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R1684 Despite the Unbelief

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 15, 2022 8:00 am

R1684 Despite the Unbelief

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 15, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
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Encouraging Word
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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

In just a few moments… Leading us to Mark chapter 15 for our Bible study today, but also could be meeting us the opportunity to have communion together to do the Lord's supper together however you want to phrase it working experience. Draw near to God moment that I think is unlike many that we have in the body of Christ open God's word with Mark 15 that's what will study were also opened to grab a glass of water, juice, piece of bread and part of participating in the Lord's supper on this particular broadcast know were here for you.

In a lot of ways as well technically were connecting on our website all the welcome to The Encouraging Word today.

Dr. Wilkins is going to bring us into a wonderful time worshiping the Lord together God enough all that you see us today. You see what you beyond. You see, our innermost parts. You know us and that's why you went to the cross because you love us so much more Jesus speak to our hearts today show us who you all our Savior and Lord, we pray for one another we intercede. Oh God, we come before the throne of grace because of your faith in glorious resurrection. We have your permission.

You have been able us to come to God the father directly in the name of Jesus. We don't have to go through a preacher or a priest. We don't have to go through Pope or King or a minister or a pasta we can come to you God because of Jesus, and we come to you today we come seeking your face crying out to you for the people of this world. This strange dichotomy this wonderful world this beautiful world this world Lord that just has so much and get there so many so far from God, oh God, we come to you today as we open your word in this we participate, we see you carrying us through you the one who never leaves us everything you did was designed that you Jesus would carry us through because you are our Savior.

So Lord Jesus, we have made to worship you. We come with hearts open, thankful disparately calling out to you in our repentance confessing before you crying out to you thanking you in Jesus name we pray. Amen just want you to know if you're listening today. I speak on behalf of so many of us, we see you I see you. Thank you for the letters the notes the emails that you write many of them got my name on them. You write to me but I hear you are not. I see you I see you there in Syria and Iraq. Those people that contact us from places far away places we see you now in Ukraine. Your precious believer. I see you you looking at destruction bodies lying in the streets and cruelty you wondering why we gather together and we were meeting together around the Lord Jesus today in his name.

You know this past week so proud of our of our students here in Spartanburg who fanned out to venues in science from New Orleans to Kentucky and even in our own city of Spartanburg scores of our young people just magnificent the way you went about what God gave to you to do, and we've already seen lives changed this morning in Genesis just a few moments ago people following the Lord Jesus and believe his baptism, and then again in the second Genesis service today. Some of those being baptized today all the completeness of what God does. Some who were baptized received invitations from you to come to trunk or treat back in the fall of last year I got an invitation to come. Somebody said why don't you come and they came and through that these young people make Jesus and they were drawn into the heart of God's people when they make Jesus they became part of a family like this and it was parsed from one person to another. Adults and students included culminating today in the baptism of these young people given their lives to Christ and not know the joy you know I've often wondered as we prepare all of us to participate in the Lord's table. As we look at this week together as we think about passion week.

This marks the arrival of Jesus and I've often thought about that I think about it every time I'm personally in Jerusalem and I stand on the Mount of olives looking down over the city of David in the city of Jerusalem and I think of Jesus and the people they turned out they turned out they were there thousands of them.

They wave their palm branches and they were so many there that would just wonderful, wonderful Christ followers but there were many. They who wave palm branches got caught up in the occasion it was many of those same people that cold out, crucify him. They chose Barabbas over Jesus to do away with it. It was those same people man looks on the outward appearance of God looks upon the heart. He sees you he knows what you did yesterday. He knows where your heart is, no matter what palm branches in your hand the matter what suit of clothing you wearing no matter what part of the world in which you live.

No matter your comforts and your appearances matter, your bank balance. He knows he knows what's in our hearts want to read to you an amazing account going to be in Mark's gospel chapter 15 and I want to share with you today is a prelude to participating in communion together and I want to make sure that you're ready that you have a cop and you have something to eat, not in terms of a meal. Jesus rejected that all you need is the tiniest cracker corner of a piece of bread, but I want to. As we prepare for this to begin in Mark chapter 15 the Bible says as soon as it was morning, the chief priests held a consultation with the elders and the scribes the whole counsel and they found Jesus and they laid him away and they delivered him over the pilot and pilot Austin Moore you the kingdom.

King of the Jews in the Onset you have said so of course they did.

They were waving palm branches just little few minutes before just read that again. Pilot Austin Moore you the king of the Jews. Have you ever noticed Jesus. Onset will evidently you the ones you said so you were all standing there cheering when I arrive.

Verse three and the chief priests accused him of many things and part of again. Austin, you know. Onset of Macon see how many charges they bring against you but Jesus made no further Onset so the pilot was amazed not the feast.

He used to release for them. One prisoner for whom they almost in among the rebels in prison who committed murder at the insurrection. There was a man called Barabbas and the crowd came up and began to Aust pilot to do as he usually did for them in the Onset them saying you want me to release for you the king of the Jews, for he perceived that it was out of envy that the chief priests had delivered him up, but the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have him release for them. Barabbas just by the way everybody just because someone's greatest in the clothing of the clergy. Be very careful that you attest, no matter who it is by the truth of the word of God, but the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have him release for them. Barabbas in state and pilot again said to them, and what shall I do with the man you call the king of the Jews and I cried out, "if I am pilot said to them, why, what evil is he done shot. The goal, the more crucify him.

So pilot wishing to satisfy the crowd released for them. Barabbas, having scourged Jesus delivered him to be crucified. The soldiers lead him away inside the palace, that is the governor's headquarters and they go together.

The whole battalion and they clothed him in a purple cloak and twisted together a crown of thorns and they put it on him. They began to salute him. The king of the Jews as they were striking his head with the read and spitting on him and meeting down in homage to him and when they had. They stripped the purple cloak and put his own clothes on him and then they laid him out to crucify.

I have an unusual title to this Lord's supper, it just simply use despite unbelievers you are not living in an unbelieving world this so much that we could say even in our own beloved nation.

There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of wonderful believing Christian men and women and young people look at you just look at you, but in this country we are surrounded in our communities by hundreds of thousands of those who stand and cheer.

But you don't believe they ring our schools that are in government.

We got thousands of people who will blaspheme the name of Jesus.

One minute after they have praised his name and the pictures here and Jesus knew that and on Palm Sunday, perhaps God would really speak to us if we took a look at Jesus look at Jesus.

What was it about him.

He came here into Jerusalem in this euphoric welcome. They wave functions and they gathered it was a worship service bar none, the next minute the same people for things to him. Number one they found him. Please forgive the interruption is never a good time dinner of the pastors is preaching that you want to let you know we here for you. Praying with you and available for you at the other end of 866899 the number down. Start your cell 866899673 will connect with when I was 24 hours a day to pray for you and to connect with powerful resources resources that will help you like this time around lines that are ourselves cannot deal God is raising people in Dr. Wilton lever you will find encouragement and strength to what you are facing to serve God, please visit our website@www.w night got a large bar, 186899 way to order your copy today. Again, that's just one of many great resources available on our that's TEW why you're there, be sure and sign up for the daily Encouraging Word enough… The powerful word in Scripture want today right way I can sign up on our now that's today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton the next minute the same people did for things to him. Someone might sound him. The Bible sees evening verse one, the same one that they had been welcoming.

They bound him. They tied him up when I began to study that God was showing me something mankind tried to restrict Jesus taught him up rigged juice him, hold him back. So what usually happens if police sadly have to put handcuffs on you. It's designed to stop you being able to get away.

Somehow this unbelieving world thought that they could find, the son of God and stop him from carrying out whatever it is that he was because they actually acknowledged him. Second thing they did was they bullied him from boost to your and Mark's gospel to key verse two and three. They bleed Jesus bullying is one of the most heinous things that bullies do to people they want to bring down and belittle. Then they parted for him.

In verse six they sit will let's do a trade, let's swap Jesus.

Let's put them on the auction block.

Let's bring let's go ask the court of public opinion.

If ever a church ever has to take a survey about the things of God. Everything about Jesus is never up for the auction block.

It's never open to debate the highest bidder is never placed in the hands of public to determine the Lordship of Christ and the fourth thing they did to him was that bruised him. Verse 15 through 20. They beat him relentlessly mercilessly Bible says he was used because of Allison bruised for our transgression, and you alive.

Sometimes unintentionally we recoil from the horror of the beating and the bruising that the Son of Man took upon the cross.

In all likelihood the bruising that he received rendered him almost unrecognizable.

It was most likely considering the nature of the kata non-titles, which was used, which was designed to inflict on imaginable damage to the body rendered the Lord Jesus Christ.

So be to within an inch of his life and even all our own understandable perception of trying to make certain that the Jesus that we portray is always very neatly on the cross. These people hated him so much.

They took out the venomous hate and anger against, and despite these unbelievers with all of that. Despite this, Jesus sold he sold them.

There was not a moment from his arrival in Jerusalem as they wave those palm branches that Jesus didn't see he sees us in our sinfulness.

That's why he did what he did, he sees you he sees you right now regardless of how you addressed regardless of where you are, regardless of the impression you give regardless of what other people are saying about you regardless of your goodness your kindness. Regardless of everything he sees you, Jesus went willingly to the cross because he saw us he nodded and he sold them. These unbelievers, but he he he really loved them while I found myself saying and in a human way which is so inadequate you got a seriously love somebody to do what Jesus did. Often they did what they did to him. I suppose we've spent generations trying to describe the love that Jesus has for us. Despite these unbelievers Jesus sold them in and heat. He loved them. He just loved it because God so loved the world, God loves you, my friend, he sees you he sold them. These unbelievers he loved them. His love was so pure that not all binding in the bullying in the bartering and the bruising was going to stop.

He sold them. He loved them, which is why he died for them. Despite these unbelievers. He died for them. Jesus died for you. He actually carried through heat. He he died for their and because he died for them. Jesus carried them when Jesus went to the cross carried our sin, our hate, antagonism, our struggles are hypocrisy bathrooms carrying carried carries us to us. This unbelieving world and he went to the cross and died gave his life for yes he did for you what you need to do today to stay focused to return to your faith may be to give your life to Jesus for the very first time you could do that with a simple prayer I love the leads you and that you can say me to repeat after me, Lord God, I realize my sin has separated me from you. So God turn my back on my sin that ask you to forgive me but I believe you are the son of God and I believe that you died and rose from the grave so that you could give me life, leaving God show me how to make you Lord of my life.

I will follow Jesus name I pray. It starts with that decision.

Perhaps today's the day that you rededicate your life once you give us a call. Dr. Wilton has free resources he wants to put in your hands will help you grow in your faith. Love to hear from you. Numbers 866899 word will send those resources the Dr. Wilton. Once you have will send those out right away if you cause 866-899-9673 or meet us on our that CW

Just before we Lord is put in my heart today to pray for you, you know that's something that I can do. We can do for one another, but I just want you to know that prayer is so critical.

You know that the Lord Jesus not only hears our prayer, but he wants is our prayer to God like to pray for you today.

You love the Lord, I know things going on in your life.

Let's talk to the Lord Jesus heavenly father right now I want to present to you my friend who is searching looking longing needing crying out to you. I just pray Lord Jesus even through the lens of this camera that by your spirit you would touch this person's answer that prayer right now fulfill that need come down in the power of your spirit. Manifest yourself. I'm praying this in the strong name of Jesus we believe in prayer. You are the Christ, the son of the living God. God, hear my prayer, my friend