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R1659 The Believers Proclamation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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December 4, 2021 8:00 am

R1659 The Believers Proclamation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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December 4, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton about the believers proclamation were headed to the book of Colossians chapter 1 beginning in verse 28 with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author evangelist Pastor seminary professor, and I pray that you will just open your heart to him as your friend and teacher today study the book of Colossians were gaining insight on this particular proclamation that each of us have as believers and how it changes the way we live our life on a daily basis as we study the word together know that were available for you to pray with you and for you anytime airline is 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 or email us at that's TE W now. Today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton going to be in Colossians chapter 1 and just verses 28 and 29 this is what Paul said we proclaim Jesus admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom in that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. To this in our labor, struggling with all globs energy, which so powerfully works in me.

This is a remarkable verse two verses of Scripture, and it essentially brings to a culminating .3 very important questions that I think Paul is asking in Baja of people just like you and me general.

These three important questions. The first question that he lost in this particular text is what I do as a believer pull in. In verse 24 makes a statement. He said I just want all of you to know that I rejoice in my sufferings in what I do for the sake of the church. He also is a Christ that I need to know about that.

You need to know about we give our hearts and lives to the Lord Jesus.

The next question needs to be well water. Why do pull header resume for him for him. He had been shipwrecked and bitten by snakes and hounded out of one city offer another starved half today aligned and all the things that he went through so you wants is the question what I do. The second question, pull on Sue's is simply this, why I do what I do.

What is this why Paul is explaining in in the next verses in verse 25 he tells us why he does what he does why he was willing to suffer.

Why was Paul willing to go all the way to the point of his execution and what he was saying is listen. What I do is I suffer for the sake of Christ because I love you with the love of the Lord Jesus. But then he explains the second question and that is why I do what I do any tells us in verse 25. Simply put, because God called me to do this. It's by God's commission, I'm compelled.

It carries with it a beautiful compulsion doesn't you explain how much you love somebody I I see so much love among people here.

Your love is very palpable. Do you know that you can feel it.

I'm told Matthew you folks really know how to love one another.

Would you like to explain why you do what you do.

It's a deep thing and you know Paul was saying to the people there listen what I do is I'll do anything for you. I'll give my life for you because Jesus gave his life for me. But why I do what I do is because God did it for me and called me to do the same thing for you right and then the third question Betty key audiences is how do I do what I do know some you may need to turn to the next person in sight.

Explain to me what the pasta is trying to say because you going to get.

How do you do mixed up in this one way backwards and up the next way so the third very important question is how how how you and I do what we do and so now we going to get to verse 28.

Because in verse 28 pull tells us he tells the church, colossi, something he says we proclaim Jesus, thank you very much. I will do share with you today. The believers proclamation. See that little word in verse 28.

I want to explain that to you for a minute because there are two applications in the Bible of the word, to proclaim, to announce to speak out and began to talk about that Jesus, the first application is to preachers like me and pull was one of those not going to show you a little shift you because if you all take a look back in verse 24. What is the personal pronoun.

Everybody look at that in verse 24 he says now I rejoice. Who was he talking about what is I referred to him so you and I as believers we begin with the eye with me. But did you notice the shift in verse 28 he goes from. I too we we proclaim all of a sudden he looks at all believers. NEC is done for one minute think that the proclamation of the gospel is relegated only to those who preach the word proclamation is the call to all believers to be engaged in the activity of witnessing the gospel hospitalizing the gospel and all of a sudden in verse 28 he reaches out and he gives the whole congregation of believers. This wonderful hug from his pulpit in a prison to the congregation and he embraces all of them and he says we saw. I just I just want to say something to all of us very quickly. If you would all ask this question. How do other people get to hear about Jesus. How do they do that how do people receive care how how do people do this well there all so many ways and we can incorporate this all into the word proclamation people feel Jesus.

Some of you doing that right now because of that incredible time of worship you feeling him, aren't you saw how how do how do people come what is we proclaim people feel it. It doesn't even begin with us and I just want to say to you today my friend. If you feel it right now. Polyglot attention he's knocking at your heart school. I want to invite you to give your heart to Jesus, I'm just inviting him helping you to recognize that the greatest thing you will ever do is turn your heart and life of the Lord Jesus, how how do people come to know Christ well some people read it rated this word is amazing and I love I love the way in which people sometimes you can just get up and read the word of God and I have a friend who every day sends me a verse of Scripture. Just one verse of Scripture I did it on the text and every day just one.

One word, and that combined with all the other ways in which you can just read the word of God and God will speak to his word is powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, so how do people come to hear about Jesus. This we proclaim. I feel it they read it yet is a good one. They see it, you know, sometimes you and I the only Bible anyone will ever read. People see it in us.

Now that's a big challenge.

It's a challenge. Why is that a challenge because we all live this life country and you and I all face the challenges we all get bothered.

We will get frustrated.

We all talk. We all do we all relate. We all have feelings we all have emotions, you know some of the greatest proclamation that ever takes place is just the way you live out your life because people see it they see opinion from just one person standing up your today may say this enough. I hope this comes across for so many of my friends on the you actually don't have to tell me you're a Christian, I bought it, how is your life you different. See you cannot be a Christian be the same as you were before you forgive the interruption will be back with the completion of today's message from Dr. Don Wilton. The believers proclamation in just a moment for Dr. Don's lab meeting her up to remind you we are here for you love to pray with you anytime day or night at 8668866899673 you'll always reach one of us happy to listen. Pray and connect with great resources at 866-899-9673 Dr. Don's also give me permission to share with you something that's happened just recently. A remarkable challenge gift has been offered to the ministry of encouraging word if we come together and together we raise $300,000. They'll be an additional $200,000 added to the ministry and it will empower us to go on the largest network available to literally double the amount of people that will hear this biblically-based teaching. Perhaps you've never given the ministry before I would encourage you to visit our website TE W maybe read Dr. Wilson's book about salaries with Villanova's close relationship with Dr. Billy Graham is one of the things that he encouraged us to do and we done from the very beginning as being part of the EC FA evangelical Council on financial accountability discover and you'll notice we are committed to take everything that you give and use it to lift up the name of Jesus. We began this ministry many years ago with hundred 20 people giving two dollars a week. Every gift matters maybe two dollars a week is all you could do but maybe some of you could be a catalyst of this gift and make that $2000 a week.

The important thing is not the amount of money important things.

If you believe in this Bentley-based preaching that Dr. Wilton shares every single day.

This ministry you would consider getting involved either on a monthly basis or a one-time gift. 866-899-WORD is never the call to share your gift right now. 866-899-9673 or me this online TE

Now back to today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton's change that's taken place right out and say perfect crime. I didn't say perfect and say that it will remember one time visiting with Dr. Billy Graham and his oldest daughter Gigi, whom I love so much told us a story about how Mr. Brian this is Dr. Billy Graham.

Now he wasn't feeling all that good. One day, and evidently whatever happened, but Miss Ruth Graham turned to her husband Mr. Graham in front of obviously the people that were telling me and said Tim will be quiet Billy, and die like a Christian. I say that I'm quoting Gigi here are on you, not always loved that because it's so true of all of us, but people see it in us. They see it and and then number four which is very apropos to where we are in Colossians. How did people come to know Jesus here about they feel it.

By the spirit they read it in the Bible. They see it in our lives, but I think what Polis promise say is don't discount the fact that they hear it from us. He's he's what it means is to speak up it means to speak out about Jesus. It means to speak about Jesus and it means to speak to people about Jesus.

Now let's just try and get a little bit of a handle on this. He says we proclaim Paul is not suggesting that all believers should come up to the pulpit and preach it. He's not saying that because God gives to each one of us individual giftedness. We all are participants in the feel it.

The read it. They hear it. The see it, but he saying to us. We are partners together with God the Holy Spirit in the very act of proclamation which is speaking up and speaking out and speaking about and speaking to, and are trying to help us get a handle on this.

He says this proclamation of Jesus of telling about Jesus. We proclaim him. Jesus carries with it two distinct directors any tells us what they are there in verse 28 he says. First of all, when you speak about Jesus.

It carries with it admonishment. This is just listen now. It carries with it what carries with it what I say is admonishing no the very Gospel itself carries with it admonishment. What is the gospel of admonishment one of my proclaiming when I'm speaking up about Jesus to admonish means to reprimand bond or to warn what Paul is saying here is that you cannot speak about Jesus without accepting the fact that we are being warned that without him will lost.

Excuse me just a minute.

Yet here it is in the inner what he is saying here is, there is no middle ground. When it comes to the gospel. This is not if maybe you feel like it and maybe you know one day you know God loves every body and ultimately everyone's going to heaven Bible doesn't say that that's an admonishment. Jesus met with Nicodemus who was a very fine gentleman, Nicodemus came out of the top drawer is a very religious man and he came in he said to Jesus telling me this proclaim this to me. What is this what must I do to inherit eternal life. And Jesus said, in Nicodemus you must be born again unless there's the admonishment unless you are born of the spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven Oaks that's just as direct as it gets.

That's an admonishment you see that folks can't. You might say to me.

Dr. will just tell us listen when you speak about Jesus took around the gospel just shared Jesus just said you don't, you don't have to getting people's faces just proclaim Jesus Spirit of God does his work, but it carries with it.

Secondly, the director to teach teach what he says they teach that little word teach that is a beautiful, would you not think of all the wonderful teachers we heaven coaches are you thinking our church will a life group teaches discipleship teachers and so it goes on and on and on his fantastic cannot with safe flips are being invited to be in the hangar with all our parents. Parents are such wonderful teachers of the children carries with it so he says we proclaim. So let me put a ribbon around the so to speak. If, in fact, every believer is called upon to be part of the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus. One of the folder moms of proclamation you ready for this. These four things have to take place according to Scripture number one focus stick to Jesus point everything to the Lord Jesus, you know, even Paul, who wrote this he said I saved to know nothing among you accepting Jesus Christ and him crucified. You know my friends as soon as you take your eyes of Jesus you sink just go and look at one of the brothers.

They were on the Sea of Galilee, Peter. The original Incredible Hulk and the wind was blowing and Jesus said come to me and he got out and we know that credible story as soon as he took his eyes of Jesus down he went. That's what he's telling us focus. When you proclaim Jesus focused church focus. Keep your focus.

What is one of the things that the world is wanting the church to do today lose our focus hello distractions are everywhere on play, you can get pulled into a sidewalk so easily distracted, keep focus number two conviction, conviction that would conviction this is a wonderful be convicted about who Jesus be convicted about the word of God be convicted about the gospel be convicted about the life change be convicted about the fact that one day when we die, or if Jesus were to come again that we going to be transported by the angels to be seated at the feast table of the King widows that conviction, from it comes from God's word by the affirmation of his spirit. Be a man be a woman of conviction you have to preach, you could be the most soft-spoken person in the world.

Some of the greatest conviction you ever see comes from some of the most quietest people ever conviction is not loud. Conviction is not the ability to move around. Conviction is not a coat and tie. Conviction is not all the trappings conviction comes from the heart is a very precious thing and you got it you got it, use it usual conflictual conviction come out be convicted under three is reliance, the monde of proclaiming his reliance you knock on that, but the spirit of God be fully reliance on the spirit of God Bible tells us when you give your heart life to Jesus, you have the spirit of God, you get bits and pieces of the spirit of God, you are in Bob spirit of God and rely on the spirit of God told many times that you know in my weakness on my strong because of Christ in me. Greater is he that didn't even he that's in the world. Number four's purpose that's the fourth them on the proclamation purpose.

You know he has a wonderful purpose. Sharing the end of verse 2086 so that he might present that everyone perfect in heaven. Purpose the purpose driven in your proclamation purpose driven being desirous I'm asking God to help me even in my week.

I'm I want to be what's my purpose driven lists of proclaiming the gospel so that everyone may be presented perfect anyone. This is because of the fullness of Christ. It's Christ in me. It's the imputed righteousness of Christ because when you and I in out in perfectness receive Christ, he spirit comes into us and we are in case by the fullness of the spirit we are in Christ. That is the perfectness of Christ and that's what Jesus does for us. You bow your heads with me today. This is why this is so exciting. This is why today I have such a privilege of inviting you to give your life to Christ and I want you to give you as the pastor said today could be the day to give your life to Jesus Christ. It's as simple as an honest prayer with God, I'd love to lead you right now. More Jesus, I realize that my sin has separated me from you and so got I turn my back on my sin and I ask you to be that the control of the CEO of my life. Lead me God.

I believe you are the son of God. I believe you died on the cross for my sins and raised in newness of life. Lord your life and I ask you to lead me in Jesus name I pray, amen. Dr. Don often reminds us that it's not the words, but the attitude of the heart and in your heart you ready to say yes to Jesus Christ or rededicate your life to Christ. We would love to celebrate with you and give you some free resources that all you need to do is call and ask for 866-899-WORD is the phone number Chinatown distort yourself 866-899-WORD 9673 and let us know that you've given your life to Christ or rededicate your life would love to meet you online as well. A TW that's TW while you're there, sign up for the free daily devotional from Dr. Wilson that's We would love to connect and we would love to encourage