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Do You Pray?...Mr. Jesus

Encouraging Prayer / James Banks
The Cross Radio
July 30, 2022 12:00 pm

Do You Pray?...Mr. Jesus

Encouraging Prayer / James Banks

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July 30, 2022 12:00 pm

Today, Robby and James discuss the differences of how we talk to our friends and family, to how we talk to our Lord Jesus.

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This is good Truth Network encouraging prayer, God offers an open invitation for his people to talk with him anytime about anything urgent prayer. Dr. James Banks fault of the best-selling personal property and many other books on prayer provides weekly biblical insight help you learn to love about some of you ever noticed how sometimes when we pray we don't talk the same way that we do it. Other times it's not that we mean to do it, but sometimes we've gotten used to it over time. In fact, sometimes we can think quite innocently about our prayers need to be that way right James, Robert, for example, sometimes we used to hearing certain formalities formal expressions used to talk to God. We pray often happen when we hear someone praying at church or in public event and we can feel like if we don't use those words were not pray we should mail as we begin this. We really need to point out that were not questioning anyone's motives when they prayer the way they do. Some are are used to praying a certain way. There's been doing it so long that it really is a natural way for them to do it, but this is our goal today to encourage our prayers to be as honest and real possible. After all, prayer is really all about our heart or work in. We don't think of this too much strip, you can come to God sounding very natural in your heart can be far from so ultimately it's not about the words we use right it's about being is natural and and how we really feel but usually our language really doesn't play a role in math. For example, if you would insist that you know I call you Dr. Banks. I think that that would be a pretty formal and it wouldn't be the same as just calling you James absolutely good friend Pastor just got the doctor. He was wondering what he should be called several years ago would people naturally will work for most of the pastor said should I go by Dr. Rev. just got his masters degree so he said well, I'll call you Dr. if you call me master. I love the ways that we address God again not being judgmental. We just pointing out that for example the word Christ is a tidal and really not a name it's from the Greek Christos, meaning the anointed one, or the Hebrew which is Messiah right right it's actually a little like saying Mr. Jesus doctors and again the main point is our heart. But this brings up an important thing to ask ourselves not a way of comparing ourselves to others but really to ask do I talk the same way when I talk to God that I do when I talk to others because what we want to guard against. Here is an approach to him that is only religious suite we want to guard against a religious spirit, if you will, a religious spirit sounds good. It does a lot of the right things but does them just because that's what's supposed to be done. You know, there's this formality about what we really want to do in our hearts is to draw close whereafter most of all relationship with Jesus was and changes you think about it is kind of going through the motions that Jesus was often pushing back against even quoted what God said through Isaiah, basically you honor me with your lips with your words, your hearts are far from me. That's right. Jesus was was all about breaking down walls and that's what the incarnation and it's good to ask ourselves does my conversation with him seem not some might think this is dishonoring to God treating them as a Powell when he is God. You know, but that's again where the heart comes into play is all about, not how we sound. But how we sound can reflect how close our hearts are so were going deeper and he is God. We we can be more real with him. We can go deeper with him than anyone else. And because he was also a man. Jesus knows us gifts switch which is all the more reason to be real with you. Remember when when Jesus died the curtain in the temple was torn in two, so that we could draw near to the presence of God. And that's the most beautiful thing about him really really is the very reason he came in when you realize that I mean is, it's his heart towards us and he wants us to come close. Really, it's everything yeah yeah I like what John Eldridge writes about this beautiful outlaw that I've been reading lately. He mentions Jesus saying be on your guard against the use of the Pharisees and Sadducees who were the religious professionals and and they were all about formality and and Eldridge if you would know Jesus love him experience him, you must pay very careful attention to this warning and then he goes on to talk about people who lose their faith at religious schools or in seminary because they get tripped up by others. You know that Prof. who knows the Bible.

But no, Jesus, and as result has the wrong heart toward others work with another student who sounds so good but is really just going through the motions on the outside because it looks good night my sister went on a date with a guy like that in college she she didn't know the time and it didn't end well and she was able to get away from him, but only because she walked home in the next day he tells her the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Give me a break. Know what you mean. You have to wonder how many people think that this is what Christians really like yeah yeah Eldridge said a wingnut talking about Jesus does far more damage than 50 atheists." He makes the point that when we pray to our hearts.

In her words indicate that Jesus is someone Italy now and again.

This is where get very personal enactment because we can know him and knowing him is the best thing in the world and we need to fine-tune this with our everyday life, one way at church in another way out in the world know I talk one way in one place and it's a disconnect from the way I am in another well. Jesus wasn't like that. He isn't like that and that's why so many sinners could relate to him because they knew he wasn't putting anything on.

He was real with them and loving the father at the same time that he was with them in and we can do that because he will help us to think that's a great place for us to wrap up today. James you know asking God. Can you help us be more real as honestly as I was listening I was thinking, man. You know sometimes I save those prayers at dinner that there's little religious remark that agree with now but I will talk to God about it. So Jesus suite. We are so grateful that that you do want to relate to us in intimate way in our hearts and and I pray that you would just do that help us to see that that we could just be real with you and tell you how we really feel and be grateful for dinner when just like grandma's and Lord help us to be more real than other people will see what a delightful relationship in my pray to hear more from Pastor James by visiting the website. James or by visiting these church in Durham, North Carolina. May God bless you and encourage you. Pray this is the Truth Network