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Liberated Unto Sonship

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 20, 2022 12:00 am

Liberated Unto Sonship

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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Welcome to the intent to finance the entire remaining 20 and continue the study of policing that points to the right and authority leaders have through their relationship with Christ. When you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.

The Bible says the juvenile became the errors joint heirs with Jesus Christ, but not until I understand what my position is and able to reach that maturity. But he says for all practical purposes in today's language, I really no better off than I was beforehand. As far as my freedom and liberty and my position to enjoy what God has provided for me because you sleep as long as we are hung up on the fact that we are accepted before God on the basis of what we do, that God loves us on the basis of being good. We got to keep all the 10 Commandments ago.

The look of the several mountainsides that all the expectations that all the saints have almost as long as you and I are laboring under the expectation of the people and trying to do something God said we could not live up to and was his purpose was to live up to it as long as we are living under the bondage of that kind of human and self expectation.

Where are we.

We may have, and names written in the Lamb's book of life. We may be indwelt by the Holy Spirit will still be here shackled by expectation and bond and that's where we were before we were saved. Only we were shackled in the power of sin and could not break loose now since power has been broken in our life. We no longer have to live in bondage to the shackles and expectations, but because we are still immature children spiritually still in bondage. It's just a different form of bondage in the same devil in Madison by majority of the fourth is just laughing his head off because we are still all wrapped up and have very little testimony with Jesus Christ. What does it take in the life of the believer to bring us to at least a level of maturity right you now able to enjoy the liberty and the freedom and the possessions that I wasn't crying, what level do we have to reach in order to enjoyment.

What is the sign of spiritual maturity limited was not is not going to church four times a week is in reading the Bible every day isn't praying everyday is having all kinds of spiritual expenses. Those things are not signs of spiritual maturity because you seek. Some people go to church every time the doors open because they don't they afraid surely God's gonna wipe them out the following so and so when they do they go out of duty and out of bond because you see why you doing those things. What motivates you. Is it because you are so in love with Jesus Christ, you can't wait to. Is it because you've been so free and never it is a challenge that you just got the tenants about or is it because you been taught that it's the thing to do because if you don't do it you're afraid you're going to have to give an account to somebody you going to be embarrassed. After all, that's what God expects of you gotten up to his expectation.

You remember what we said if God knows your past present future. He doesn't have any expectations. He knows you gonna blow every single time so you can disappoint him. So this way and all disappointment together and what is it take to reach a level of spiritual maturity.

Well I don't answer that. Right now, so you keep listening. I look if you will, beginning in verse four. Here he begins to talk about the one who has liberated us to become everything that God wants us to be our powerful liberated listen. He says in verse four but when the fullness of time was, before on the bondage. But when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth his son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem their and there were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons that is. He says because men were in bondage to law, God sent forth his son, listen, he says sent forth his son, made of a woman, which is the implication here of his incarnation. Daisy came through woman but he was of God Jesus Christ virgin born came through woman made of one man with all that is that Jesus Christ was born under the Jewish law and he lived by that law and was spotless. As far as the lowest concert. He said I didn't come to destroy the law but to fulfill the Lord is no one's ever perfectly fulfill. He says God sent forth his son incarnate, born from woman under the law in order to redeem miles that were under the law that we no longer have to live under the burden on the shackles of all of this, but we might be ready to become the sons and daughters of Almighty God. That's the reason he came to visit.

Remember that Paul is writing to people who have been frightened liberated ears, reminding them of what they been liberated from Paul says to those Galatian Christians that he saying to us. Jesus came to liberate you from son ship is not the same as slavery.

Slavery is the expectation of the law son ship is the freedom of our relationship to God the father in Jesus Christ. So he says if you notice there. He says to redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons now beginning in verse six and verse five, six and seven, he says, here is our present spiritual position.

Look, he says we have been redeemed from the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons and because you present tense our sons, God has sent for the Holy Spirit of his son into your hearts, crying, Abba, father and other colonies to make a public announcement list.

In those days when an immature boy grow up and reach the age and he became a man made a public announcement.

Listen, he says when the Holy Spirit comes in your heart conceals you as a child of God, brother.

That's something worth shouting about and making a public announcement about people slapping your religions private will have prep since Friday when Jesus enjoyed all the work and publish, proclaim, preach and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. How you keep something private and proclaim it. He says with her proclaim Los Angeles. Verse seven wherefore thou art no more a servant, a divorce bondslave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.

I miss this just for moment before you are say you are in bondage to sin enslaved to sin. When you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. It was as if you as an immature child became of age, you became a son, and once you became a son, you became a joint heir, according to the Scripture. Apposition is son ship son ship means freedom son ship means authority son ship means power son ship means posed section now having been placed in the position of son ship and freedom and authority and possession. How should we live free live arrangement to enjoy the life that God has proclaim and provide for verse nine but now after that you have known God and the word here means to know him. I don't mean just know about it but to know in my experience, and he says all rather unknown love God.

That is, now that you know him, but he says where he was known by God and what he saying is you have a personal relationship with him. He says now that you have known him and are known by him. He says how is it that you turn back to the week beggarly elements where on to you desire again to be in bondage. Watch this he says how is having been three liberated once you were a slave in bondage to all of those laws and ritualism's and ceremony, he says now the grace of God you free from all of that, you become the sons of God are no longer a slave to all those expectation you become fleeting Jesus Christ. He says how turn you again to the week that is impotent things. How you go back to servomotors and ritualism's and expectations and laws how you try to live up to the expectations of man. He says those laws and those rituals have absolutely absolutely no power to forgive your sin to put your right relationship to God. Those things you were doing. He says have absolutely no power to free you and liberate you they enslaved you, that in the rigid these anomalies that you move from the supernatural to the impotent to the vast riches of the grace of God down to the back of the poverty-stricken Hall and of ceremonies and loans.

He says how do you explain that what he says the elements wearing to you desire again to be in bondage. He says you observed days and months and times and seasons. He says you going back to what God freed you from valid supply that the president before you are say you are living in bondage to sin.

Jesus Christ came in your heart.

He broke the shackles of sin, and he free most of our swimmers save somebody told us now that you say your sins have been forgiven. Your name is been written in the Lamb's book of life and you going to heaven when you die read your Bible, prayer, and go to church and give and telling people what Jesus Christ means that you and so we did not. We found that after a while that sin was still a problem found that after a while that everything that looks like a new life didn't seem to be that way. And before long. Many of us, for all practical purposes, most of us except for knowing that your name was in the and, except for knowing that when you die you are going to have one for all practical purposes, where were you and are still living over here in bondage. Nobody since it was now that you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. You become a joint heir with Jesus Christ. You have been freed not only from the power of sin in your life you have been freed from the shackles of expectations, keeping laws, keeping ceremonies, living up to other people's expectations. You have become a free child of God.

Nobody told us that God placed is in the position of freedom and liberty, but because, for all practical purposes, understanding, lies and faith lies. We were still immature children. What we do in a position of son ship we walked we been walking around in bondage got to me about the best company that got white math we've been walking around in bondage for years and years and years. We are the sons of God with the children of God, joint heirs of Jesus Christ. There is possession. There is authority there is freedom there is liberty. And here we go, trying to follow John the Christian money. Amen. That is exactly where most people because nobody ever said to them, listen when Jesus Christ comes into your life.

He will arrange to and frees you to be everything God want you to be you see what he saying in this passage is simply this. He says that these Christians that he says while under God's heaven. Would you want to go back over there where you been delivered from limited something spiritually. That's one of God's people still living in a spiritual shop. He says that was the path you you have McKesson you have become a child of the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, and he said he is in heaven preparing to write music. That's what I've been telling you that I know that I have a place of their that's not it, friend. You've also got a place down here and is not on the roof it's under God's wonderful canopy of forgiveness and love and redemption, reconciliation is under the canopy of God's wonderful matchless marvelous grace authority is yours. Power is yours.

Possession is yours position. Visual joy is yours.

Liberty is yours.

Still live under the bondage of expectation.

Why try to keep living up to matching up the something you will never be able to match up.

We get in competition since yesterday while this what does he mean when he says when we were little children we would like to slay, but now that we become with two sons. He says we are possessors of what got out exactly me this the member care.

The sign in the true sign of maturity is not actions. Listen has nothing do with age.

Nothing to do with how long you been a Christian. Nothing do have in the Scriptures you quote how much ability you have much talent you have, it doesn't even have anything to do with discipline in your life. The one element that separates the immature believer from the mature believer is faith.

I watch this. How are you saved faith. How does Almighty God want you to live by faith. What keeps me from being in slavery, faith, what keeps me from living on the bondage and expectations of others. Faith that Jesus Christ, who lives within me is totally adequate to make money. This faith that he has accepted me just the way I'll say that because he knows me perfectly past present future is not to be disappointed me faith in him, but nothing I ever do will make me be cast out because I was redeemed by the grace of God on the cross of Jesus Christ and his eternal atonement, faith, faith, faith, faith, faith, pain, faith, and my willing to accept my position as a son of God. This based on nothing I feel but what all my God sex the master something happened.

If you can honestly say with all your heart.

I do believe that I'm absolutely totally holy, completely accepted in the eyes of God. Just the way I am sure something everything that follows that is going to be difficult until you are able to grasp at this is magnificent where you are tonight is negative is what's going on in your life what you have to ask is, can I believe with all of my heart that God etc. just like by if something's not want to trust and he's going to change my life. But he loves he loves me and is accepted me just the way I am and if I go about trying to change me. I'm going to complicate the matter but if I'm willing to trust him and about trusting I'm going to obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit is he gives me directions and whatever is not right in my life. This is what's this, whatever is not right in my life. He's going to care about whatever is not right or whatever is what has nothing to do with his attitude toward me one single out accepted in the beloved sons of God, daughters of God, heirs of Jesus Christ. This once you step into the arena of faith. The shackles expectation laws. The criticism and all that stuff just begins to roll away what you begin to run for the first time in your life you are and that's what Paul say don't ever go back to the listen. The tragedies that so many people are in the position of son ship, but for all practical purposes, this different bondage and I will ask you tonight. Don't you really want to be totally framed, freed, liberated, joyous in the personal Jesus Christ and he says there's just one will trust him. Thank you for listening to liberated and to Sanchez would also like to invite you to join in celebrating the 45 years of God's faithfulness, not by years to learn more back after the presentation, intense ministry advantage or