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R856 Saluting The Sacrifice

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 12, 2022 8:00 am

R856 Saluting The Sacrifice

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 12, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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We all could use some encouragement find it together today on the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton all about saluting the sacrifice will be open to God's word together in Hebrews chapter 4 with Dr. Wilton but he wants you know were opened up right with you right now. Phone number is 866899 word 866-899-WORD 9673 let's connect Dr. Don Wilton what an inestimable privilege it is for each one of us to be able to salute the sacrifice together over the Paul century, more than 35 million men and women have onto the cold to all in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless unnamed military engagements. More than half a million of these men and women never came home. Some died in battle. Others died in captivity, but old, died too soon. Recent military action in Iraq and Afghanistan has offered us fresh reminders of the human reality of war. Ordinary men and woman leaving homes and families and all that they love and on all that they know to risk their lives for an ideal of on or for duty or just to protect the soldier next to them. People of patriotism, extreme goodwill might debate the merits of any given rule. Police action or humanitarian mission, but they should be no debate America about outdated to the hundreds of thousands of our citizens who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives eating the nation's call to service general John Logan Gen. order number 11 on May 5, 1868. Save the following, we should guard our graves with sacred vigilance.

All that the consecrated taste and wealth of the nation can add to their adornment and security is but a fitting tribute of her slain defenders let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of Rev. morning and visitors let go, vandalism or avarice or neglect.

The ravages of time, testify to the coming present generations that we have forgotten as a people. The cost of a free and that the undivided Republic if the eyes grow dull and other hands select another hearts cold and the solemn trust shall keep it will as long as the light and warmth of life remains.

Ladies and gentlemen on this memorial day worship, occasion an opportunity. I believe that we had three purposes that we are here for today number one to let freedom ring number two to salute every pipe number three to worship our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ Dennis Jernigan is led us so marvelously as have our choir and orchestra and Scott. What a blessing to be in the house of God.

We been reminded of some incredible truths.

I stand before you today is one of millions of people who can testify to unbelievable blessings in life because of this beloved nation, the United States of America. If our first purpose is to let freedom ring. I submit to you today that there are three things that we need to remember and hide in our hearts when we let freedom ring number one. We must remember the pursuit of justice we were to go back and draw history books. Find the records of countless millions of people who call themselves Americans today and in days gone by the Flynn persecution and who have come to this land flowing with milk and honey from sea to shining sea, and the pursuit of justice a country where individual value is placed on such a high premium when we let freedom ring we celebrate the right to think, just think of Afghanistan for a moment. So many people just think of wall. I think of tribalism and factionalism. Terrorism.

I want you to think of one of the basic tenants of freedom and that is the right and the ability to think for yourself. That's a sacred trust that you know by the way, that in Afghanistan prior to the liberation that no goals were permitted to go to school and to educate themselves, even in the basic fundamentals of even elementary education, the right to think was stymied. It was cut off. It was decapitated it was amputated. People would not allow to think and when freedom rings, we not only celebrate the pursuit of justice, but the right to think and then number three when we let freedom ring. We guarantee the capacity to grow. I'm so grateful that I'm not the same person that I was a year ago onto parents is not an amazing thing to watch as our sons and daughters grow. Most of us think growth is just simply physical growth growing in use.

But in America today. We have the capacity the right. The in alienable right to grow as individuals in a free society. All of us in the same pursuit of liberty and justice for all. Yep, where here today to let freedom ring, but would also get a day to salute every pipe. I want you to think for just a moment about the countless millions of people who have flown the flag of true patriotism all day exactly. I think we have defined them a lot more clearly today.

These are those who said goodbye for a distant land. These are those who have laid down their lives to somebody that they never knew you know that there are people right now were giving their lives for somebody like me, and I've never met me. They don't know me from a bar of soap. These patriots, these are those of St. goodbye for a distant land. These are those who lay down their lives. Somebody I never knew. These are those who have gone away and never return. I've met many families like that I've held many a hand. These are those who have given up life and limb and family.

These all those who have risked all liberty. I'm going to submit to you today. Ladies and gentlemen when we salute every patriot. We salute those who have played freedom's greatest sacrifice go to Webster. Find out what Webster had to say about sacrifice is Webster's definition of sacrifice. Sacrifice is the surrender at word Sarandon literally means to give up sacrifices, the surrender all the destruction the breaking down of something valued for the sake of something having a higher value or a pressing claim sacrifice my beloved friends is not giving up something that you don't have sacrifice is giving up the very value of something that you value for the sake of something that you value on an even higher plane or that is accompanied by a far greater pricing value. So the question begs today. These heroes of which we speak. What advice sacrifice. What was it that was something of a great value or something that was more pressing when I look at my life and I consider my family and my country when I consider the blessings of my life. What am I willing to give up when you want to those questions, you come to a greater understanding of the true meaning of American patriotism. What are these heroes sacrifice they sacrifice their own family. Talk about value, never to be loved by their families again. These true heroes sacrifice even their own values, never to be experienced by them again these patriots. These true American heroes.

They sacrifice their own country. We confuse the issue with patriotism. We say they fight for country. These American patriarchs are sacrificing their own country because they will never enjoy their own country when they give up their lives. These American patriots they sacrifice. Yes their own future. Never to be lived. We just simply want to say thank you for you every person within the sound of my voice today has within their hearts. The memories of people more precious than you could ever imagine our history books are filled with them from one page to the next true American heroes. We just simply want to say thank you we got true heroes even in the upstate of this beautiful state of South Carolina in every state of the United States of America are pages in our books and our hearts are playing with them. We just want simply to say thank you as Americans we want you to know we are proud of you for the rain wiped and blue.

We salute you ladies and gentlemen. When you join me today and saluting our true patriots so much. How do you say thank you but I submit to you today that our primary reason for gathering in the house of God, as we knew all across this free land in which we live is not just to let freedom ring under salute every patriot but to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want you to open your Bibles with me to the letter to the Hebrews and chapter 4 the letter to the Hebrews in chapter 4, a marvelous, marvelous passage of Scripture.

Those of you that went through our 3+ years of study in this great epistle will understand the first word in verse 14, the Bible says, therefore, is not a single. Therefore, in the Bible. That's not there for a reason.

Therefore, since we have a great high priest was gone through the heavens, Jesus Christ the son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest was unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we all watch this yet without sin.

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. I submit to you today that the sacrifice of so many men and women draws our attention to the greatest sacrifice of all because through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ number one what we discover that our Savior was supremely selected.

That's what Bruce 14 tells us this great high priest was gone through the heavens, the one who is from heaven himself was supremely selected. Did you know that a man by the name of Kayla was selected by over 63 million Americans who went to vote for their American Idol. I want you to listen to that for a moment. I don't claim to know a lot about American Idol.

Everything I know comes from Steve Skinner and my daughter but I want you to know one thing I do know is that this young man Tyler from Birmingham, Alabama. Is that right Steve arrived loves all the universe.

I mean, sorry Alabama was elected selected watch the spokes 63 million people voted for their American Idol mold votes will cost for an American Idol. I want to say something about that. I want to tell you my friends that you and I might go and vote and we might elevate people to positions of idol worship, but I want to tell you something about Almighty God, the supreme commander of the universe from before the foundation of the world.

Jesus Christ was supremely selected to play the ultimate sacrifice for the likes of people like you and me and all it took was one vote.

God never took an opinion poll never took a telework telephone survey. He never even put himself up on public display. God never even grabbed the microphone and tried to impress the crowd he just simply made an announcement from before the foundation that this is he selecting because salute. He is the son of the living God, what an incredible thing to think about Jesus Christ supremely selected. When I think about the sacrifice of so many men and women.

I think about the fact that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Savior was solely situated Bible says in the second part of verse 14 that Jesus is indeed the son of God. The only one who came from God because he is God.

John chapter 1 verse one in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was God. Remember how Jesus looked into the face of his disciples and he said to them, tell me gentlemen who do people say that I the son of man and while they looked around they gave a truthful answer they said well monster. Some people say you're Elijah. Some people say you're Tyler Hicks. Some people say you're President Bush. Some people say you're the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Some people say that your Mohammed the prophet. Some people say that your there's some people say that you Don Wilton some people say that you're my mother. Some people say that you're my father. Some people say you're a great American patriot and baby Jesus into their hearts anything but you say that I am and Peter looked at our Savior, and he said truly, thou art the Christ, the son of the living God solely situated.

Please forgive the interruption will be back in just a moment with more of today's message on saluting sacrifice with Dr. Don Wilton Dr. Don Wilton over here connecting 24 hours a day on our website at

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That's just one of many great resources with Dr. Don Wilton on her website. TW that's TW why you're there signing for the Dave Encouraging Word email it will bless you for sure now that today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton Jesus Christ number three. Through his sacrifice was specifically sympathetic. I love verse 15 Bible says we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, consider the context of Hebrews and I'm not going to go into that. We spent over three years dealing with that subject, but for the sake of our guests in this particular context. These people who was struggling with Jesus Christ. They were battling to come to grips with the fact that Jesus Christ could set them free. They had spent a lifetime grappling with the issue of their sin. They went to the priest. The priest would look at them, but the priest was limited because he had the capacity to do only two things. Number one. Forgive his own sin and number two, to forgive the sin of the people one sin at a time. I look around this place. Some of you would spend a long time visiting your praise. Just consider Sam Dave's a good taken at least one month just to get through one morning. Once I want you to know if I had to go and ask for forgiveness for every single sin that I had committed. How long do you suppose that would take you guess what Jesus Christ did. He was specifically sympathetic that their specific speaks to the specificity of our singular sermon in the presence of God and because Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord through his sacrifice wipes the slate clean and he costs assassin as far as the east is from the west and he remembers it no more. Somebody say amen and that incredible can you imagine that God would do something like that. How is he specifically sympathetic because he knows us. He identifies with us and he encourages us well not any three sacrifice was our Savior, supremely selected, was he not any solely situated, and specifically sympathetic buddy was significantly seated. I love this one folks. Look at verse 16. The Bible says that a slim approach the throne of grace with confidence.

Can you imagine that that because Jesus Christ is the son of God supremely selected by God himself as God to become the sacrifice for our sin that all three rose from the grave he ascended to watch to be seated at the right hand of the father which is in heaven, having been exalted at his right hand now making intercession for you and for me. I remember many years ago. Being in Edinburgh, Scotland where a lot of my family comes from Oz downtown Amber Rado princes Street.

For those of you that are being there and all the sudden they were. There was noise and people running around people with earphones on Secret Service agents and I was standing next to the shop I just walking down the street minding my own business and I was trapped. I couldn't move and somebody said you stand right there.

I guess her I just stood right there next minute. A big old black car pulled up flag on the front. Guess you popped out of their Princess Diana. She just walked out right in front of me. I said hi, Diana. She said hi Don how you doing I tell you, folks, I thought my heart was going to attack me. I said my wife is going to kill me. Knowing that I've been sitting you're having a good cup of tea with Diana one incredible beautiful lady.

Well she walked straight toward me when she came up to me. A Secret Service agent came up and he said you sir into the shop. I suggest, sir, and I walked into the shop. It was the winter shop I've ever been. My wife loves it had all kind of white stuff really stop laced up boring. I didn't know what to look at, but Diana came in they folks and I stood right there against the window in the shop for about 20 minutes, as Princess Diana shopped around.

She touched the smoke that picked up this finally she bought one of two things. She was very gracious, greeted the shopkeepers spoke a little and then she walked out garden emoticon and she was gone. You know that I felt like I was in the throne room.

I felt that I was in the presence of somebody I want to tell you something today. Folks, when you talk about the seating of Jesus Christ. God tells us watch this that you and I having been forgiven of our sin had been given access. Watch this right into the throne room of God first with me. It's an amazing verse. The Bible say his lap us then approach the throne of grace with what what is it say confidence not sniveling in the corner not put your heart going at 100 miles an hour not worrying about whether someone's going to arrest you, but we can approach the throne of grace with confidence, and when we approach the throne of grace we receive mercy and we find grace.

Why, because mercy is given grace is found. Mercy is the power of God's love and grace is the product of God's love. When I approach the throne of grace, I received the Massey of God which is translated into the power of God's love even through my heart and life such as the sacrifice Savior supremely selected solely situated, specifically sympathetic, significantly seated and finally, but not conclusively. Savior was sacrificially sent look at verse 16.

The loss part of verse 16 so that that means in order that this is the byproduct. This is what results from the fact that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

You and I can with confidence come into the very presence of a God who is absolutely holy and righteous. He helps us in our time of need.

Just think about that folks. Jesus Christ, the son of God became man.

Specifically, sacrificially sent to do what he looks out for us.

He encourages us he calls us, love us, he draws alongside. He blesses us, lifts us up. He listens on so is our prayer. That's what he does for you. That's who this Jesus is the greatest sacrifice of all deed.

The greatest sacrifice of all you been listening to Dr. Don Wilton as is been teaching and preaching today from Hebrews chapter 4, I pray that as we study God's word together. You've heard more than the wonderful South African brogue of our pastor Dr. Don Wilton heard the voice of God reminding you that he loves you he is a special plan for your life in a way for you to enjoy heaven in eternity with him before we get away closing thoughts from our pastor from inside the studio as he just shares his heart. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that I miss and I know that Jesus died for me to cross the day I repent of my sins and by faith I receive you into my heart in Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting if you just prayed to receive Jesus bring along with Dr. Wilton or perhaps even early in the program. You know it's time for you to turn things around to rededicate your life to Jesus Christ. If so, Dr. Wilton has free resources.

He wants you to have any wants to pray for you if you contact us at 866-899-WORD will commit to both those things into the free resources is prepared for you and we will pray for you that's 866-899-WORD 96733 can use on our website as that's TEW it's filled with not only today's teaching you can see it in video form. An audio for you and also gain resources like loneliness, how to view but not long. It's all on our website TW all