start and so he flew out to start like Bishop like Lisa Haven and Paul Bigley who are kind of like a prophet. People better and I have the enjoyment working with people like that and also I used on the step two. Story I'll tell you about some well well that's this and so how many episodes do you have well we only have one because were doing and wanted to times wanted to be like and funding episode.

As we you know the numbers now funding the second episode so they want to help with that last so I wish someone would come up and say there's 1/2 million dollars. Go ahead, but it's not working that way something so wonderful and you're obviously you know you were at the RB out there no making it available so as people you know find out about it and go there and see this, you have an opportunity to join in what God's doing with this as well and prayer is a big huge thing that we all need right as God will open the door and open up opportunities it just on two doors behind door number one money was prayer I would take door number two open door number one you not say that they'll just take your prayers else but please pray we have to do is the body pray for one another and God will open those doors and godly people to do that.

Accordingly, the church were nonprofit and I am operating under that umbrella and also I would think that it seems she went to David watch the episode yourself. You might think you might I know that might be an atheist or something like that that that you might help to share Christ by sharing the story right. You know it's funny. I just interviewed showing the guy you called and sought to dominate okay but I got them on no and he went on to use as an atheist and it just shocked me and so got himself at gate homosexual and so on punch card and how God wants you know it doesn't always just go straight to Christian goes up world we Want to store that's absolutely spectacular.

Well, one more segment come up with Kelly and David again is Transworld radio TW R8889885656 and if you want to watch the last evangelist is going to David Hefner which is like heaven. The same Hefner of the last so will be right back a bit more kingdom pursuits and since somebody hasn't called and I guess you meant to give it away. Welcome back to and uses it to build the kingdom and since nobody called and we can go out there doing stuff.

I'm glad but we gotta give out the answer. You know when was the last tennis match in the Bible course Kelly or David on the give an opportunity when when you think it was no clue I know that the lab is actually an exit this week.

Right now it's in Genesis because Joseph served in Pharaoh's court. It was the first and the last of both categories. Kelly, what was it something that you were really hoping this year on the today show you the chance to well I think one of my favorite stories is always going to be of all of our who was just a joy to me when we were in Mullally. He had been listening to TW I did have his own radio, but still was able to listen and couldn't walk.

I was told by doctors that he never fully locked again would always walk with with Kane's mistakes, but he listens to what they called Friday night live there in Mullally, which was pastors live on the air and people calling in and speaking with Dan and praying over them and they had people in the call and witless ailments of different kinds and they would pray over those things and inspect people hate place to place her hands over where it is that you are in pain where you're feeling her in and pray until Oliver would do that he would pray over his legs and that God would heal him and we saw all of our he was dancing. He was easily six it all and God healed them and I just think that something we don't see as often over here. We don't see God work in such incredibly miraculous ways because I think sometimes we lacked the faith to see him work that way. The other had that faith to know that God I could hear him and he prayer prayerfully asked for God to work in miraculous ways in his life and he did and he was just one of those joyful people I've ever met dad to be able to see him carrying on the sticks but not using them as a testimony to how God had worked his life so spectacular again.

You know that gift that we give you knows who all might be dancing.

As a result of of what you're able to give phone number one more time is 888-988-5656 is Transworld radio or TW ours Africa needs Jesus wind up radio program and also David has only have a couple minutes left. What was some you wanted to share today, but you didn't get said thank you. I think what's important is our future generation Lord come back last message about people like Jeremiah, Isaiah, not that I'm a prophet, stand up, but if you're not maybe this kind of thing. I don't know about it because it's our future generation. Our kids have more lockdown to have more but we just tasted the past couple years it's going to get worse 24.

Pass this around. Go to David and tell somebody about it.

So young kids love belt among 12 1314-year-old absolutely like it and they will watch it will plant a seed for them to be equipped what's become the let's think about our children, it is. That's the main thing is that you can really capture a child's interest in something biblical and then well put a Bible in their hands and say look for. This is in that thing and with that appetite for you know the way they should go right thing right you develop the last Bible study July 1 so they will be able to watch the show increased segment and then I go to our Bible study can download and watch not be released on July 1. So glad you mentioned spectacular rides again. David and Celeste CV David I can't believe I said it wrong. Well now we've highlighted the fact of how you're supposed to save David, and so again Kelly, thank you so much for which you know you guys have such an amazing team there and Raleigh. It's amazing how God is put together such a you know what an amazing opportunity really to work with those guys I thought about you know how fun is it that you have these interns, and what what would you say to those interns that to try to whet their appetite. You have no idea how God can use you said be open to anything like just wherever he's leaving don't don't have too much of the plan had a little of the plan, but don't have too much of one, because God is going to be way better than you really thought or imagined anything easy in ways that you can't quite understand and be willing be willing and able to go where he leads you guys, need because we know we have interns come in here truth as well. See these young people come in God's given them a vision and work out. Take the absolutely amazing thank you so much Kelly, thank you, David.

It's Transworld radio and David

Eventually I get things right. It could happen that the offer listed. I really appreciate every one of you and got some purging prayer is beautiful. Some prayers for Texas coming up on that, followed by masculine journey, and then the key to hold office can help you man up outcome and action on the truth. This is the Truth Network