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Guests Dr. Brian Hooker, Julie Kline and Larry Oberheu

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 18, 2022 1:55 pm

Guests Dr. Brian Hooker, Julie Kline and Larry Oberheu

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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October 18, 2022 1:55 pm

Dr. Brian Hooker discusses the Children's Health Defense organizations fight to protect the most innocent and the medical tyranny that is being used against them.

Julie Kline CEO and daughter of the founder of the Trinity Health Freedom Expo and the Trinity School of Natural Health discusses the hottest trending health issues and how we can use natural God created means to heal.

Larry Oberheu shares his nano silver toothpaste and discusses the issues with fluoride.


You can support a chosen generation, and may contact the ethical donation by visiting and now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace program. Great W everything so much being here and knows best, Greg.

I know you have a choice where you can listen each and every day that they were given to near to churn generation rate a well folks down here at the Trinity health freedom Expo. That's Trinity health freedom Expo and I am very very excited to be with the founder of new life wellness new life wellness and of course I want to welcome Dr. Sonny to the program, Dr. Sonny, welcome. So good to have you my my my mama well I am I am just tickled. We had an incredibly powerful meeting and encounter last year when when you and I met and and God showed in abundance. It was it was just absolutely beautiful.

Talk to me about what's been going on with you and in the last year.

Well, not sifting have been elevating my spiritual awareness of why I'm here and the people that need to know about spirituality and the supernatural and how physical body on natural bodies also related to that, and that in my practice of teaching holistic health and wellness that we not only I just this human vessel but with a spiritual being that everything is already done the work has been finished and when we begin to take on natural body and align that with that spiritual network of everything that God has created for us in the beginning, then we'll see this supernatural healing taking place across the earth and so had some challenges because we learn to challenges and down. I got to understand that our physical body needs to be constant connection with our spirituality and so this year I'm here talking about microbial diversity where our gut tissue has so many species in the Scripture what it tells us that we had dominion over the fish in the filed living creatures wasn't quite clear about the living creatures and some people misinterpret that.

Think about we as mammals that living creatures, but no insight about bodies inside of that tissue that was created in the beginning when conception takes place and have cell division right and then we create something, no plate, and in that neural playthings tissue grows, the tissues that to the heart. Yeah, the brain and the intestinal yeah and they can eat at the same time and when the heart begins to grow into what we know to be the physical heart has a connection to the good and the brain.

Right because it was all one tissue one time and so these species is 100,000 different species of microbials in our body and our gut.

The witness missed out of alignment right.

This is when we start to see these on immune problems, digestive problems, but is so connected to the heart into the brain.

We start to see an imbalance as well and so with all this stuff going on today 5G on the viruses.

The mutations and all the stuff that they want us to take into psychic taking in should be taken in God's word and nothing is more powerful than the word of God and it. Anything I tell people yes were supposed to be have dominion over the living creatures in our gut and a heart tissues live in our brain right right what gives us that power is the power of the word of God. We can continuously meditate by the Scripture that sits with was maybe going on with you like I love the one about.

I will praise you God, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made and marvelous are the works. In other words, I'm fearfully made under the anointing of the Holy Spirit because I'm a spiritual being and I have everything. I'm in the likeness and the image of God.

Some 82 six says I am God's child, don't you know that you are God's baby God's and was supposed to have dominion over, and then when it says I have what they call dominion over the living creatures marvelous are the works. Everything that he created us in the form of a human has marvelous works and it knows the DNA and other aspects exactly what is supposed to be done, but it recognizes and opens up to it in the Holy Spirit that dwells within opens up to it.

When we speak with supposed to be just speaking my gospel record.

In the beginning. This is the word planet in the beginning, he spoke everything into existence and if he gave us that same power that same dominion when we speak and we speak what the heavenly realms recognized on the earth like it says when we read our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come that will be done where on earth and in earth as it is in heaven. That means I can pull it down was then placed in the heavenly realms for me to use on earth is he seated us in the heavenly realms in Christ pronounced the kingdom of heaven is at hand and you really can connect to lead to the tearing of the temple and the releasing of the presence of God into us and gone. When I hear you say that I know people get really kind of afraid of that.

But when I hear you say that what I hear you saying is, is that number one his image impressed upon me not not that I'm some deity or worried yes no or that we are equal to God, but that we are his image, and I think we we don't understand because we don't embrace the recognition of what Christ Jesus did in restoring us to that image. You were created in the image of God then enters the world. The image becomes distorted. I think when you're with me the last time we talked a bit about the illness that I had in 04 and the stem cells and how stem cells are born every 24 hours, pure and clear and clean by they take on the image of the corrupted stem cell that they are replacing and a healthy stem cells suddenly goes away. I was most look like oh, and that's what it does and what were talking about here is saying no were saying no, the image we need to be taking on is the image of the incorruptible Christ, what are we dressed in righteous robes of Christ.

Yes yes someone when I teach and I'm getting more understanding of that what you just said and you can related to individuals than I'm being a vessel, the same principles that Jesus came and taught us so that we can have understanding of both realms that were in English.

Heavenly realm as the image but were in the earth round as the doors with the doors of that work that was left for us to do so that we can take that good news and spread it throughout the nations so that everybody can be introduced to that which will redeem us all and save us all from our own corruption.

He said it is finished.

You know I and it types coming maybe from a little bit different angle, but it's the same thing and and one of the things the Lord has been impressing on me is when Jesus said it is finished and that one of the greatest lies. The church has embraced today is I miss sinners saved by grace is a lie because wall that it is done is a just cause this to congregate with like with with people with like-minded problems where we can co-commiserate together and say well you got there. Probably I got there followed. All I got that rock on our world is going to hang out together and man I sure wish Jesus would come back so that I can get rid of this problem, instead of realizing that he all ready did you then set free. Christ said, I have overcome sin and death and and with that the healing was locked into that concept the healing with prior and so those of us that are here this Expo that are providing information providing programs and products. Whatever is just to replenish the city to replenish that which is already been done. Amen. Not well not to have created with even creatively need to understand that when were dealing with illness were dealing with mental, emotional and physical and spiritual death were dealing with all that is the holistic ideology is everything when people talk about depression well if if all you think depression is is it is drugging somebody so that they don't feel anything emotionally you're doing nothing for their physiological issue and you're doing nothing for the for the real heart of what makes people either healthy or sick, which is the spirit man if you don't touch the spirit man. You can't heal the soul foolish man, and the soul is where the flesh reside.

So that's why we connected and unchallenged. You know sometimes you remember years ago I was a speaker for the American lung Association. Okay someone around when they decided that it would let people smoke inside of buildings and whatever and so I took the course and got the training I was going in and one thing they said was on day three week three. You give up all your paraphernalia and you can cut cold turkey. So the week for you had a talk about what you experienced in how did you get over it and so they would ask me how did you get over when you stop smoking and I couldn't answer that question because I had never smoked and so I had to stop training because of people like how she got to tell me how to get over it right but never spoken. And so today having this backed stairs in my physical body from food poisoning. Whatever bad bacteria overcame the good, and so when I started talking about different issues with gotten. I can speak from it from a perspective of the natural because I had the experience, but I'm also able to speak from the fact that I know more about God through his word and I can speak from that perspective and lead to to Christ and lead to what is spiritual and lead to to understand the emotional issues at work with emotional trauma students and bring you to the fullness of holistic health, because I have had the experiences and that taught me some you can't teach with you. Be and is hard to give experiences if you haven't had right and so no tech you can you can teach the textbook by which you can't teach the experience and and that goes directly to Revelation on retirement that goes. Regular language is what by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony and so now I feel more committed before to begin to teach all of that and carry the good news the gospel, not just one way not a religious way, but in a way that's gonna bring all the aspects of who we are into the oneness that we are and we still see great things on this earth. John 17.

He said the glory that was in me would be in their that there would be that they would be unified. You know and and and the unity comes only through Yeshua. That's where the unity rests and through the overcoming because all of this is ultimately related to sin. That's where that that's the root of and we've got a new address that issue. And then we overcome an Christ is already overcome it. And that's the good news just Dr. Sonny thinks her pain was me so much. Coppola given his blessing from the damage think our folks will be back more Trinity health freedom Expo Trinity health freedom Expo you're watching and listening to the generation radio show or to defending our country today. We are no longer fighting with guns. Instead we're fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes support your constitutional rights.

I am, I thank God for this young and I got up by the board of the young would be more, but it is good community is given to the mother. Did you get you. I got I got was really gaudy but no go to freshwater. All you get it in the thought that for us to get young act of the support of the reprint for all of you that God would bless you I got you got Lord and multiple rows in the board and annuity community does what it having it brought on on bus passes. This is this thought is that you recycle your financial help right over 40 years until product to change my life chronicled by CGI, well…… A good program before I discovered by I was taking the traditional environmental tablet was really feeling any different. So I cried bye-bye did all 15 and mineral supplement that the liquid multivitamin (open source non-raid gluten-free and had no pasteurization bye-bye Christ you think without all the work report for the body.

I have asked for help immune health and aging and help meet the replication Bible available in 32 ounce bottle: you are very handy when out gravel packet like on the ground.

The first time I cried by I had more energy. About 20 minutes. I got to thinking clear matter here coupon code shows again radio at check out a $20 off your first order $50 or more CDR coupon code shows again radio here today shows in your house and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people should shoot for the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous life passed were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy shows generation radio were no topic is off-limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and I'm your host Pastor Greg and we are alive at the Trinity health freedom. Now that's lightness. My son Sam waving and saying hello back there in the background. We are live here at the Trinity health freedom Expo and I am so incredibly excited to out welcome to the program. He's been with us a number times he is with the children's health defense fund part of Robert Kennedy Junior's organization and fighting this medical tyranny that is come against us and is so appropriate course. Dr. Brian Hooker for you to be here. Thanks for being with us today.

It's always a pleasure Pastor Greg so good to see you so good to see you upright and walking all my goodness that is so is so excited. God really is a got a miracle you know he really is. Let me see if I can only I can hear I can't normally can't do this in my studio okay go look at this like oh my goodness you're so off you cut out for this is where walking around.

It's so good it's okay. I obviously there's no endurance issues – pain issues writers still working through right eye. You know, folks, this is America.

This is God said yes and Dr. said there's no way and anybody who knows my testimony knows that it you know it's only by miracle the majority of one, yet what what the Holy Spirit does. Always good and always good. Amen. Look at that.

All right, well let's talk about the message you spoke here today yes or you know it. I mean, obviously, it's about health freedom but that but there's there's some specific things, the more that you know were able to dig into this, the more were able to discover talk to us about what's going on. Well, one of the things that I want to you know with with the awareness, raise because of the deep state overplaying their hand with: 19 now you know we we have individuals who are rejecting boosters to eviscerate and in children is something like 1.5% 1.5% of the parents have actually said that they would pick get their children visit with cover 19 which was preposterous, but that more and more people are waking up. That means that 98.5% are not, and realizing hey there's something wrong here. There's something definitely wrong here right so what I want to do is I want to go back and revisit the entire vaccination schedule. Okay nine and so I've been studying the vaccination schedule starting in 2018 and I did it in earnest type I published two papers, both with Neil Miller is a medical journalist is written about six books on vaccines and you know the way that you slice it, dice it, julienne it.

Children who are unvaccinated are healthier. They are having less chronic health issues there. Having less acute health issues.

If you look at things like infectious disease like respiratory illness and right infections. Children who are unvaccinated are much healthier and in the evidence is undeniable and it's now in the open scientific peer-reviewed literature and that's our goal is to get it get that science out with a stake in the ground so now my understanding is, is that this I was talking to someone on my program in the last couple weeks, something like 172 shot in their first was it five years. It's there. There's only when you look at the the actual number of what are called antigens.

Know that and I think that's where that number is derived.

Okay, I 21 needle six by the first birthday 21 by the first birthday.

One scene one and as many as 6 to 8 and a single doctor's office visit starting at six months on-site two months four months and six months those of the biggies where they're getting another. They're basically little human pincushion plan and its preposterous.

I mean they run out of limbs so they have to get all double eject arms and legs and they have all these different different protocols and techniques to get all these vaccines into children and you know you look at the amount of crud that they're putting in there and it's eclipsing all the natural immunity clips and all the natural barriers. What are we going to these children are absolutely right. What is systemic honestly is just in in in in my in my mind as I think about it is just absolutely stunning and I and I guess you are and epidemiologists) okay so this is your area of expertise. You know the first thing that's that's thrown out is all you're just in antilapse or you're just one of those radical anti-vaccine.

You know, what about you know what about olio and I writing and give me your thoughts on that. I know Dr. Judy was only last Thursday and she was like yeah it it it ran itself out. I mean, naturally, people, natural immunities, and so on and antibodies actually built up in people and it ran off out olio was very it was very overhyped to see these you know these pictures the scenarios of children in New Orleans. These old pictures from the 40s and if these have all these children in this iron lung warden are all in iron lungs does work as we finalize those who are not children with polio. They were they were actual photo ops in order to you know basically what you really when you say photographs. In other words, those worse, they just pictures that is correct. That is not actual know they weren't polio wards polio victims now know polio when when you contract polio 96% of patients a contract polio are asymptomatic 4%. That's 4% has like sniffles cold like and then a fraction of 1% actually has any type transient paralysis and so it is you know to see these stories of polio. You also have to look at the advent of the use of DDT. I may never spring down children with DDT right you know, at the same time and really you know what's happened is that if anything the Sabin vaccine, not the salt vaccine, but the Sabin vaccine causing live virus vaccine. My son was wanted last unit was old enough, the recipient to live virus vaccine is one that pushed him over the edge to like there there's more paralytic polio because of that vaccine in the world and there is from natural light, far, far, the circulating strains of polio are vaccine strains of Holyoke and yet you know we have the Gates foundation just introduced the polio vaccine May the cause of polio scare in the UK so that the polio vaccine I remember. And now now there circulating strains. Vaccinia strains of polio in their sewage and their sewer systems and so now they're saying all get boosted because we made a mistake and we we release polio into the environment now explained to me the studies that are done to identify where the string. I mean, they think when they when they bring the people in the hospital right there is a process that they go through is the average person may say all or be told right right by your quote and quote experts that know you… So how do we actually know that these are vaccine strains.

They have a certain genetic signature okay.

It's like a fingerprint down just just like anything that would identify one of us viruses have a specific genetic signature and those in the vaccine viruses were supposed to be attenuated strains and they were usually isolated from for example the months virus was was isolated from the creators of the month vaccines daughter and is called the Jerilyn strain because her name was Jerilyn and so these specific strains have a unique genetic makeup, and all you have to do is sequenced their genetics and the you know this came from the vaccine. This is wild type and that information is readily available to me we could look it up on the Internet. If we wanted to. Now the other thing you just plug in my head to his infectious diseases, especially if they're held in a file somewhere right our inventory that is correct so so for for something like that to just magically appear in a population not so likely no no not so likely. And you know some of the so many of these things, especially with polio came from vaccination campaign you know and scare tactics where you know they would give the oral polio vaccine yet here these live virus vaccines. They take on a life for themselves. It okay I got the question during my talk, you know where where this where the shingles come from. If the child and get sick and parts of the fact is, if you get the chickenpox vaccine that same virus is in you, and they're actually finding that children that get vaccinated against chickenpox have a propensity to get shingles much earlier and much more frequently. It was a study done by Gary Goldman and so were introducing these live viruses injecting them directly into your system. Rather than getting natural immunity built up. You know, I know this is seems unrelated folks, but I but I don't think that it is so much because this is the same thing when when they're talking about, you know that with it with the transgender and the hormones and right in the and you know how they are chemically inducing runner. These young women now end up with basically early menopause correct because of the hormone therapies exactly exactly where hormone therapies you know the things that is you know I the amount of independence like raptors. First of all in pollution is causing is bringing on premature menses and then premature menopause and then the other thing that's causing it is a fact that there is there recommending the HPV vaccine for 11 and 12-year-old women who are puberty girls.

Her pre-puberty right and then they go through what's called ovarian insufficiency, which is basically they get there.

And also there.

Stops because their ovary stopped working prior to childbearing years is just it's just heinous I mean you know I I've got a good friend who is an attorney and vaccine court. He was was looked at primarily the HPV vaccine and you know he's got. He juggles all these cases of ovarian insufficiency, and it is it's called PS POS primary ovarian insufficiency and they lose their menses. They go through menopause and they don't get it back which is that which is the great lie when it comes to the whole issue of transition correct correct. It is as an epidemiologist, I'm sure you can trace the once you begin one of these processes. It's not like you can erase what you have interdicted into the persons DNA and mRNA. Yeah it is well its chilling it's filling it in a fermented from an agenda standpoint, you know, we did not. We would've not even I only have one son. He is not developmentally disabled. He's 24 he's brilliant, is learning how to spell to communicate.

But even if even if he was now typical he would've not gone into public school because of the you know the foisting of these these agendas on top of agenda on time agenda on top of agenda chose to homeschool, and it was one of the best decisions that we ever met. All right, let's let's look a little bit forward yesterday as as it relates to, you know this push. There's more more material. The MDC and the CDC or the FDA and the CDC and IH. They're all being forced to basically come clean yes how long what's what what's what's what's the curve relative to what their what what they're having. Doing met and and when they have to take some and I am not only remain take responsibility. We we all love that we all love to see you know, criminal, and I'll get right but but folks, more importantly, is when does the crime stop that's that's gotta be more a moron are on our radar then then bringing them to justice needs to be. When are we going to get them to stop exactly into the carnage and yet we stop abusing children, yanking our children the grand medical experiment yes and and you know that's that's the $64,000 question is and and it's one of the reasons why we need to be. We need to be arming ourselves when we need to be making our voices heard in a bigger and bigger way. And we have this opportunity. Pastor Greg because so many people are asking more questions because they see what the government tried to do with Cove at 19th and wettest continue I make they're not getting up this like the government is not going away.

You know when and you see entities like Bill Gates her sitting there and arriving their palms together as a couple. Maybe that's endemic the market Marburg cycle. What are you wishing on society. What I think you know that that that that leads into kind of another option which which is yeah just like with free speech. Yes, they began to get pushback on free speech. They said over the government.

Yeah, I guess maybe we're not supposed to because were supposed to follow this Constitution so hey you know Facebook, Twitter, you know, whoever, Instagram, whatever OR whatever flavor right were working to get you to do it. Corporations are doing it.

They started to do so now it's kind of the same thing. At some point, but I want to interject this one thing, and I've been really trying to get my my guest to think about this and that is we talk about the them as the government because that's our mindset, our mindset is as this is supposed to be the government but I want to suggest we start referring to them in accordance with their actions and that is these retirements exactly we don't have a government when we don't have representatives that actually represent us final final thoughts on that. Well we we need to oppose tyranny. We oppose tyranny and 1776 and we need to look at the level of tyranny that's being foisted upon us and you know we we have individuals that are drunk with power. I live in California. Gavin Newsom has not lifted the state of emergency and neither will he lift the state of emergency, because he is drunk with power and needs and and I'm glad you're calling them out. Pastor Greg because we need to call a spade a spade. We need to call them tyrants and there needs to be a concerted, concerted uprising against these individuals who you know it's it's it's like it's like a war in there on the front and I want to take our civil liberties.

The way that in a war you would take land right and they will continue and continue to do that.

Tyrants, by definition, are responsible for tyranny that is their job. That is what they're gonna do they're not going to change and we need to keep as you said that you know this is the thing we would they love to steal definitions they love to steal words, they love to write purpose. Words while I would suggest that we repurpose the word. It's tyrants. We are against the tyrants.

We love our government. We love our country we love our Constitution.

We love the God that gave us those freedoms those rights and those liberties.

What we don't love is the tyrants and we need to calm out for what they are.dry. Thank you.

You're very welcome. All I can say is amen brother, always a pleasure.

Pleasure, Pastor Greg, I always feel uplifted and edified. When I'm around you. Thank you so much.

Thank you Dr. Brian Hooker children's Defense fund will be back with more generation radio coming up after this passion is the fight for freedom. Father fought for World War II defending our country today.

We are no longer fighting with guns and said we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes usual.

I am I back out by the board of the dog would be more, but it is community that they can't get any causing sickness, but no go to freshwater. All the blockbuster gig young and supportive.

We pray for all of you that God would bless you use you again will have multiple rows in the board.

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Well, you know what I mean like the Bears played on Thursday so I know that's not keeping you at home today okay so so get out here get out here. This is truly II had that Dr. David Simone was on and talked about this Morley Robbins by this Jeff Adams.

He was just with a stock by this. I've had a number of our of our guests. Many of them. Carolyn Goss talked about it as well. This is the premier holistic medicine event in the country.

This is where you need to be. If you want understand how to get better. Naturally using natural pathic medical cures. What can we say cures with Jessica natural pathic medical intervention. We can say that I can tell you what it's done for me and for anybody who knows my glory. You know I'm up walking around. I was shown him earlier. I'm I'm up walking around and you know five years out from the kind of injuries that I suffered. That's a miracle it's a miracle so I am very pleased to have sitting right here at the end of my table. The woman who who puts all this together. She is the daughter of the founder of the Trinity health Freedom Expo. She is also the daughter of the founder of the Trinity Trinity school of natural pathic medicine and we are so pleased to welcome Julie Klein to our table. Julie welcome what it is. It is an absolute joy to have you with me and I thank you for taking the time to be with me when I know you know the there's a lot going on and and everybody's tugging tugging at you in one direction or another. But I think everything they hear. Yet thanks thank you well I I do feel you told me last year you said you know once you come you're part of the family. Everybody liked individuals coming together to learn route Trinity school of natural companies are sponsor were so excited.

This is our third part number outside of Chicago. There is no longer a charge for admission. We got all available still going on. I let everything experience all about outstanding outstanding again it's Tinley Park convention center in Tinley Park.

And if you're able to make it out. Julie just said no, no, no admission charge for the rest of the day and you come on out and there are still great deal of vendors. There are speaker speaking Jeff Adams. He was just on with us for minutes goes over there talking about Micronic silver and the benefits of of that and so on. Great, great contact. Great information for you to you what to get Julie you the last few years have have really been a shift when it comes to health and and and medicine and all of these things.

I know that last year you know there was a big push talking about, you know, we don't need vaccines. We have God's given us a natural means to build our communities and defend ourselves. Are you seeing a greater interest in wanting to take control of their patient is all about right now and more more inquiries about the school or more people saying okay you know how how can I connect the hard reset and so did their job well. Their second online and courses or any learn a lot from their own program. There's about what they have learned to share with others online and are working that natural helping out there over 23,000 graduate never really a lot of countries over 40 countries are represented Trinity right now. Talk to me about the virtual conference. You guys were were you know II mean time is winding down. Just it is that you couple hours left but talking about the virtual conference and what is not an experience going to be like and how do people get get lined up for that virtual right has degraded all of the recording. It will be recorded and replayed all bidders are able to have a virtual shout. Additional confirmed: many others that were able to travel and okay I like nine And on speakers attending interaction schedule on their separate special for $20 go onto the Trinity health Freedom you're able to register for the February speakers never hear this.

Okay, so, so that the event that's going to be there. The two-day event will include not only the recordings of what's happened here but also brand-new and additional information with individuals that weren't able to be here for whatever reason they couldn't make it conflicts what have you.

I know I mean like Dr. Judy was in and another event I think Sherry had to be in another unit so yeah so so you know different people who were not able to golf when you're laying all of this out to you. Do you envision a specific theme or or is it more of kind of a Baskin-Robbins where trying to give people a variety of different waivers and then let them figure out which flavor is the one that they need correct rapid going on a wide variety of white. On relevant information that is shared on a wide variety it's you.

When you put things in Memorial him like you guys do you record all of these things you put them into a format so now people can access these things. I think you know a lot of people right now with the climate of politically and I'm you give me an example.

I am band on YouTube band on LinkedIn twice band on twitter and band on mimeo and it has a lot to do with health.

It has a lot to do with the position that I've taken and not even just like my position. Guess that I brought on to educate about the concerns that now the FDA and the CDC and the WHO are all having to admit were real. Naomi Wolf's documentation 42,000 injuries in three months.

Okay, so taking that into account you got people to better like I II believe or I think I believe I want to know because I'm really concerned by I want some anonymity you know I don't want somebody taking a picture me walking in as we don't know writer we don't know and especially I hate to say it, but we live just outside of Chicago. Lightfoot's not exactly of a friend of of you know medical healthcare of our health freedom movement nor nor is the governor of of of this date. Unfortunately that being said, you guys have this stuff in Memorial people can access this information and feel like I get to watch it. I get to see it. I get to take it in and nobody's going to do any facial recognition on as well as you virtually locked me back next year on location and were building on that I yeah I think people need to understand to the dirt that there is a building process.

I was talking with Carolyn on the show and she was saying, you know, she remembers going.

I think somewhere on some Long Beach and you know like 10,000 people and she was like I was speaker and I couldn't find a parking place.

You know, but you know when you move when you change venue when you do this kind of thing and I have this period of yeah of of people kind of figuring out okay. Where are you and and and how I get therein and and getting it locked into their to their annual schedule and around I already looking forward to next year and and relative to that and we just double check my time make sure that were were okay so relative to that. What are some of the things as you look forward to his health is. This is a year-round issue but wonder what are some of the primary health issues.

The UC trending in where people are saying I I want to know more about this well okay they want to make sure that right that were paid on every whatever whatever is we want to make sure that we excellent, excellent. All right again Trinity health freedom Expo Trinity health Freedom and February 18 and 19th is when you can sign up for virtual and that gives you access to not only new material but also all the material. If you weren't able to be here all of the workshops and the conversations that took place in the speakers. All of that is being recorded so that you can tap into all of that information. You can also find out about the different exhibitors that have been here, what are their products and how do they because there is a relationship between what is talked about in these workshops.

What is talked about by the speakers and then being able to tap into the products that they're talking about and the health benefits of those products and the interventions that you can take advantage of that.

I say that, all right, okay, Trinity health freedom Expo and don't forget about this cool because they've got courses that are going to be getting started and you guys always have Expo discounts that you offer as well.

It's time afterwords for the next 30 okay Julie thanks my surveillance.

I greatly appreciate.

Always a joy to be here.

I hope to be able to come back next year. All right. Thank you thank you I were to take a break will be back with more generous radio coming out right after this sex was all vacation for putting on trumped up beforehand were also times John uses psychological warfare didn't have a battering ram but would turn it on top. He was pointing his gun at all my neighbors ready to pull up anytime you needed to is an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned for the coming party took over the family unit and that you must have and defend your family, but it's not always easy to do when the regime is aftercare. My heart was pounding, my body numbers on her shoulders and separated us into rows of even and odd numbers was number nine. My brother still in prison and I labor camp without trial. One piece of evidence they haven't been able to destroy