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Jesus is Better R1288

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 10, 2022 4:00 am

Jesus is Better R1288

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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One of the singular most critical issues for the church is the issue of unity. This is how you achieve that you raise up spiritual leaders who understand what it means to speak boldly the truth of God, and you prostrate yourself in the presence about calling on his name focusing on Jesus Christ and he groans to you one heart and one mind doesn't take much in America to understand the meaning of dysfunctional disunity. There are hundreds of churches across America that all so this unified is the key. This is it. Focusing in on the sovereignty of God and the word of God and the divine purpose of God and the intervention of God and the the outstretched hand that produce the miracles of God, it will always be a risk to the powerful response from God.

Always God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton about how Jesus is better. That's right. Today's topic is better from Dr. Don Wilton will help us grow in our faith help us understand that as we make choices, make decisions, choice to follow Jesus is better than any choice we can make as we study the word together know that were available for you.

We love to pray with you, for you may connect with great free resources like the daily Encouraging Word.

It's all available online at the Encouraging Word on this phone number 86689 were 866-899-9673 or me this online keyboard now Dr. Don Wilton I got an announcement to make today are being really looking forward to this. I want to announce today that Jesus is he's better than you and me better than anybody in the White House. He's better than our bank balance. He's better than our own opinion. He's better than research of every life and I want you to know that Jesus is better. I'm going to ask you to open your Bibles this morning to the book of Hebrews, I need your Bibles because we are embarking on a 12 week study series. In the letter to the Hebrews and is an incredible study that God is going to give us as we open this word in our search for truth.

I couldn't help but think that when God gave us the letter to the Hebrews, what he was saying this, just look at me. Just keep your eyes upon my son to watch Jesus because he is better.

He will carry you through.

You get you out, he'll set you up on your feet.

He'll save your life.

So many people all across America today wanting to know one thing, someone to tell them what the court of public opinion has taken root in our great society. Our minds are being controlled by media is Dr. Ben Carson said people know about baseball teams and their program about TV shows and is on American Idol than I do about the things that really matter in life. We become so dumb down in America that we become a nation useless people because all we do is look to ourselves and God says Jesus is better here in Hebrews chapter 1 and in the first four verses long ago it many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he is appointed and spoken unto us by his son, whom he appointed heir of all things I want to just stop right there that the word and is very very significant. What is it mean it places Jesus Christ in the very heart of God the father and the word carries with it the meaning that everything that exists will come under the complete control of the son of God.

In other words, these ship is the very X range in the given by the father to the son, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his son, whom he appointed heir of all things and through whom he also created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God. The exact imprint of his nature. He upholds the universe by the word of these power and often making purification for sin, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having become much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent than there is that a magnificent statement. You know I really think that is one of the most powerful passages of Scripture, and it begins with three foundational the three foundational truths of God. The prophets and the sun. I want you to just think about God has spoken God single biggest battle. You and I face today is our willingness to listen to God's name any subject that you choose tonight any issues marriage day abortion, civil rights work life, love by many subject you want to.

Who do we need to hear from God. God has spoken and the Bible tells us that in time cost. He spoke through the prophets I wish I had time to share with you some of what he said through the prophet just go back to the Old Testament. It's amazing what the prophets have to say, they were people who spoke off to the heart of God.

You know how many times do we not reading the Old Testament of the prophets going to the king or to a group of people and saying, thus saith the Lord. One of my big challenges is to stand here today and speak to you from the heart of God to real battle for me to real battle. My great temptation is to put aside God's word just close up this book and say look up to you what we gonna do, let's just put God aside and let's consider ourselves while tell you an even better way to do it. Let's vote about why we just go to the people God has spoken through the prophets, but now he is spoken through the sun. The third foundational truth of truth God.

The prophets and the sun. This one who was appointed heir of all things. This one according to the word that was given extinction of the very authority of God because he was the one who was impounded and authorized by God to complete God's plan and purpose for the redemption of mankind. That's why he is God's son, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. By the way, the word begotten day is inextricably intertwined into these ship. It is only by virtue of the fact that the sun was appointed as all that the father has that he was able able to be designated as the book got one, the only begotten of the unique one. There is no other one is no alternative because Jesus is better interesting thing here is that it's all put into the context.

According to this passage of the lost days.

What we know in context here that these people in the time of the writing of the lives of the Hebrews they were looking at in terms of the messianic expectation and these people had a messianic expectation that I didn't believe that the Messiah had come, they were looking for the coming of the Messiah and the period of time from the New Testament until their time with the parent of the messianic expectation hits the period of the New Testament church in which we live today, the signs of the times you one thing, when you look at what's going on today.

The executions the movements of Isis, the conflict in Syria horizon for the Arab spring configuration of states. The rattling of the saber of Putin's great bear, the armies of Gog and Magog. The constellation of the United States of Europe. The makeup of the packs that are developing the decline of the United States of America.

This antichrist which is so prominent and use only reside in faraway countries, but now has taken up residence in the heart of the United States of America, always living in the lost days where airplanes are going missing with every day there's another earthquake or a volcanic eruption where there are nearly over 100 rules being conducted all around the world where there is ethnic violence with his return to rank racism where divisions are rife with people hate each other and we most significantly, there is a massive worldwide persecution of Christians taking place that has never on the scale being a greater persecution of Christians taking place. Then there is today. Even in our own beloved nation always living in the lost days. I submit to you today my friends that Jesus is better, and in this passage we are told why number one because he radiates God's glory. That's what the text says in verse three.

By the way, the word radiators are used in the New Testament. Did you know that it couldn't have been used in the Old Testament because it only refers to Jesus and the word literally.

If you understand the word radiated you go back in the John chapter 8 verse 12. In first Corinthians chapter 14 in your look at the application of the word radiant or radiating in terms of Jesus Christ the son, we know that it means that Jesus radiates God's glory in that he seems like he radiated his own essential glory, you know, I'm just so convinced that when we get into heaven at Bethel to understand the state. The greatest thing we are going to do in heaven as we gonna look upon his face.

You know, my precious wife I love her so much but I think I said to a loss. I'm not trying to win points when I say this, but I heart you know I said to her loss.

Not us again.

I just couldn't stop looking at you today. She's so beautiful to me. I think that's what God's trying to tell us about the sun he so beautiful to you.

He's been to because he radiates God's glory. Number two. He reproduces God's nature to the just think about that. By the way, that would reproduce carries with it the idea of engraving. It's like a brand like a stamp you know when you look about what God sees you he reproduces God's nature. He puts a mark on you that will never go away. But this is not some ugly, looking Inc. staying damned with a piece of blotting paper. This is the billable stamp of the perfect image and print the family nature and essence of God himself. You're listening to Dr. Don Wilton will be back with the completion of today's message in just a moment, but he wants me to remind you that were available for you. We are connecting 24 hours a day, but on our and this phone number 866899 word. Would love to pray with you, pray for you maybe connect with great resources like the daily Encouraging Word Bible kind details on our with your call and ask your copy. Let us know.

It's free for the asking. 866899 word will connect you with us. That is 866-899-9673 asked for the daily Encouraging Word Bible God.

It will bless you tremendously or if your little impatient like I am signed up online You get an email frantically every single morning from Dr.even though the world is becoming increasingly challenging place to live as a Christian, Jesus's sacrifice on the cross remains a message of hope for everyone discover a deeper understanding and appreciation for our Savior's death on the cross in Dr. Wilton's sermon across along with the bonus book the cross of Jesus by Maureen W.

Years which explores the entire crucifixion in detail. These powerful resources are yours have with your gift of support Encouraging Word. Thank you for listening today. Now back to today's message Jesus is better with Dr. Don Wilton.

Jesus is he radiates God's glory. He reproduces God's nature.

He sustains God's purpose he sustains God's purpose. Look what he says should in that passage he upholds the universe that is amazing statement he sustained to go back and Colossians chapter 1 verse 17 for example, you get a greater understanding.

It means that everything in the universe is sustained by him and by the word. The sustaining dog through Christ also indicates that he upholds it, but it speaks to the movement of God in according to his divine purpose sustaining by the sun God is God giving the right and picked up hold to suspect everything in God's creation. According to his purpose for me that means that the sun directors and moved everything to the consummation that God is. That's why these are the lost days. Everything is going to come to the point at which God has designed it to come to God's in control.

I want to say something to someone today is facing unprecedented trouble you during difficulty you're struggling your marriage is falling apart. You lost your job. Life is track so to speak. Jesus is look to him why because he is the sustaining one and that to sustain is is unbelievable because what it reminds us of is that God spoke everything into existence by his word he holds it together by his power. By spirit, and he unto the completion of God according to his purpose. Jesus is better. He also sits at God's right hand. That's what the word says after making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high. Want the right hand. This is the place of power, the place of authority in the place of honor. It's also the seat of subordination because it signifies the subordination of the son to the father which explains the second coming of Christ.

No man knows except the father. It's a picture.

This picture of Jesus seated at the right hand of the father is. It is a picture about Victoria Savior. It's not in your picture but it's a picture of God's complete the complete God's righteousness. No wonder his name is better.

No wonder the Bible says that it's at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess and you've heard me say this.

Folks on the site, Because You Need to Be Reminded.

Do You Want an Explanation As to Why Every Move You Ever Watch and in Every Football Game.

Every Boss to Program Every Morning Going to Hear People Taking God's Name in Vain to Give You a Guarantee, Folks, Not My Guaranty You Will Never Hear a Hollywood Star or a Politician or an Individual Person Ever Stomp Their Feet and Use Any Other Name As a Blasphemy Other Than the Name of Jesus, You Will Never Hear Someone Call out the Name of Bill Clinton You've Never Heard Anybody Say Pump or Don Wilton You've Never Heard Anybody Say Confucius You Will Definitely Never Hear Anybody Use the Name Allah As a Blasphemy and It's Got Nothing to Do with the Fact That If You Do, They Will Be a Death Warrant Issued against You.

It's Got Nothing to Do, That God Already Established That Because It's at the Name of Jesus, That Every Knee Will Bow and Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ Is God's Son I'm Doing Almost to Give Your Heart to Jesus, I'm Going to Invite You to Trust Him. Turn Your Life over to Him, Receive Him, Because God Loves You. Jesus Died for You. He's the Hope of the World. Perhaps You Been Searching Looking Wondering, Yearning, I and I Found Jesus. When I Found Them, I Realized He Had Already Found Me Because He Made Me He Loved Me. I Turned My Life over to Him. I Received Him He Was Knocking at the Parts Goal, but You Do That Today but You Give Your Life to Him Start Bringing You Begin Back at the Beginning, Receive the Complete Work of Christ Be Completely Forgiven That Real Meaning in Life and Peace in Your Heart That I Meant to Ask You to Do That Today I'll Ask You to Put Your Life Back on Track. Say Yes to Jesus Putting at the Center of Your Life Today Is Truth. The Search Is We Are Founded the Maasai, but You What I'm Just a Christian Man That's All I Am Just like You Said the Site by God's Grace.

Jesus Say God in Times past God Spoke Spoke through the Prophets, Various Times Son Replaces Little Kinds of Things These Miracles, Wonders and Signs the Knee Is Not Great and You Know When You Not Traveled around the Middle East and You See Some of These Things Which Jesus Went in Jerusalem and up There in Judea and Galilee, and You Watch All These Things and You See All the Different Things That Went on and We Watch and See in Our World, How God in Times past, Done Right Things but in These Last Days He Has Spoken to Us through His Son Jesus Spoke Were Destroyed Your Heart. I Pray That You Would Be Ready to Respond Hearing God's Word Is the First Step, but Acting on It Taking a Decision Changing Our Path Adjusting Our Course That Course Correction for Today Could Be the Most Important Thing You and I Do by Hearing the Word, Dr. Tom and Now Applying Dr. Todd Is Here with One More Thought That I Believe Less and Touch You in a Powerful Way. God Has Spoken to You Hesitantly and You Ready to Give Your Heart to Jesus. I'd Love to Help You Right Now. Would You Pray This Prayer with Me and Accept Jesus into Your Heart and Life. Dear God, I Know That Arneson I Know That Jesus Loves Me and Died for Me on the Cross Right Now, I Repent of My Sin and I Confess My Sin to the Lord Jesus Christ Come into My Heart and Save Me Today and Forgive Me for My Sin.

In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen. If You Pray That Pray We Love to Get Alongside of You and Celebrate with You and Send You Some Literature Help You As You Begin to Grow and I Want You to Know That I Love Very Very Much by the Way, Don't Leave, Don't Go Away. What Ever You Do Resolve the Right 866899 God Stirs Your Heart If You Made a Decision, Let Us Know 866-899-9673 If You like to Let Dr. Don Know How God Is Using This Ministry in Your Life Email and His Email Is Simple to Remember. It's Just on He would love to hear from you that and speaking of Dr. Don this book totally secure such a powerful resource is Dr. Don Wilton more you know it all my years of sitting at the feet of Dr. Billy right. He said this to me. He said on the most important thing in life is to know that you belong to Jesus. Then he said the second most important thing is that you know that you belong. He encouraged me to write this book okay secure to help you find the officers to these important. That's why he endorsed this book of my I want you to have this book. I want you to have the assurance that you are going to have. Please pick up the telephone right now call the number on the screen and personal copy of totally secure The Encouraging Word board cost ministries supported by viewers and listeners just like you want to make a difference in so thank you for requesting my book totally secure your financial support enables us to come to moving forward. Christ, after the word broadcasters over there still a wonderful place to connect 24 hours a day.

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