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R840A The Meaning Of Salvation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 9, 2022 8:00 am

R840A The Meaning Of Salvation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 9, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
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Encouraging Word
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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

We all could use of encouragement and will find it together today in the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton and a message on righteousness.

This is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton and today is topic is the meaning of salvation, understanding, righteousness will hit in the book of Romans chapter 3 in just a moment before that Dr. Don Wilton you know that were here for you to pray with you and for you anytime we can connect in a couple of ways. Our phone number is 866899 Word 866899673 available 24 hours a day to talk and listen and pray. We can also connect on our website as that's TW now today's great teasing from Romans chapter 3 with Dr. Don Wilton off all the water wonderful privilege. It is together like this together so many of us listening looking hoping and praying. What a joy it is to be gathered around the word of God and father I pray today that everyone within the sound of this preacher's voice might not here a preacher's voice but would draw the here the monsters voice hired me behind the cross. So Lord that on this Lord's day, that we might see the Lord Jesus Christ that your fragrance might fill your temple and that we as a people might never be the same again because we pray these things together in Jesus name, amen my dear friends we going to be looking at something of singular significance and diving titled this theme the meaning of our salvation. I was going to be looking at this together because God's word tells us that there is nothing that can be more significant than the fact that people like you and me have been forgiven of our sin and that we have been granted access into the presence of the righteous and the holy God. How can we understand this together. What can the Bible teach us, and today we going to look no further than righteousness. I just want to say to you that that would righteousness is a big word you want understand that really the best way to do it is look at the first part of the word righteousness. The first part is spelled RIGHT ever said to somebody when you're in conversation with them. Well I know what you say.

Do not listen to what you say but I want you to know that I'm right. Quite frankly, in my humble but very accurate opinion. What I'm telling you is correct. I'm right. I know this to be correct.

We know what the word right's Steve, for example, the Iceman is probably one of the best free throw churches I've ever seen. You could see it in that presentation of Steve Skinner, just a little while ago is amazing. I merely felt the stepladder trying to get the bull through the but Steve is a tremendous free-throw shooter he doesn't write we know what right me now. The mantra of righteousness is the condition that I find my civil in relationship to God. Everything related to me can only be made measured in terms of God. Now let's read about this in Romans chapter 3 and I'm going to begin in verse 21 and see how far we can get the Bible says, but now a righteousness from God, which is apart from the law has been made known that Scott Proctor God wouldn't let me get parts that first part of one sentence I tried I tried to prepare pasta. I couldn't get past that statement because the Bible tells me that God is righteous, has made himself known to the likes of me. How can that be how can I have any kind of fellowship or communion or connection with God is perfectly right. That's what salvation is. Salvation is bringing back which is perfectly wrong. Together with that which is perfectly right bringing that which is broken together with that which is completely whole and the whole makes the broken whole blood becomes right not because of the Roman but because of the right.

Wonder if you've ever wanted to meet somebody who is well-known. I'm sure we will have. Maybe that person is Oprah Winfrey old Dr. food or maybe a great athlete that you've admired. Maybe you've always wanted to meet somebody in your hearts desire. You said if I could just beat that person number of weeks ago my wife and I were walking across the parking lot we were holding hands and all the sudden I heard a voice that's all I heard.

I didn't see anybody. I heard a voice, and I want you to know I immediately recognize that voice and I turned to my left and there he was, Gary player, world famous golf, commonly known by many people as the ambassador to go a man of imminent grace the heart of a gentleman statesman known as much for his golf as the manner with which he conducts himself a household name when you mention the name of Gary player you mention in the same sentence. People like Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer from Watts.

One of the few people who want all the majors in goal traveled the world round about 70 years of age.

Looks like it's 50 is kept himself in immaculate condition.

I wife and I walking across the parking unexpectedly. I hear a voice and I look in its Gary player. I was immediately presented with a situation. Quite frankly, I wanted to talk to Gary player. I needed to. I admire him. I wanted to be able to tell you about a quite frankly, I don't know where Britt was but I would've given anything from Rick Dillard to be the weather camera with me being greeted I really wanted Gary player decide its Don Wilton, the here and talk to me these voice and so I made a split decision, going through the whole gamut of my human emotion with real questions. What if I do talk to him.

How is this man going to respond to me. He's famous.

I'm not easy everybody. I'm nobody what's he going to do is he going to fall me off. Am I going to be made to look foolish in front of my wife. What should I and so I just walked across the parking lot went over to him and I said to Mr. Playa I'm Don Wilton and I said I'm from Spartanburg, South Carolina and that man's face lit up. He began to talk to me.

He was so gracious to me. And rightly, as he was talking to me he looked right through me and Whitney's hand just moved me aside because I had forgotten to introduce my wife and Gary player said and you must be this gentleman's wife. I said yes. I was just about to introduce her. She is the love of my life and and I don't know where my manners went. I don't know what it happened to me. I was just the rudest person to my wife.

I just got up. They became full of myself. Everything became seem to be me and my conversation and the person who's more important to me than life outside of Jesus Christ I just going to and so my wife Karen was drawn into the conversation we just had a wonderful conversation with Gary player and his two grandsons, and when the conversation was over. He went often we turn around walk back to our motor car which was parked in a parking lot over there and sitting in that motorcar were my two sons my daughter and my daughter-in-law and with a smile on my face. I said to them, guess who I just met but I say do I send Gary player. I said yes see the top of that vehicle over there that seem Gary and my family who mean so much to me with in the presence and the precincts of this person and at that moment the only person who had the capacity to introduce my family to Gary player didn't do it and they must listen to what Job had to say. John tells us in Job chapter 9 and verse two. How can a man be righteous before God, see my dear friends, man has three great meetings. All of these needs you and I as mere mortals, sinful mankind share these three needs income. I believe these are three of the greatest needs known to man number one. The need to approach God. All we hear about God. We actually even watch God. We particularly in the United States of America have a consciousness of God, but we have a spiritual purpose with in our lives. The reason why God created us was for the very express purpose of being able to come into the presence of God.

We need to approach God. We want to approach God number two. Our greatest need is not only to approach God, but it is to engage God now friends when I sold Gary player in the parking lot. It was one thing to approach her, but it was another thing entirely to engage in. I have approached a lot of famous people. Steve is that man that made the parent did the passion of the Christ Mel Gibson Mel Gibson I want you to know I know Mel Gibson. You didn't know that the I have been around Mel Gibson. I'm telling you within touching distance, I've even heard them speak but I've never engaged in and the need to engage God is the need not only to talk to God but to listen to what God has to say. It's the need, not just for a monologue which is very very important but it's the need for dialogue. Please forgive the interruption will be back with more of today's message with Dr. Don and Justin don't go away, but Dr. Dunn insisted I remind you that there's more than just this teaching in this moment. Our goal is to be a part of encouraging you throughout your entire day.

As a matter fact, one of the ways we do that is by capturing a very special moment from Dr. Wilson about a passage of Scripture and we called the daily Encouraging Word devotional. You can sign up on our website right now, and you receive an email about 6 o'clock every morning that literally will jumpstart your day with the power of God's word and application so that we can apply to the way we live our lives in a prayer to watch you through the day again. Sign up on our website at She daily devotion of Dr. Don Wilton. It will bless you greatly.

And while you're there, be sure and check out the wonderful new resource fear not, and loneliness. How to be alone but not lonely both of those resources are on our website right Tabak, today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton because I cannot be sustained without God is my number one greatest need is to approach God. I want you to think about all the religions of the world for just about all of them Christianity, you name every religion in the world. I will guarantee you, what you will find written into the wall of every religion of the world, all the mandates sit before man that are designed to give a person like me and approachable access to God you going to find codes of conduct, covenants, rules, regulations, we gotta get into this next week folks point number one for next week. Write it down God's righteousness is apart from the law expands on its own.

It is not accompanied by any code of conduct on the part of man. Right now we better focus squarely in the same room of God himself upon the face of the one who is fully access and Job said, how can a man come into the presence of God in his righteousness.

So what is my need is not just to approach God, but it is to engage God number three, the third greatest need known to man is to be accepted by God. Now listen carefully. That is one of the greatest needs known to man is just to be accepted. All of us want to be accepted. That's why probably the single biggest issue facing our teenagers to the is the matter of popularity go to the school dining hole and just observe me tell you in every school dining hole across America and every lunch hour in every school you see tables and sitting around every table are going to be circles of young people, many of those circles are defined by virtue of popularity, who's in and who's out, there's the popular group here comes less unpopular. She gets her tray of food and she presents herself in the dining hole why she unpopular.

Well maybe she just doesn't measure up to the standards of the popular group she doesn't have boys hanging all over. She's not in the first team. She might be. Doesn't where the right clothes. Maybe her parents just don't have the right connections.

Maybe they are unable to have the party at her house every second Friday.

Maybe dads not the chairman of the booster club. Maybe she just doesn't have the right looks can't have someone in your that the boys don't like you want to be in the popular group man. One boy falls by the wayside because another team waiting in line. Maybe she has an inability to speak.

Maybe somewhere down the line. She got her. Maybe she was abused. Maybe she comes from a broken family. Maybe she's carrying in the hot things that are so difficult.

Maybe it's a problem with her eyesight.

Maybe she carries a little bit more weight than usual. Maybe she just doesn't seem to fit, and she comes miss unpopularity and she walks in and all types to be included is fullness. Popularity to stand up and turn around and say certain common sit next to me move up girls. Susan's here common. Sit down, we can make room for you and when miss unpopularity sits down miss popularity turns to her and say his goodness.

Susan, that is the prettiest switcheroo I've ever seen in my life.

When you get that I love that color and just one word from this popularity will completely strong school. The life of one single person me tell you what happens in discipleship groups of First Baptist Church of Spartanburg. We don't want that girl in our group. We don't want that boy to be a part of this group that I don't suit us. They don't measure up to our standard and throughout the experience of a person's growing up years, from elementary school to middle school to junior high to high school eventually miss unpopularity graduates and she goes off to college and all of a sudden miss unpopularity is willing to accept and do anything they throw at her just to be accepted she'll give herself to herself subject to self submit herself and float away on the altar of acceptance and God looks down on the heart of Don Wilton and he says because of my righteousness come sit next to me. My oh my, what a what an incredible sweating your way. You know that's just me. Looks like the same sweater that my son wears you mean the Lord Jesus Christ Bob yes my son, that in fact looks like you sweater. I'm so glad you got one just like my son really father all yes what you don't seem to understand is that my son is accepted in my presence. He is the righteousness of God. His atoning sacrifice was completely satisfying to me and I want you to know unpopularity in your certain lossless that when you enter the seat beside me sat beside me in the righteousness of God that heavenly father and by means all my son the Lord Jesus Christ. Somebody say amen this morning. Is there somebody in this place is willing to give up their seats at the lunch table are there, a group of young people at First Baptist Church of Spartanburg who are willing to stand up and say come and sit beside Larry man's greatest need to approach God to engage God to be accepted by God.

This is my beloved friends is the very cry of humanity. It is this all of the human soul. It is the agony of the human heart, Dr. Billy Graham wrote that great classic work, how to have peace with God and millions of people boarded. He wrote the keys to personal peace and happiness you write to me here at First Baptist Church.

I'll send you a copy of Dr. Graham's book. It's a booklet I'll send it to you. People require that they wanted why because people want to know how can I approach God.

How can I engage God, how can I be accepted by God. Beloved friends. No man is capable of coming to God in his own power. Not with all the religions of the world, all the human effort, not all the modeling standards and the ideologies and the codes of conduct in the comments. Only God's grace can do something like that only God's grace Isaiah the prophet Said it better than anyone of us and 64 in verse six. Man's righteous deeds are like ratings but what a powerful statement Dr. about the prophet Isaiah, and that quoted men's righteousness and deeds are like filthy rags. When we look at any of our goodness, no matter how good we strive to be all of that is like filthy rags, but the good news is it's not our our righteousness is going to matter at all. It's God's righteousness when you and I say yes to Jesus Christ.

It changes everything.

All of a sudden when God looks at our sympathy doesn't even see it because he sees Jesus standing in the gap protecting us standing up for us, but it all starts by saying yes to Jesus Christ.

You listen as Dr. Don is been teaching and preaching from Romans three and there's more that to come tomorrow. Right now, as Dr. Wilton stepped to the studio. Open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart of life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know you love very very and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross so that I might be forgiven today. I repainted my sin. I can face my sin to you, and I invite you to come into my heart to my life by faith in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first one to welcome you to the family of God. This is one of the I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying for you and how very important this is for me. Call us so we can talk to you to connect to the right place you can begin this wonderful journey just for Dr. Wilton. Moments ago to give your life to Jesus Christ or be dedicate your life to Christ.

We are so excited to rejoice with you, pray for you and Dr. Don was to pray for is also prepared some free resources he wants you to have if you call and ask for at 866899. That's 866899673 or you can connect on her website as well. A Jeep.

These resources will help you build your relationship. Strengthen your relationship and watch God grow as he empowers you to do more than you ever thought possible.

Again the resources are available by calling 866-899-9673 or meet us on our website at that's TE WR where you'll find great resources like this have you ever felt lonely, isolated or abandoned. No one escapes the feelings of loneliness caused by separate ration loss or isolation can strike anyone but God's place within each of us basic need for relationship with him this month with your get to The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Don Wilton's powerful message here, not the bonus book loneliness, how to be alone.

But not only these powerful resources will help you overcome your loneliness and find comfort, security, and companionship in God. That's is one of many great resources on our that's TE WR why you're there, be sure and sign up for the daily email from Dr. Wilton literally thousands upon thousands of people around the world every day. Get that in the email box and together we open God's word and watch God empower us to the living word of God, the Bible itself. Again, you can sign up at he or perhaps as you invest in that resource limits while ago that gift of $25 or more if you buy one of Dr. Wilton's books. Dr. Wilton doesn't receive a dime.

It all goes to share the love of Christ. The Encouraging Word