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How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 4

In Touch / Charles Stanley
The Cross Radio
May 14, 2022 12:00 am

How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 4

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 14, 2022 12:00 am

Trust the truth in God's Word so you can overcome feelings of inferiority and insecurity.

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In today's begin intense podcasting town you feel unworthy and live in insignificant when you allow God's word to take root and ground you can live in peace and joy. Here's more on how the truth can set you free. You turn to John chapter Aiden you have been in a series on how the truth can set you free. You recall that Jesus is speaking of those who had begun to believe on him and he says in verse 31. Jesus therefore was saying to those Jews who had believed him.

If you abide in my word, that is conditional but is if you continuing focusing your attention, absolving you my word, he says that you truly disciples of mine and you shall know the truth, and the only one know the truth is the be in God's word and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free set you free. That is, from the bondage.

It keeps us from becoming the person God wants us to be and achieving the goals that God would have achieved. I'll tell you I do not know of anybody anymore to be pitted than a man or woman who gives their life day after day working at it.

Driving pushing everything possible to achieve more, accomplish more and to accumulate more and at the end of all that being miserable there people out there who have so little comparatively, but who know what contentment and joy is so what we're doing in the series is digging down the found out why is it we can work so hard to achieve so much at the same time never quite be able to enjoy an average you met people who have so little and they just tickled to death. Just enjoy life and that your Safari and live right and everything is just absolutely great with it. You think, what's the deal of those of the deal is real simple. They have discovered who they are in Christ Jesus, and not hung up on guilt. A poor self-image.

They don't feel inferior in adequate worthless role of insecurities you see you and I know that there isn't anything in life that the world has to offer that can build security can't do it and you see, God doesn't want his children living on a low-level than he has provided so we are talking about who we are in Christ. That is, he says about the Holy Spirit. He baptizes in the Christ. That is our position. We are in him and he's in us now who are we, who are you now that you've been saved in place in the Christ. Once you begin to see yourself as God sees you.

Not only are you going to be able to enjoy what you have who you are where you are headed and what you going to achieve you going to enjoy that more but my friend, your life is going to be a tremendous influence in the lives of the people so he says who we are.

We are saints. We are new creations in him either going to see it from your viewpoint to someone else's viewpoint and sometimes will of people to program in the right thinking what is not true. It is the truth that sets you free from the bondage of keeping you from achieving all becoming all enjoying the person God wants you to be circular turn to first of all Ephesians chapter 2 an visible passage here in this verse that I want you to notice he says now speaking of who we are in Christ Jesus.

For we are present tense now we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for unto good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. He says you are the workmanship and limiting what that word means in the Greek that were in the Greek comes from the same word which means to make our to do so when he says that you are not on the workmanship of Jesus Christ. He's referring to what God is doing with us. Notice he says we are his workmanship, created where in Christ Jesus. It is because of our relationship to him.

Now the word means to do are to make, which means that God, having saved us and places in Christ Jesus. He is still making something of us. He says that you and I are his workmanship. We are the products of God. That is, he has saved is out of the kingdom of darkness out of Adam places in the Christ Jesus in the kingdom of light and then the moment he saved you he began working on you. He calls it pruning. We say he sends those he chisels those he prunes us. He chastens us is the process of growing so that no single person who saved the day can be expected to be matured tomorrow. All of us are saved, and he says his newborn babies desire the sincere milk of the word. So here's the problem.

The problem is that some people been saved and after 40 years, there still babies that many of God's people who been saved but one of my doing. You see them not growing in the Lord.

He says we are his workmanship, which is an indication that he's still working on us now. He says the purpose of that is that you and I you and I will accomplish something a look if you will, in verse 10 for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for what floor are untrue for the purpose of good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in the knowledge you listen very carefully. He says for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto for the purpose of what good works that is that God has saved you and made you one of his children in order that through you. He may produce he may bear the fruit of good works (the truth is, if there are not any spiritual works that all the overflow of your life. There is something this Astros lay and desperately wrong in your life you go to church for 40 years. He says created not on the churchgoing created unto good works, and listen the underline that by saying, which God prepared before hand that we should walk in them.

He says he credit is in Christ Jesus.

On the good works which God prepared that is listen. God has provided and prepared a work for you to do.

He did that before you ever say.

Imagine getting same thing. Thanks God I appreciate that I'm on my way. No, no I'm not going to hell. So I got everything made him eternally secure in Christ Jesus him until you were a disgrace to God. He says every ounce of energy that you have comes from God.

The ability to make money comes from God, your family, your friends, your health, your strength every breath you take comes from God. He says he is working in you. You are his workmanship, he hasn't finished but let me ask you this. Had we taken the gift of salvation that we receive the Lord Jesus Christ only absorbing his blessings only just the receptacles of God's blessings, not understanding that before you ever say he prepared a work for you to do and he says that work was to be of a nature that we should walk around the when he says that we should walk in them. The word that means this it speaks of a lifestyle that is on the basis of what he's provided God, since that's the way you walk your life. That's the way that you live your life you to live your life in the pattern that I have provided for you Christ Jesus being in you. My plan for your life. God's will be live. He says you to live out your life and in living out your life in that style of life which he has provided he says your life is the overflow of good works and you see unless we are attached and anchored to Jesus Christ and his will for like we are going to be swept with the world if the world says this we go that way, if the world says this we go this way, but notice what he says not verse he says you are his workmanship, you know what that means. That means that master carpenter still has his hands in your life. He says he predestinated is listen. Romans 829 he predestinated you to be conformed to the likeness of his son.

That is, that's his workmanship I'm talking about your life being the overflow of whatever God is called you to do what ever that is.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question, is my light and expression of the living will of God in the human body or am I just sent a floating along doing my thing. Making a living having enough of my family just so I have enough of me myself and I and all the things that we wanted. That's all that matters.

That's the way the majority of people in this nation live outside the will of God tip their hat the God once in a while and the setting that he says before he ever saved you. He had already pre-prepared a lifestyle and that lifestyle is good work under the glory of God. What are you doing in the will of God by the grace of God by the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ to the glory of God that counts in this life now. That's what it's all about and he says that's who we are and my friend don't look at yourself is somebody who's not important incapable on worthy inferior insecure when Almighty God says he's got only he only has one you he says we are his workmanship, no scripture here. I want you to notice in this passage, which is very important second grade. In chapter 5 he says not only are we, his workmanship, but he says with something else in this passage. In verse 17 he says with new creatures in Christ and we been reconciling to him. In verse 18 and verse 19 says that God was in Christ reconciling bringing the world back to himself, not counting their trespasses against them because he nailed to the cross and he has committed us the word of reconciliation. A look at this 21st. Therefore, we are what ambassadors for Christ, as though God were in treating through us. We beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. To think about this for just a moment.

He says that every single believer is an ambassador. No one is an ambassador and ambassador is someone who represents a foreign country and ambassador speaks his original tong is a different language. More than likely an ambassador does not speak his own message, he delivers the message of the one to whom he must pay respects and Lafarge is the king of the present. He's a representative in a foreign country. He is to deliver a message that was given to him. He is on assignment. He has been commissioned. He has a specific task. Here's what he says you and who are in Christ are ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Listen, think about this for moment you and I are the representatives of Jesus Christ we speak another language. This world is not understand they do not understand reconciliation being drawn back to Christ justification having been pardoned, sanctification being set apart about. Unlike other holy things of God. They do not understand redemption having been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ for medicine.

Polite, they do not understand being filled with the Holy Spirit being anointed with the spirit they do not understand the things that you and I can speak of on a daily basis of our position in Christ, who we are and what we haven't been on the site we speak a whole different language. All they mesa talk about being born again because they've heard it but I don't understand we have a different language. We represent the king of kings. We are here on assignment, having been say we were appointed ambassadors to a foreign land. He says we are pilgrims. All allegory, we're only here temporarily, and the message that we are to share in this foreign land is the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ that God is in Christ, reconciling loving, accepting redeeming justifying glorifying those who receive him. We are here in behalf of Jesus Christ.

He says it's expedient you that I go away. I'll send the Holy Spirit. He will be in you with you and upon you and speak of me, he will equip you, he will enable you he will empower you to do what they share the truth to the world. You and I are on assignment appointed ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

We have only one message that is the cross that's on the message we have everything is wrapped up in the cross. That's our only message.

We are here on assignment with the commission and we're here to represent the person of Jesus Christ in our conversation, and in our conduct. God saved you listen to raise you up for you to give yourself to him and the say Lord what will thou have me to do while you're in the process of conforming me and shaping meats and listen to me friend with all of my heart. Listen to me let me tell you what happens.

I've seen it happen over and over. I've seen happen. Some of my friends that breaks my heart. I've seen happen other people I've seen people listen and listen and listen to sermons and they can run up to the truth and they get a glimpse of what God wants and all of a sudden I started backing off afraid of what God is going to require and so they just back rattled off then you know what happens if they get on the conviction they come right back up to the again and they look at again. I think know you know what the real problem is and I've seen this. I've seen some of the finest most qualified gifted people are no keep coming up to the line of commitment and back runoff and I want to taste something my friend. I watch this. You keep telling God what you want. For years, and you keep rationalizing years and one of these days you can allow them to die and you will of settling for a life of excuses rationalization because you are unwilling to commit yourself totally without a reservation. Jesus Christ and I want to listen. If it doesn't do anything you can you imagine how God's heart must be greed when he has invested so much and you and he has so little return is that he says the truth will set you free. But listen, it will only set me free. If I'm willing to abide by the truth that I know you have so much to give to God and you keep bumping the point of commitment and back in no and you come up and you bump the point of commitment and you keep backing out because you see, there are those who do not love God enough to say Lord is my time, whatever you want, Lord here in my you see the reason I kept saying to you insecurity in adequacy in the Arctic. That's not the real issue seek it.

If these things so they are likely going to make you back off. But listen to me. He says the truth set you free. I'm simply asking you. Do you believe what he said about that. You his workmanship, his workmanship that you're his ambassadors, his ambassadors, that you belong to him and that the natural normal life of the believer is you be pouring out your lives in other people's lives in your vocation in your worship in your devotion to him that somebody's life all to be different because you cross their path. Let me ask you this. Let's be honest, how many of you would have to say in your heart. The real truth is I know that I'm not committed to. I'm committed to convenience, whatever suits me. Let me ask you this how many of you have ever told Jesus Christ with all of your heart, all of your heart you ever told him Lord, whatever you want me to do here in my yes Lord yes Lord yes, what is that you omitted know you told him I want to be obedient I will be what is not. It no not I want to God hears my life. The truth will only set me free. If I'm willing to yield to the truth that requires of me and enables me and equips me to be what God wants me to be knowingly we need some good old down to earth old-time religious repentance in my plea to you today is to ask God to show you what you are on the inside. The way he sees you the things that are keeping you from becoming yielding and applying the truth. What are you holding on to. That's allowing you to listen to the sermons and enjoy the maybe or least understand them, but somehow they don't get that hooking I tell you what is if you holding onto one or more things that you have no intention of giving up, I want to tell you my friend you cancel out the power of God's message in your life and that is the most dangerous thing you can I plead with you to examine your heart and ask God what is he trying to save these messages until units he wants to free so your life will be a beautiful expression of his life. Thank you for listening to how the truth can set you free.

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