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Love Out Loud

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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December 4, 2021 2:10 pm

Love Out Loud

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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December 4, 2021 2:10 pm

Robby is joined by Liz Miller and Johnathon Allen from Love out Loud .Robby is also Joined by Kristen Adkins from Pinedale Christian Church.

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Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working getting the stand of the market. A water buffalo opened.

More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore well I love Christmas if you didn't know that share a love Christmas and we have a Christmas show lined up today. There's no doubt about that in so many different ways. I'm a tell you, coming up in the second half we have a bread settlement. Silverman and Paul along here with The studio working who have worked on Christmas with the chosen and Justin Oberlander was in session, associate producer of the chosen, so that's going to be really really fun because chosen the crisp Christmas with the chosen just came out last week on my goodness, my wife and I went to see this is mind blowing. But then right now in the studio with me. I have Liz Miller and Jonathan L. Allen with love out loud right which is going to come once again in Winston-Salem. If you lived in Liston Dayton, Ohio this morning you get is forthcoming, it's a long trip that you'll be worth it. December 18. It's at the Bent Benton convention center and is Christmas for the city and so cool Liz that you guys really this is this is been around for a while, but it's the whole city. This is one church when I miss a whole big deal, right our 14th year there and we have now hundred individuals from different churches or businesses, nonprofits come together to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful and also we have Jonathan Allen and Jonathan. What's your role with Christmas in the city. So I went to the culprit along with an essentially what that means is where the wind that orchestrate and bring together and connect the dots because there's so many moving pieces are so many people to come together and just want to put their talents and their gifts and their service to use for this great now I know that the matter disconnected everybody so that's what we do is coproducer yeah she's ever been to make you understand all the moving pieces because while this is going on in this room over here that's going on out there and it's going out there outside they got stuff going every which way, and in so many different cool things you know. I can remember my one daughter was is an artist and so she was one of those that would paint while the choir was singing in Allen says she would be they would be the choir would be singing and should be standing on stage painting and while I was going on. You know they had something else going on with Sunday schools over. It was just unbelievable so we can find out more about that course coming up December 18 but you know it's kingdom pursuits a Robbie's gotta do is riddles and speaking of Christmas right speaking Christmas just have a little struggle today with our core element that happened so you know the thing I love that is Carmen as I finally get to tell my favorite joke of all time. Carmen, what is Robbie's favorite joke of all time. You ready I'm writing right here you go.

So is Santos and Lorraine. You might remember there's – or dancer, prancer vixen, Cupid Donner Blitzen who can forget that makes nine Carmen who is 10. I have no idea. It's all in all of the other reindeer. It never gets old and so you may have wondered this. I never have that I recently came across it. What type of tree. Does Satan get for Christmas. Well it actually gets the Lucifer role in driving much is your struggling to think of a Christmas present for your spouse, you can always go with the fridge and watch their face light up when they open so you been punished enough actually hear the Riddler you can call in when today and so if you want to call in, have a prize for having tells in the Bible did Jesus go to the temple on a holiday. It was on the 25th of the month. Of Kislev, which, by our calendars December book of the Bible did Jesus go to the temple on a holiday, on the 25th of the month.

Of Kislev, or by our calendar December and if you know that, then when which Carmen doesn't even know when mystery prize. I love that that was really quick thinking on your part. Carmen that they are going to win a mystery prize for my kingdom pursuits prize all you do is call in at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH, in which book of the Bible did Jesus go to the temple on a holiday. It was the 25th of Kislev of our calendar on 25 December.

Did you know we went somewhere on his birthday. It was on and only the go, and from what I understand they did not serve cake my server anyway would love to hear your answer to that. So what Liz you've been working on this for first is this your seventh year one are you most excited about.

That's new for this year.

I'm not new this year, but if an element that we are bringing back on, but we are having a huge Artspace. He said your daughter done artwork and have live painters again and we can have art gallery and things that can be incorporated in that space is everything in space we now everyone in this community has lost something I missed out on something up in the last two years and so we're hoping to have a designated space with resources and with people to talk to and so they can enjoy the event, but also maybe kind of reflect on this past two years and when it's not for them and maybe how God spoken to them through different things, or how they can kind of and renew themselves new at this Christmas season. That's wonderful, that's wonderful, and so this is December 18. What day the week is Saturday and it can be from 12 to 6 PM okay so from 12 to 6.

As soon as I get off I can kingdom pursuits is over, we can we can go over to Christmas in the city and it goes on like until what time 6 PM and I love you just love to watch artist they get something in their mind, and as you begin to watch them paint you get what in the world is that an innocent as it takes an there's some in just think, man, that's a gift I didn't get the gift of humor. Some people think my wife does not think I have that I don't have the gift of of art, but it's really really cool.

I love to watch my daughter and she would start out on something a little like what in the world and in their games.

What you excited about Jonathan so I actually am musical artist, so I'm always intrigued by the music that we have all of the building, but this year that excitement is been replaced I'm still excited about that. But I am most excited about this year. The fact that you actually have vaccinations on site this year though for anyone that wants to get a covert vaccine they can get that on site this year and the boosters to yeah yeah so how cool is that you have sent one stop shop. Now you can worship. You can see amazing things fellowship. I'm pretty sure you can eat regular Refreshment things that we are really focusing on the fear is how can we keep everybody safe and celebrate that we help protocols and different things in place we will have a full meal that will happen at a so so awesome again. Love out loud Christmas in the city. Coming up December 18 to be back with Liz and Jonathan, but also in more gas mystery guest mystery prize.

Now I'm shot and bewildered that no one is called answer to my 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH again got in Hollywood is so Travatan Z for you today on kingdom pursuits. We've been talking with Liz Miller and Jonathan Allison Allen, Allison Allen would love out loud Christmas for the city. Coming up December 18 but now how fun we have Kristen Adkins. She is with Pinedale Christian church and they've got their home for Christmas coming up December 11 and 12. Welcome Christian yes well it's still morning here. Are you in a different time zone. Did I say after the that's probably well. I go the big event coming up December 11 and 12.

This is happening in the evening right at 430 on Saturday day on the well be p.m. pack a few different options there time and so when people come to the Pinedale Christian church. Those of you who are in Raleigh area here in Charlotte. It also is worth the drive. Just telling you to come on up to Winston-Salem that kinda Christian church is is on peters Creek Parkway, beautiful, wonderful facility, but what what what are they gonna have in store when they get there. Kristen, when you arrive, you'll be on the north parking lot program will be in that I guy you come on and there will have the music playback love our choir member music on an island hiking. The rainwater picking kind of that style.

The program in 1940 went usually I get maybe not quite right Gavin that it wouldn't that Allen away and the 40s music will be played. Program will start at 430 and then I hour and half show there on Saturday evening. The information you have to have a kick it again, you are, and the program will be there. I love the 40s and mom that was there in course you know I can hear all that music playing in my head rest break time.

I love the card, you think Andy is at the Chattanooga church.

I can hear it more like Temple and Vermont memory. The holiday. We will have cost 40.

We all everything that should be 40 style land were very excited about it so cool and Christmas come together. Did you know that I did this research that there actually more songs about coming home and there are about being in love. Everybody's heart belongs to come home and it's nice to have that whole sentence of coming home for Christmas is just no wonder you know that's always been Christmas hits have to do with. I'll be home for Christmas right in this whole idea that your heart just longs for that because guess where your home is this is the kingdom, yeah, I mean in and that's the deal of like people, especially in this season of craziness that we've experienced this two years.

Their hearts are just longing, longing to come home and so when you get that sense of the 40s and that music in whatever for a lot of us that are children of that era baby boomers you know it we feel that so one of the cool things and I know this is the case it Pinedale and it's also the case that love out loud on the 18th is, these events are open to anyone so they not only Christian events right we brought you to bring your neighbors. We want we want you to grab that person that that you work with as a man, I've got a neat thing you know, did your parents grow up in the 40s. We got to meet, the Pinedale art or manned you love art and you love good food or whatever the situation may be an and you need to have them come to love out loud or come to you. Christmas Pinedale right now about a family. We had a grandparent family member that lived and you know like nostalgia and remembering what it looked like in a long time. Leave program like to be a good yeah think about that time the Christmas that are just really tradition and treasured moment that was on your heart that you wanted to make sure everything you absolutely absolute by the way, good to meet you Kristen. More more about your program as well. Pinedale so yeah absolutely rowdy one the things that you know we want to make sure people understand that while this might be a Christ centered event. It is not a Christian is not a Christians only event I should say is not about you know, people come in the head and beat him over the head with what come to the door and you beat him over the head with the gospel. We welcome everyone from every walk of life of every gender from every race and is kinda similar to what you just described. As far as the craziness of the past couple years.

This is the type of event. We need more of in. I'm reminded of this quote that when you hear people say it all the time that Moore connects with and separates us and Beth exactly what this event is about is about what what is it that we love about this season and whether you're on one side of an argument or another side of an argument one race or another race we all for the most part, love the Christmas one on one master, but another thing is really cool and I know this from having dealt with Pinedale over the years and with love out loud, it's Christmas for the sick, and it's and its, you know, this whole idea of you know home for Christmas, but it takes a lot of partners to make this happen right and so Liz that's one of the neat things is you got so many different ministries whenever over 100 that are involved in love out loud for Christmas for the city and typically around 100 church as we have between 60 and 70 nonprofits and businesses. Everyone just wanting to come together and making a meaningful Christmas experience for anyone who walks the answer you Kristen. I know this is also like all those people that are playing these roles right yeah yeah what what is that mean for them all been very excited to get back involved doing something that people are dumping people no matter what background you're coming from. I think everybody kind of heart that like the fact that that look like a feeling of home somewhere in their heart that they can remember the Member are different. Fighting get into the role of they really want to portray the story of the family and waiting for someone to write the brink of war work to story and are waiting for their loved one to come back on the war fighting and that part of the story and they're all in awaiting a that God can work things out but like McCarty, historian day that anyone can relate to the story and then someone is probably been u are grandparent or great grandparent, whatever it may be sound is obviously some of your Dayton Ohio and all these different places which am so grateful for every one of your list and leave me with the thingamajig realizes like my wife did the makeup on the Easter program for Jesus.

Years and years and years ago, but to this day, whenever were these two do you remember in other words, these are things I get stuck in our hearts. Yet, these are opportunities that that is we get to take part in whatever is going on right in order to share the light that works in your community whether your date or whatever. I mean not only do we get a chance to obviously take part by doing to make a poor you know whatever just give Scott give me. But then we get if you're in the if you come as an audience. Do you know what that means to my daughter when she's painting up there to watch you watch her and and and so you know what an opportunity we have, to come together as a community as you can see what you can't see it because you're not with me but both Liz and Jonathan have mass on that they are all about making this a safe event I and and and and and this is this this is a way for you to get out of the house and enjoy you know something and ensuring Christ and in the whole the whole deal. I mean that's what that's what Christmas is about right right now an important part of our grant is really neat because they bring the neighbor down and so the neighbor, and Carol family that can get a good assignment and where they come in. Carol and you know a little surprised because all their only now that we've been in a war it is it's coming up in Pinedale on the December 11 Christian church in Winston in the course. Love out loud December 18 at the Benton convention serving the Hollywood system. The insiders at The studios are now unashamed to live for Christ. Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is God in Hollywood. Well, we are so excited to have witnessed God in Hollywood so many wonderful people so were trying to get them all connected. It's just been one of those days work. We got a minute to spare here, but we got Brad Silverman, Paul long and Justin Oberlander, and Justin is associate producer of the chosen Brad Silverman and Paul long or both with The studios and you know as we do this with Studios quite often. You know they do, they a lot of the editing that has to do with the chosen and so they have these connections with the chosen and the different people in that but really really cool if you've had a chance to see Christmas for the chosen.

You know what I'm saying if you haven't gone to see it, man, man, man, you need to go as quickly as possible but actually have Justin with is now suggesting welcome to God in Hollywood. Justin, can you hear me okay we can hear Justin but maybe we can get. Paul's apology with this. Okay, it's good to have you heard, you know, in the. The NRB is coming up in two months. I think it's in February so we will get to see his so I think that we lost just really got him back so welcome. Just just hold on, yes we do. That's one of you hello hello well I just have to tell you Justin. I mean I my wife and I went on Thursday night to see Christmas for the chosen and I had an experience I've never had my life. You know I've worshiped a lot of places a lot of different times.

But when Brandon Lake sang that song my eyes literally gushed tears. I mean that's how I've never had that really think about you right there right now our creator and director of the jail yesterday and I said I get about two thirds of the way through that Brandon got a rolled out our that that that should be endorsement enough to go check out literally in my wife's was the same. We just looked at each other like that was best $25 we ever spend my life with his words as we were just dumbfounded at this. What a warship what weight is way to kick off Christmas. What a way to feel like you've been sent out as a messenger to the light that will sure appreciate that feedback we've heard so many people, not all Christmas special and how just the right timing something like that bring people together like you mentioned worshiping a movie together and got what there is something that God that work at the timing of all of the together to show the bell and the Christmas special at three right now not doing a Christmas special and got a different plan could not be more glad that that that that happened, the got Brad with this and I'm so sorry I had for a we've had struggles this morning, but worse it is what I assure you, are you ready will Brad must be on the same line that we had trouble with with Justin because you might try calling back karma, on the other line because he's probably screaming to like we've got all the God of the box office. He controlled everything and you know this whole issue.

I was down in Beverly Hills, California in the theater.

1700 that ran the show on Wednesday and I'm in the audience much like Robbie talking about were very moved. They were hoop and holler you were cheering there applauding.

It was what the live event that they were watching on stage and it was really quite gratifying to be that you know the other guy Matt nightmare. My incredible I my favorite songs of the night and with that we had the lady at Luanne John Laura Johnson, Laura.who played the fiddle playing that federal it really was an projects like the makers over And this is the stuff to get that the reason why we go wow Lord you're using.

And so was so grateful to be a part of this project being around you and enjoy your many many time and he is just incredible to be around talk and I shot different documentary project about the chosen different new thing that I contributed in many many ways.

Even after you and you name it and so we we appreciate it very greatly in all that the chosen is doing but I very wild by I guess you haven't a worshipful enjoy the two of them really in that one song was just not gotten the children. The children's choir with just like it was one after you took your breath in that group that played how great thou art that had the whole like you are talking about. They were people hoop and hollering and screaming. I mean they were in the theater like you talk about.

It was like a live event.

People were standing up and sharing joy to be there, and I'm glad that people all across the enjoy the experience of really kicking off Christmas for what it could be not just a event where people trade gets around but something was funny Halloween. It becomes gigantic thing and I'm not a fan of any of that but I can tell you that I felt like Christmas this year might be pushed down and know the rebirth and the show really I think brought it to the forefront of many, many people and so I guess God was so gracious to do that for suggesting share with us. I mean how they did that through the fathom events to seem miraculous.

It is wonderful to hear all all you know Brad know that I love those guys so dearly. Everybody at Doing wonderful work above and beyond the chosen one of my favorite comedies of all time. I got a shot… Click yet all of the everything and then record that people being excited by the box office and all that none of that matters. All to bring glory to God and if we record breaking numbers but nobody impacted nobody nobody led to worshiping Baalbek like like you are doing the Brandon Lake Donner, like we all are doing Matt Marr one point children's choir that not only numbers matter, and this is all just to bring glory to God and the impact people and to be a light bring light and the time of year that tend to be fairly dark because of early to go to break that we will be right back and hopefully will be able to get Brad Silverman on in all this going on with that so spectacular to have Justin with us today. Brad and Paul will be right back with more when everyone wants to serving the Hollywood system. The insiders at The studios are now under seem to live for Christ. Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is God in Hollywood, wonderful, wonderful.

We have finally got Brad Silverman with Sobrante and where you fit me meant to start but here you go you know quite yet you're there right here okay now I'm sure we have buried the league. Robbie now repeating but that we know that you unique.

But as I detected even now were talking of the number one film in America as well. Right now though.

What what the five-man then Christmas with the chosen being number one well Brad, I was a little before the break, forgive me for repeating but I want you to know that the numbers don't mean a thing to be on black people are being though we were 20… But no. 90% of the people watching were being led the Christ are being brought light in a dark time that would be more me than being number one of the lucky that that doesn't look right. The numbers are great but not the end goal not the goal that all we want to reach out the bulk we want to impact people that were reaching brother incredible it is.

It is one of the really really cool things they did for me was really cool was he went through these names of God as these being dark times in bringing light that was just brilliant and I love the way the actors delivered their art know Beverly Holloway are Director in Dallas and Amanda Jenkins by Dave, make money, but I think that these are anointed and not everybody in our Buried walk the bike but they're there for training the people that actually live or like a lot of silver diamond light even she not named in the Bible. I know that Peter had a mother-in-law that implied that she did what a lot of you don't very well at her monologue out of the Holloman Daniel another of the monologue. Give me an eye guy can't say which character is played. I called my wife in the ribs and I said there's a reason why they didn't say that is how great thou art, and I I elbowed my wife that we were watching I said I'm going to cry during that dog.

Many an Donner family rendition of that was just out of their court date again and now they're not familiar with it on a limited theatrical run, you can. Only in theater Christmas with the children at the bad guy breaking every record. I appreciate everything you did that.

But what really matters. Make sure I cared again how can people find out where they can evict Bill.

Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder. Granted, I'm not great telling don't even need to WW the children dating you you dating yourself, but you'll get there though you were were pretty, I and yeah through the can were still in our max number directly here on Wednesday with 1700 screen across the country. Now that the US got me right now.

And then after that there are number of prizes, pools and churches specially in rural areas where people don't have one of the big theater can and you can still actually require short in your school or church and all that information@thechosen.bp/crit again. Not about the number about the impact for our listeners that are in Winston-Salem or in that area.

I can tell you that they open it up at the grand theater for the entire week originally. I can only get tickets for two days, but now I got the whole week and they got a lot of sometimes it's all my goodness, you do not want to miss this, I mean this is what this really can help your Christmas in so many different ways and again bring somebody that that you that that that love good music because this is an amazing thing for somebody you can be impacted. I hate hate hate were out of contest and call Brad but I'm so glad that you have man I just love to God blessed domestic. That's the chosen this Christmas will thank you for listening. This is the Truth Network