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R1649 A Christian Response to Daughters and Sons, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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November 23, 2021 8:00 am

R1649 A Christian Response to Daughters and Sons, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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November 23, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
The Truth Pulpit
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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton on this additional The Encouraging Word this is Dr. Don Wilton teaching and preaching God's word straight from the Scriptures and they will go to first Timothy chapter 6 the conclusion of this message of Christian response Sons and daughters started the word together you connecting 24 hours a day at this phone number 86689 pray with you, for you in connection with wonderful sources like you find on our website TW visit the website CDW or call us anytime at 866-899-9673 866-899-WORD 9673 Dr. Don Wilton gives us a list pursuing loft. It's a fantastic righteousness God in his love endures gentleness laws.

How do you do is push you off to gentleness done like your business cc to young Timothy that hot button that you got to serve.

You will. You can lead you can stand up you can point people in the direction you can be the best woman you can be the best man you can be at the top of your profession. You can sit in the seat of leadership. You could do these things, but you have to sacrifice the jingle of the spirit of the living God, you resort to the same mean of the world in which we live that site. Talk word I flee from you often number three pieces 54 verse 12 fight the good fight of faith for about a way that doesn't mean you know to get out there and man, I'm gonna fight this and I'm going to chop this and I'm going to do this and I'm in a get off of this and that's always told Matt that would means that you are's back to faith.

Are you serious you a serious Christian, how many of us all Christian. But we just we just sloppy bowls of Jell-O, we just wobble around since fight the good fight of faith be serious about it.

Number full pieces. Hold tight like the whole time. The second part of verse 12 are told, it all comes right out about fight the good fight of faith take hold of the eternal life to which you record when you makegood your confession in the company of many witnesses. He sees hold title to it. If you are about to get married. Can I give you little word you give your big big hit big clue hold talk to one another. What does that mean the whole talk to you mean in this world you both going to have to go you have to go to this job. She's going to go this you go to do that you go to do that massage cannot tell you the biggest separation between the two of you. He's a he and she's a she marriages a stupid okay right and here I am sitting looking at everybody saying you want me to give you a really good thing to do whole talk to each other by the way it works soon as you let go. As you let go you go do your thing I'll do my thing you got your will do my will do this you not happens in your marriage. You become estranged from one another. You can end up in a marriage sitting in the same house looking at each other saying is that man who is that woman we know each other.

You say it never happens in a marriage hello polio is looking to the young man nieces hold tight to what to what you confessed, stick with it, hold it, you know Chris you and I would just so pumped about all these young people.

This weekend gave their lives for baptism. Our children and our children's ministries with Greg Springsteen and Martha are in all the you know how this and coming to hold and read your kids when they grow up. Pray that they would hold visit your confession of faith only on a Sunday morning all typed to it.

And then there's one Maurice's keep always gets downright the inverse 14 he culminates in his word to the younger person nieces I'm going to charge you ready for this. That's what he says, verse 14.

Keep this all the word. There's like persevere is like keep on keeping on, like now, leave to do this again all you but yes the difference greater is he that senior than the one that's in the will.

Alright, so watch the skies. Watch this poll talking to a young fellow here. He tells them five things very simple.

Flee from this.

You often find full hold talk. Keep always before we go. Can I just be dad from cannot be a Christian bad. I just want to be a Christian grandfather for a minute because my question. What is a Christian response to our daughters and son like I'm preaching to the quiet here because you're obviously doing this and I commend you for I want to affirm you today. What is a Christian response number one to give you a few get you ready bless them, bless your daughters and son bless them verbally, positively, practically hard for me just bless. Can I just tell you something that will bless you back a whole lot more less than number two love them love you'll Sons and daughters man you say pasta, wait a minute course. Everybody loves the children really what is what is what is your love look like right now. What does it feel like, what is it sound like dad, mom, grandparent, neighbor love them guys listen man love your children because of who they are, not because of what you think they should be you find in in your family. You could have 10 children come from the same mom and dad and every one of them is different.

You know that all your children, but often while you wonder if I all over your children.

You know, because we will have personalities, you know, some of us are up this way and some on that way just love them love them for who they are all number three. Christian response is a Christian nurture their nurture them.

By the way, that would nurtures a great word is not the word nurture means it means to care and encourage growth in them.

That's what the word nurture means it means to care for them and to encourage growth in them and it's not just physical growth. It's spiritual, maturational growth, it's the growth of life, nurture them, make it your business. That's a Christian response. Bless them love them, nurture them is another one number full protect protective you'll notice I have important age group on this that would protect means be the Christian mom or dad that never stops watching out for them and by the way, I promise you this, your kids will grow up very quickly.

Some you got little one that grab very quickly man on the you hear that all the time grab quickly. I'm just sorry, but it's true. That happened they do they grow up real quickly man. Don't ever stop protecting the matter how big protective defendant that means to defend the younger they all it takes on the age appropriateness you know little children don't have a microphone. If you notice that that they can speak for protection.

They will ever think you got a microphone. Some of them never seem to stop talking into the microphone right you want to bless you all. Family get them a drum set for Christmas you been there on that fiend. The and if they are listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher on The Encouraging Word and will be back with the rest of his message in just a moment, focusing our whole lives about how to move from a social agenda to a godly one since a parent or a child, but we also want you to help rearrange your agenda with regard to God's word. We believe there's nothing more important, spending time in the Bible itself, not just messages about the Bible but the Bible itself, and we have a wonderful tool that will help you do that, call the daily Encouraging Word devotional. You can sign up for it on our You may be like my bride who likes to have a physical copy.

You can order one actually free on our or you can be lightly and get it email frantically from our pastor. It's available just by signing choose the daily Encouraging Word devotional and I assure you that it'll be straight to Scripture and it'll be a blessing ballot start back in today's great Bible teaching Dr. Don Wilton don't let ability will carry on like they just going to type what our kids are going to learn and what they knocked in whether they going to do this with listen protect children number five guide is a big one here Christian response God. The word guidance carries with it really to tributaries of the same river right on the one hand it to God means you lead them you lead so you leading your daughters and sons can I give you litmus test of whether or not you leading them. Can you define exactly how that looks right now. The second part of it is to guide if you talking about. If you took that second part is teach me you to imagine guiding the word God. If you put the big word God up to see that God then you can put to tributaries down. They in the understanding of that one side is to lead the other side is teach that kind of part of the same framework. But if you say listen, God has called me to guide my sons and daughters.

It means that you are running a parallel track. You are both leading them in your teaching them because you leading them so what are you teaching your kids right now on a daily basis how you leading them. What is your goal, conduct look like always feel like I'm picking on the guys, but I was due.

How do you speak to their mother excuse me in front of your children are you embarrassed right now God is speaking to you.

You can change that you can change this is the beauty of it, you can turn I'm just telling you you safe pick on that same and I don't talk to my wife Rhonda snapped back at her and I use this, that you want me to tell you how to fix that says me genius when you get home today or soon as you can. You walk up to her and you say sweetheart I want to tell you I'm so sorry for the way off spoken to you and say whatever you need to say please forgive me now. I'm not iodine under any particular individual thing is not a matter of law you forgive and let's just go off on another cruise together, but I'm just telling you something if you do it as unto the Lord. You watch your wife's cartoon but get this, you watch how you children, take note of the change just because of your conversation. Many a woman is abused, not in all the other ways that we fly flags their abuse just by the time, but tone of voice, and when your children are watching you know how many children who grow up watching the fathers drink themselves to standstill and become alcoholics they themselves end up doing the same thing and you sir talking, what is he saying here what what is a Christian response to daughters and sons. This is not fair weather. This is not Heidi hello let's just walk around and sing, you know some pretty little song together.

This is reality. This is the road of life. What is a Christian response to daughters and sons bless them love them, nurture them, protect them, guide them, which means both lead them and teach them. Number six listen to them listen to your sons and daughters and by the way, no matter how big they are. Let them talk to you and listen and sometimes it involves a discipline because you come home and you been up working. You got all these pressures on you. Maybe things are not so good in your your son, your daughter. I'm not putting an age all they want to do is to share something with you this Skoda restaurant today and watch how parents love listening. You know the average restaurant see a whole family come and sit around the table. Mom and dad got the infernal cell phone out and there they sit and say not one word and I'm telling you something also lost week when I we need some way by myself that found my own food everywhere. I was down in Panama City just a couple of days packed out went for walk down the beach to scrap family time people having the best time almost every second chair with an adult. The adults was sitting on the beach and here's the little kid with a bucket and spade thing. Daddy looked at all and then pull some more Sanya thing on move the sand over here like we need more sand over the fullest whole government. Daddy and Ms. Bigelow more on himself. Okay yeah and there's mom Facebook I just go to find out what JoEllen had to say about killing Suzanne because her husband check this out in the and the kids just use and we watched ourselves folks and we watched ourselves. I'm guilty. I got a really disarming to discipline myself. I don't even have Facebook but I got Instagram listen to them.

It's a discipline just to move quickly can I do this number seven celebrate with them, celebrate by the way can I give you a guarantee with sons and daughters every day is a course to celebrate.

You know that children and then all the children between ages, teenagers, they graduate from something every day.

Go figure it out. Everything's a graduation.

I mean it's just fun it's like what's next you can turn a slice of pizza and a graduation broccoli not so much but right celebrate with them main get a few Y hours into your solar system with two kids now man wonderful all can I do that with you.

Celebrate the and I'll close with this okay. Pray for the Christian response. Pray for your daughters and sons. Prayer changes things guys God wants us prayer. He tells us to come to him talk to the Lord about them and then tell them you know from time to time when you seen those tanks like I do with my kids they will growing up I I say you know what I am praying for you. You know what sometimes is good actually write a little prayer on the text.

Lord, would you bless my daughter today. You're not cooked chicken here. You know and are you going to get a few of man dad mom I know it never happens in your house but you know what I'm willing to take a few of those because my God is so great.

Boy do I need him. Do I want them to be all over my son what he doesn't trust in God with our children. Trusting God with their life have you trust God with your salvation you been listening and taking in this great Bible teaching from Dr. Don Wilton, but now as he steps to the studio. Open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know that you love me very, very much and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came and died on the cross so that I might be forgiven of Martian today, I repent of mice and I confess my sin. And I invite you to come into my heart and into my life in Jesus name.

If you prayed that prayer.

Let me be the first one to welcome you to the family of God. This is one of I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying for you and how very important since for me. Corliss says we can hope to connect you in the right place you can begin this wonderful journey. Perhaps you prayed long moments ago to give your life to Jesus or we dedicate your life to Christ. If so, we would love to put free resources in your hands. Dr. Don Wilton wants you to have. You can call us right now at 86688668999673 love to put these resources in your hands and help you grow in your faith grow in the next steps were convinced that God's Encouraging Word something that will help you powerful relationship with Jesus never broke also have wonderful resources on our website W great resources like this powerful resources from Dr. welding wonderful help available on CD or DVD in the life-changing DVD movie raising both of these resources will empower you to stand strong in your faith and convictions not so normal days call asset 866-899-WORD 866999673 and request wonderful help ED the risen Encouraging Word listeners ministry thinking today that's is one of many resources available on our website at there discover more about Dr. Don Wilton pastor Dr. Billy Graham for over 25 years since he wrapped up his ministry and life on this earth is also a part of the DFA Evangelical Council for financial accountability. So as you consider giving to this ministry you can notably wisely dumped the name of Jesus. You also might want to know that right now in the middle of a remarkable matching challenge. Raising $300,000 and that will trigger a $200,000 gift to the ministry combined that will allow us to double the amount of people here see be exposed to this Bible-based teaching every single day you're interested in getting involved again. Now's the time to give now between now and the end of the visit our website TW online large