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Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 19, 2022 1:46 pm

The Triumphant Church R1703

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 19, 2022 1:46 pm

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You could feel defeated today.

God wants you to be triumphant. Part of the body of Christ, the triumphant church that study God's word. Today's message is the triumphant church here with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author, evangelist, pastor and speaker in today as we open God's word to first Peter chapter 1, we can understand how we can have triumph in our lives, both individually and more importantly as a part of the body of Christ.

The church body is built for the community one another. The Lord wants us to live together in community to pray together in community if you don't have a 2 AM friend Dr. Don would remind you we would love to be one of yours.

You can call us anytime including 2 AM at 866899 word and let us pray for you got the number down start yourself.

866-899-9673 now today's teaching with Dr. Don Wilton the triumphant church first Peter chapter 1 I read just the first few verses, Peter and apostle of Jesus Christ to those who are the elect exiles of the dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and by Finian according to the foreknowledge of God the father in the sanctification of the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus Christ because of the sprinkling with these blood.

My grace and peace be multiplied to you.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to his great mercy he has caused us to be born again into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead may the name of Jesus be glorified in my God by his spirit and his blessing and his understanding to the reading of his word. Let's unpack this a little bit from from whom did this letter come will the first obvious one is it's from Peter Patsy's name back peters names the first time that I did everything backwards. Back in the time they just weren't quite as educated as we were. We always put it at the end love you mom so much.

Your son Donald. They put their name up front. We also know that Peter was most likely the acknowledged leader who had something very real to say it based upon a real understanding of real life. But we do know that what he had to say was very spiritual. So, from whom through Peter and secondly by the Holy Spirit in our second Timothy chapter 3 probably one of the most powerful verses of Scripture. And if you don't get this. Understand this openness and obey this and follow you need to.

As a believer. This is our church. This is the church. This is believers second Timothy three verse 16 all Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that the man or woman of God. Watch this may be complete and get this one be fully equipped to handle life did you get that this is the word of God from whom.

Given through Peter breathed by the spirit of God. So the second issue that we need to look at is to to whom is this addressed to the recipients will if ever you haven't had a clue yet.

I think you know now. He says something to those who all the elect exiles. Now let's just talk about this.

This is a huge subject and I'm going to be very brief and I ask you to beg my part, but we got on practice to this something being said here and and the word that is used as the word exile Matthew gun study the word exile and exile is somebody who lives somewhere that they don't actually belong right there in exile by living somewhere that they don't actually they not from the word here really is a word stranger is a good use of the word. But here's the best word that you get you get it in the King James version, but it's a it's the root word and that's the word median is that horrible did you know that you're an alien did you know that Jesus calls every Christian and alien and exile a stranger. I want you to just bear with me in this.

I wait a minute I thought, I'm an American citizen. In your case, not in my case, you born and raised you right you not in a the date you gave your heart to Jesus, you became one because what God is about to show us that every believer does not actually belong to the norm of the world in which they live. Because the world hates Jesus. Jesus said that if you belong to Jesus you don't actually belong to the world. You cannot. You cannot serve God and man. It has to be one of the other. You have to forsake one in order to accept and be part of the other. Jesus doesn't share his space is a powerful statement hearing Peter because he's establishing something is about to tell us how we got there. How that happened. So he seems here to well we are living aliens with strangers and wit were living in a world full of suffering with is a meteoric clash between truth and error. Opposition aliens scorned. I'm praying today for students who love Jesus.

Yes there on that campus, but they aliens on the campus folks listen to God's word, every student who loves Jesus is never going to be fully accepted. How can they be they strangers what the world's is and what Jesus is oppose a part righteousness and unrighteousness have no fellowship as tough. It's a dilemma it's very hard for Peter. These lying gods, laying the foundation for us.

So, to whom is this written aid to us with cold living aliens who are scattered everywhere nonspecific to those he's talking about this region of Turkey Asia minor, Pontus and Galatia, Cappadocia, in these places.

That's where the church was scattered during this very difficult time in which Peter and the New Testament was written that living aliens our designation identifies who God is talking to.

He says this is for you. He's looking at me any sign will foster you you born again of the spirit of God is in the clarify that he says you been born into a living hope. Yes, I have Lord Jesus, I belong to you will first thing I want you to know is you're an alien you're a stranger you're in exile and the second thing that he said is related to that is you not any living aliens, but you all in the world this is. This is where it gets very interesting, but it's so true, so he's addressing me as an alien, a stranger and exile living in exile as a stranger as an alien in the world. Jesus wants us to know that we not walking around with a blindfold around we actually all living in this world we actually all on that campus.

We actually do have an office. We do have work to do. We do face seven. We do deal with hardship. We do struggle without health, we do we will living in this sinful world. We do have governments that do everything they can to remove everything about God from everything that we had that this is real.

You are aliens because you belong to me and yet at the same time you are living in a cave. All right, from whom Peter from whom, through the Holy Spirit to me and you living aliens living in our world by some who did this come from now. Now way folks have you ever heard the word theology. That means that which is about God. In these opening verses God lets us know and I'm going to put it into frameworks for you to understand today Sabbagh according to whose authority are these things being said according to whose authority we just read you one verse chapter 2 in verse nine. Chapter 2 in verse nine will get there. You are a chosen race, by the way you aliens look at me strangers, fellow Christians listen to word you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation get this a people for his own possession in order that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into marvelous light will get to that in the next 25 week social all right watch this with Tronic where we going to scratch the surface you. Let's have fun doing this. Folks, let's have joy. I mean ha ha fun. Let's really have joy over these because this is triumphant living this and this is the game changer. This this is who we are.

This is why our future is so incredible. Forgive the eruption, but it's true indeed is Dr. Don's is often the best is yet to be no go away Dr. Don's completing his message in just a few moments, but he wants me to remind you where here for you.

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CDW again that CDW now back today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton church by number one the knowledge of God will come from it came from the divine knowledge of God. What is that mean in a simple to it means credit goes to God the father. Somebody say I made everything goes to go. You and I can spend all day trying to explain. It begins with God.

It ends with God any further questions the beginning God Genesis 1 verse one is one of the most powerful statements that that you and I can ever imagine.

In the beginning, and I've seen a million times when was the beginning it was in the beginning you will find yourself growing busy trying to figure out the profound mystery of an eternal holy and righteous God's faith is the Damond of God, our heavenly father through the Holy Spirit to accept the fact that God is God and to give it to him and you are buying him completely. That's what faith is.

We are a people play we trust God in God we trust the divine foreknowledge of God. It's the starting point that pervades everything about redemptive history.

It is the only beginning about very salvation you and I will never be able to come to grips that we were chosen by God the father from before the foundation of the world. If we don't understand that it's all God by moving the divine foreknowledge of God, all my all-knowing, all wise or gracious, loving God, why would you have loved us like this, by the divine foreknowledge of God, and secondly, through the divine sanctification of the Spirit's what he's talking about you in the sanctification of the Spirit, if I might just cite you. This is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

God the spirit comes to me and convict me of my sin in the presence when I see myself through the work of the spirit. I see my sin in the light God's redeeming love because of his holiness and righteousness, and I become compelled to repent of that sin before him, and to confess my sin and to trust him and instantly I receive the spirit of the living God because God cannot be separated.

God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit and the instantaneous moment I'm born again of the spirit of the living God, the same define power and work of the Holy Spirit begins his work in me so that I begin the journey of growing in the grace knowledge and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's the same define work of the Holy Spirit, what are we going to discover what is the sanctifying work of the spirit referred to these are huge subjects. It refers to separation between my version and God is it it refers to consecration, but most of all, it refers to the matter. Holiness the Clarion Damond not the suggestion, not the inclination, not even the invitation. Why don't you consider it is the Damond the finished work of the spirit of the living God that through the spirit and being called to live up holiness. Be ye holy because God is somebody say amen that's what he's talking about all what is the spirit of God produce what is the product of the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit faith, repentance, regeneration say what's regeneration, it's the formation of that which is new.

How about option. That's the sanctifying work of the spirit that you are not already to become sons and daughters of God.

How does that happen. What about obedience. Obedience he's going to talk about that in the very next word for obedience to Jesus Christ. Obedience to what God says is not an option. It is the Damond of the sanctifying work of the spirit to follow him and to obey him church. We don't consider God, we, God, we do God from whom Peter through the Holy Spirit, to whom aliens living in this world by room. The divine foreknowledge of God and the divine sanctification of the Spirit, for whom, who are the recipients of this well versus lost part of verse two tells us who are the recipients receive his grace first and the receivers of peace that you and me coming right up front United after reading to the end of the book you have to wait for the big surprise, he tells us what we get with the recipients grace and peace while grace abundant mercy, nothing deserved peace everybody in this world. Once peace this spiritual peace. So what does this guarantee us guarantees us three things my beloved congregation first and guarantees us that we will really know who we are we living in a world today where there are many who look at minions don't even know that they Christians but it begins with us.

They might be someone here today. Your precious person, but you don't really know who you are. How do you know that you know that you know that you belong to him. That's what Pete is going to tell us you know number two we will really know what to do told us we going to be complete and we going to be equipped to do what we need to do to please God, let me tell you. Cannot tell you what's gonna happen when we study this together in the spirit of God can ramp up our faith and our trust in number three.

We will really know where to go with every ounce you might be today wondering this family situation. This work situation. This church situation. This national situation. This what God does. I promise you folks.

This is what he had.

That's what he promises the promise doesn't come from me comes from him.

I listen to or read. I think I read a article from Insight for living. Love, Chuck Swindoll.

If you've ever listen to him. Love listening to him and I listen to a lot of people like that. I want to put the song.

This quote came from him. What he said Insight for living you're ready, so press on. It is in darkness and difficult times that our collective light shines brighter. So press on.

It seemed darkness and difficult times. Christians aliens that are collective light shines brighter. Let your light so shine that others may see the completeness of your fully equipped good works in order that this dark world. My glorify our Father which is in heaven.

This somebody sitting here today and you wondering where it begins and maybe for you it begins with your own salvation you use problem.

I want to invite you today to give your life to Christ. I really do.

Please give your heart to Jesus today would you do that, but a powerful question on the heels of a powerful time of studying God's Encouraging Word together with Dr. Don Wilton's are pretty you've heard, not just his wonderful South African brogue heard the voice of God using this broadcast to let you know that God has a plan for your life.

Love you so very much ready to receive you into his family even listening to Dr. Don as a teacher and preacher and now he steps in the studio. Open your heart to what he wants to share next well hello again my friends are you ready to give your life to Christ, you know you been listening like this, God is speaking is and he speaking to. I love to help you give your life to Christ right now. I pray this prayer make this your prayer you know that God knows when he hears our prayer. Pray this prayer with me.

Dear God, I know that you love me very much. I believe Jesus came and died on the cross just for me, that he gave his life right now. I confess my sin to you, by faith I receive you into my heart and into my life in Jesus name I pray. Well if you pray that prayer right now in just a moment, we can send you some information. I want you to listen real careful, because you can take note of the means by which we can connect you. I want to connect because you're part of my family. Part of the family of God. You are my brother, my sister in Christ, God bless you today. Indeed, I am back with his wonderful information.

It's a point of connection not just during the broadcast for 24 hours a day. Our phone number 866899 word. It's easy to remember, easy to store your phone as well. We love to be a contact.

In particular, if you just were praying along with Dr. Wilton. Moments ago to give your life to Christ or we dedicate your life to Jesus Dr. Don Wilton to pray for you and wants us to send you some free resources right away if you'll call us and let us know about your decision number again is 866-899-9673 meters online as well. At, RG that's