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R730B Growing Together in Faith, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 10, 2022 8:00 am

R730B Growing Together in Faith, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 10, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
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Encouraging Word
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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton all about growing together today.

Dr. Wilton completed this message from acts chapter 4 about what it is for us to grow together in faith. We want to be growing, for sure, but the concept of what we can do together is exponentially more powerful than what we do on her own. So let's grow together to remind you were connecting with you 24 hours a day in number of ways. Many are talking and praying with us on our prayer line 866-899-WORD 866899967.

We also place you can order great resources. My final word book you see on the website right now and TE W CDW many resources ready to encourage you would love to connect together in faith by Dr. Don Wilton. What is God's is giving us the key to everything that pertains to our well-being.

Now in this life and in terms of eternal life.

Throughout growth in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. God mandates clearly that we must declare that Jesus Christ is the only way to the father. This boss Greek. My wife and I took our Australian friends up to the Billy Graham training center at the code. One of my favorite places in all the world I want to tell you friends if you have not been to the code you need to go. They have seminars going right throughout the year. The stop they were just wonderful. It's a place where God is.

I'm just telling it is wonderful effect I'm doing a seminar this year on the prayers of the Lord Jesus Christ in September. You might want to come and be a part of that seminars teach up the Billy Graham training center of the code I meant to tell you this won't happen.

We went down into where the bookstore is all the memorabilia of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association all the Crusades and gifts and things.

It's a wonderful thing to have a look at all of that and it just inspires my heart. But there was one thing that caught my attention this time. Many of the things that Dr. Graham has been given in gratitude for his life and ministry are on display there was one thing that caught my attention a religious group by large religious group. Wonderful people, not Christian religious group gave Mr. Graham top award many many years ago and it's something for display and alongside of it is the acceptance speech, the doctor, Billy Graham gave out when these people were so kind as to presenting with this lovely gift. This is what he said. He said I want to thank you. I'm summarizing said I want to thank you with all of my heart for this wonderful gesture.

This gracious gift that you give me from your religious organization and I accepted with much gratitude, understanding, one thing and that is that I know you. This is another religious group that you would expect me to compromise on the fact of my conviction that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that Jesus Christ is the only way to God the father tell you when I came away from the cold this week. I believe that I went up just to be inspired by those words because I was brought back to the same troll issue pertaining to the fight about fathers and that is simply this, that salvation is found in no one else, but in Jesus Christ.

Folks, that's not popular to the you know that universalism is gripping the hearts of people in America there are people it's even the need in the evangelical church to you are saying things like this that that yes Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Yes, Jesus Christ died, but it doesn't matter what you believe God loves everybody and is is use and see.

It doesn't matter. God will accept everybody. I wanted tell you something. My friend that the key to growing together in five is that we continue to be a people that make no apology concerning the declaration that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God and that he is the only way to the father. Would somebody say a man's what a Savior Jesus Christ died for you and for me God so loved the world that he and his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not die, but shall have eternal life. So what about a growing church comes to grips with repentance whereby we are refreshed in our hearts declares that Jesus Christ is the only way to the father number three growing church understands the reality of spiritual warfare frames you need to faucet your seatbelts and I want you to listen very carefully to chapter 4 verse 12 chapter 4 and verse 21. I beg your pardon chapter 4 verse 21 is what the word says often further threats.

They let them go. That is, they left the preachers and the people of God go I could not decide how to punish them because all the people were praising God for what happened what happened. God adapted the man was miraculously healed.

We know the story about the lame man bag was brought right there in the presence of these men of God and they say to him in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk in the Bible says immediately. Strength training these feet and ankle bones and he went walking and leaping and praising God frames writing the off the mark of all of this site and readies head why I say this with all the love in my heart as we continue to grow.

Watch out Satan doesn't like it. I want to say a word to your moms and dads you are building a Christian home, watch out. Satan doesn't like it. I want to say something to you.

College students. Those of you are taking a stand for the Lord Jesus Christ on the campuses about beautiful land. Watch out Satan doesn't like it.

I wanted tell you something. He's alive and he's well and he's off to you. By the way, let me just say this get it out the way I know it's only December 28 when we get to about March or April.

I always have one or two or three or four parents come to me and say to me pasta could ask your question and it goes something like this. You know my son and my daughter is about to graduate from high school seniors you know all the scenes going down to Myrtle Beach, my what you think folks are. I just like to with all my heart tell you what I think doesn't allow your seniors to go to Myrtle Beach for senior week. Now what part of that. Do you not understand that I love that he loved Litchfield Myrtle Beach love to go down there I tell you I love the love the farm. The fellowship but I want to guarantee you something folks I have seen more parents give permission to their sons and daughters to go to things like that and what they give permission to do they give their children their sons and daughters that they love they give them permission to go and become part into the immoral behavior that all of us know takes place. Don't kid yourself and not give all this buoy who your back.

Well they going to go down with some friends and just take a stand folks. I'm telling you they been maybe a wonderful young person who's gone down that God involving sexual immorality. There's been unwanted pregnancies.

There's been alcoholism and drugs are being called to help get sons out of prison because they went berserk in the middle of the morning and whenever that happens. Of course I didn't mean it.

And of course it's always someone else who got and of course they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and I'm going to tell you, even if your son or daughter did not participate dying to get a hold that they are going to hunger after for years to come by going to go to college and I got a have 1 foot in the world they got a 1 o'clock you over time they got a want to get in on that group because they tasted of it giving them permission. Satan is alive and well, that's not popular there be some people one sending children to this church because the preacher got up and said don't go to these things.

That is fine with me.

Don't and it doesn't matter how unpopular you might be with your son or daughter. One day they will thank you for taking a stand for righteousness see frames listen.

These are biblical principles, growing church, a growing spiritual people, parents, individuals understand the reality of spiritual wall. Satan is not some kind of mystical vapor that comes by and he is seeking to follow after righteousness. Don't do it give you corruption or how we would love to pray you through that opposition that is very real. Know that were here to pray for you. 866-899-WORD will connect with one of us happy to talk or listen or pray anytime day or night at 866-899-9673 were also connecting on our website as well as TW youth culture that we face every single day, whether it be the culture of your neighbors even taught sometimes culture of your family members is is not always online with what God has called us to be as Christians as men and women following cheese couple of great resources available on our website right now. It's called my final word by Charles Colson friend of Pastor first articles and Mr. Carlson only to the doctor is in heaven right now, but this book based on the unpublished materials during the final years of Chuck Colson's life.

It is a powerful insight and gives you and I fuel for responding in love but with clarity to the culture war that we face every day, you find that resource and many more on our website. TW TW now back today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton friends are so many unwanted pregnancies and problems in alcohol problem have the same story. I didn't mean I just happen to be there wasn't my fault I didn't do anything. Folks, the damage control is believable.

It is unbelievable want you to know your pasta praise for you. I pray that Satan will not get a hold of your life. Some of you are so faithful. I watch people come to church and serve the Lord in your faithful to the house of God and to the word of God.

Satan does not like it, or he'll do everything to destroy college students pray for you-God's grace would be you would stand up for righteousness. What about a growing church comes to grips with repentance declares that Jesus is the only way understands the reality of spiritual warfare. Number four prioritizes biblical preaching. Well, there's not a lot I need to say if you go back to the first sermon of Peter in chapter 2 in verse 14, Peter stood up with the 11, raised his voice and he addressed the crowds fellow Jews and all you live in Jerusalem, let me explain this to you listen carefully to what I have to say folks rehab developing here. I model for biblical preaching. I am so grateful that God has allowed me to follow in the footsteps of the Dr. Alastair Walkers and Vicki Gibson Davises Dr. John Salters at man of God starting the scope and proclaim the unsearchable riches of God in Christ Jesus with great boldness and without apology because in today's day and age, it is becoming increasingly unpopular to be a church that is centered around the word of God.

This unsearchable riches of God in Christ Jesus.

This is the word of God frame as you pray for your pasta as we pray for one another as we going to Sunday school classes.

I pray that our teachers are going to focus everything I do on the teaching of the word of God say if I pray that our discipleship leaders are going to be focusing on the word of God. I pray that our youth meetings are going to be focusing on the word of God.

I pray that our senior adults are going to become a people focusing on the word of God.

Number five, a growing church involves the laity, what we've already spoken about some of them the laity as you and me, it's everybody in the church, not just those who are full-time ministers of the gospel as I am is your pasta you go to chapter 5 in verse 12, for example, I don't have time to read all of this to you but time without number God's word tells us verse 12 of chapter 5 the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people and all believers all believers used to meet together in Solomon's call and I know one day join them even though they were highly regarded by the people. Nevertheless, there was a kind of a spiritual intimidation that took place in the house of God amongst the people of God because of what they stood for.

Because of their platform because of a belief system. Nevertheless, in verse 14. Look what happens. My friends more and more men and women believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and were added to the number. What was the result of the involvement of all the people as a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and Mac so that at least Peter shadow microphone on something as he plopped by crowds gathered from the towns around Jerusalem and the power of God came down because believers gathered together bring service and in leadership for the cause of Christ. You know that there is only one person who can invite someone to church and that you I've had people say to me will pasta what can I do. I tell you one thing all of us can do is invite people to come to church. I'm trying this year as we grow together and fight that out problems of seating are going to become even far worse. We already have three morning worship services. Am I prepared to preach fall yes I will give you my unequivocably promised before God. If we fill these three services up as we are in the process of doing. I will go to full morning worship services and I will not miss. Unlike Steve Skinner means it doesn't matter what it types it by any means we can reach people. Jesus Christ let me tell you how they going to come you can invite them. You need to go pick them up, sit with her, telling the calm because I guarantee when they do they hear about the Lord Jesus.

Number six, a growing church emphasizes family unity.

Chapter 2 in verse 42 chapter 2 in verse 42. Growing church emphasizes family unity. They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching the Fellowship, the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with all many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles, watches all the believers were together. I had everything in common. Listen to the unity here among the brethren selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.

Every day they continued to do what to meet together in the temple. They broke bread in their homes. They ate together with glad and sincere hearts.

They praised God to give enjoying the favor of all the people I mean we could go on and on.

Pulsating his letter to the church at Philippi, he said, I beg of you, that you be of the same mind. I want to thank you as a congregation striving to be spiritually united.

It is one of the remarkable hallmarks of first Baptist Spartanburg people lost me all over the country. What is going on and I tell them a lot of things. There's one thing I always come back to them. That is the unprecedented spiritual unity in this congregation you say what is it pasta it means in this church.

We've made a decision we don't fuss about color of carpets. We got too many people capable of taking care of their we've just completed in time and on budget, a $14 million building program, folks let me tell you something as your senior pasta. To my knowledge, I have not had one single person get bent out of shape all fuss about any item or any aspect at any time in any place. To my knowledge, I have not had one person Commons, I will.

I'm just old may not talk so much about that. Those kinds of people are suffering with treatment and I haven't seen a single warming. This congregation, you say, what is that all about I tell you what it's about. It's the laity, folks, it's because God's people. A massive number of people, hundreds of people in this congregation have gone to work people to pray. They put that giftedness to work.

They spent hours laboring for the Lord Jesus Christ and God has blessed their efforts. We don't have business meetings with people, and fussing. I'm going to say to you, even more than that, just in case you're wondering, we do not admit that in this church and I want to tell you is we going to 2004 that for the pause title nine years there has not been a single crossword in this church and by God's grace. They will not be, and if there is anybody who thinks of joining this church is going to Foss and food and get bent out of shape. You will be far better served going somewhere else. We will not do that in the house of God. Somebody say say to me pasta. What's this all about, well, I wish I had given you that point, but God evidently said a lot about being unified in Christ.

I thank God for the leadership about deacons Brad directors for chairpersons of all the teams in our church for the men and women go to work and seek God's face growing church emphasizes family unity. Number seven, a growing church practices personal evangelism love the story in chapter 3 about the lame man which I had time to get into it but I think what God was giving to us here at the institution of the New Testament church is that as we look forward that an integral part of our vision for the future is the mandate to be engaged in personal evangelism but frames personal evangelism is three equal components number one it means soul winning evangelism. That's why we have faith. Evangelism through the Sunday school. That's why we believe in leading people to Jesus Christ. It is our priority mandate number two it's discipleship, evangelism, if soul winning evangelism is leading people to Christ, discipleship, evangelism is growing people in Christ, but that is incomplete because we know that evangelism is incomplete until the evangelize become the evangelists. We are a disciple making church and the third component of New Testament evangelism is disciple making evangelism whereby those who have come to know Christ who have grown in Christ are themselves willing to go full Christ.

These are the carriers all the great commission. These are the ones who take what Jesus said to be really true and I go to work.

They say what Jesus Christ has done for me. I'll do for others.

That's why we have monster life. That's why we have youth discipleship. That's why we have problems at programs ad infinitum that help us to grow in our faith. What is this all about growing together and fight all it's about repentance. It's about Jesus is the only way it's about spiritual warfare.

It's about biblical preaching. It's about involving the laity.

It's about family unity. It's about personal evangelism but there's one more hallmark. We mustn't overlook as we grow together in faith. Growing church anticipates a response.

I love that in next chapter 2 in verse 30 I write throughout the book of acts. Every time the name of Jesus is mentioned.

People responded to him. That's why we invite you to come today I'm going to ask you to come in just a moment to leave your seats. I'm going to ask you this year to turn your heart and life over to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm asking the name of the Lord Jesus to be willing to do whatever it takes to be the complete person. Even if that means selling a piece of property, even if that means giving your dollar. Even if it means shaking her hand.

Even if it means revising what you're doing, even if it means saying you're sorry.

Even if it means asking someone to forgive even if it means whatever Lord Jesus. We have this year, 2004. I want this just to be another year. I want to be refreshed, don't you.

I want the power and the grace of God before partly how much I pray that what you willing to do for him to powerful? What are you and I willing to do for Jesus. God pray to you for documenting clearly as he's been teaching and preaching, but now I pray even more so as he steps in the studio hear him share his heart.

Next weekend we want to rejoice with you in your decision. If you'll call us at 866-899-WORD will send you those free resources. Dr. Wilton want you to have that's 866-899-WORD 9673. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right. Dear God, I know that on the seventh and I know that Jesus died for me today. I repent of my sins and by faith I receive you into my heart in Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting new member. We have free resources that you have gave your life to Jesus Christ will be dedicated your life.

Moments ago.

Call us at 866-899-WORD. That's 866-899-WORD 9673 or meet us on our website TW where you will discover great resources like this. Jesus Christ is the final authority in the only standard by which Christians should live their lives only solution to everything that we face in life as you give a gift that supports the The Encouraging Word this month you will receive the message. Final authority by Dr. Don Wilton along with the bonus duck my final glared holding tight to the issues that matter most.

By Chuck Colson.

These resources will equip you with the assurance in reliance and knowing the power of God serigraph. The Encouraging Word is a viewer and listener supported ministry. Thank you for listening today. I thank you again for the many of you financially and prayerfully support this ministry every single day lives are being changed your investing in that if you like more information on how to do so. You'll find it on our website TW