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Wayne Allyn Root Injection Injuries Exposed Natural Covid Defense Stop the Mandates 120221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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December 3, 2021 8:06 pm

Wayne Allyn Root Injection Injuries Exposed Natural Covid Defense Stop the Mandates 120221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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December 3, 2021 8:06 pm


You know you can do your tithing and love offering right from your computer. Visit www.chosen generation, to support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Now back to a chosen generation, with faster grace generation ready on those best. Thanks much here. I know you have a choice in where you can listen and every day want really excited to have my next guest on the program. He is a a warrior for the cause and and he is also just recently married and so we want to congratulate him with regards to that route for America is the website and and he is also author of a brand-new book, which is entitled the great patriot protest and boycott book. I want to welcome to the program the man himself Wayne Allen route Wayne welcome good to have a brother Greg.

Good morning, good morning. Well congratulations again on now on your on your wedded bliss and that is so man you must you must fill out 20 years younger like a grand well work environment filled non-guided like a pretty good manner years old and I feel like I'm know no older than 30. Like outstanding.

I will be 60 in April and have been praying and God told me my 60s are going to be my best years yet so I'm, I'm, you know, recovering from my accident, which of course is a miracle and and so I'm I'm right I'm right there with you brother right there. Will I knew nothing about your well it great what you'd like me to Cuba about a minute just as quickly set so I had was in a car accident about four and half years, but I broke everything but my shoulders, my elbows and my right hip. I was on life support for six weeks I died four times I had 17 surgeries over five days. I had three go to heaven experiences and and they gave me a 2% chance to survive when they when they brought me in my left leg I broke the pelvis, the hip, the femur, the tibia and the fibula and they call that my good leg going while I am so sorry but you are walking miracle God work. Yes, he did it and I believe God is going to work a miracle here in America but I'm telling you, like you, I really believe Americans need to wake up to what these people were trying to do to us. And now you know because they couldn't get us to to to just all go silent on their you know CCP virus program China Joe's decided that they need to do what I try to silence us using the crime.

I mean, doesn't that sound like something like out of a science fiction movie months now everybody look to nobody would even look what the big deal but I made it a lot. They get the world would get it. It would be for the people called everyone go your income. Eight but I gave him an COBIT political now with the band blue blue nobody their mind glowed beer for global economy lock down there live or mechanic bare-metal from you only backing it people into your vein and choose between people that are crippling injury in your job and your likelihood vanity.

It reminds me of 1938. I never believed it could happen on that you will out that the world face. I wish I could date it might be Making 38 and so frightening and so unnerving that they're able to do that year. The average person and by the way my wedding. I think that happened very recently that about my wedding. One I got a text about three weeks ago one of my greatest friends in the world amuck the name Ottawa family name was Bill Bill technique that I wait your wedding. I love you with such great friend… And I just I'll be there to guide the wedding and the next day he died of a heart that 49 years old + filtering by the way Chuck like me.

If you are quite the Savior. So a messianic Jew built big churches in lot. They get the developer to construct a good built the church that he attended and left behind the white children to newly adopted black ladies from Africa and he's dead at the age of 49 and a quart backdated died of a heart attack will make that connection number two we never got my wedding and then another great friend my wedding and literally get his fiancée called me last night. Lack of heart attack in the middle the night and you having open heart surgery if they got a good okay hope will make a full recovery, but he had the heart attack so there's two creditor my whole life. I know what part of my whole life I've never known a person who died of a heart attack or had a heart attack. Now I know to three week that were both activated and don't going right right you can't make it connect you for you feel that you will talking tell you know what you think are short dumping totally. Maybe both of them were pure cooling, but I'm just telling you back to Greg all over America and all over the world. There's an epidemic of heart attack after vaccination.

Sometimes we get what people are dropping like why of course correct and all backdated and there's a connection in the immediate care to know about while you go to back Zach and and you can see the story and then I've had around the program here of nurse Angela and she had a a a cardiac episode that was directly related. I mean literally took the injection and immediately they rushed her to the ER got I and I got an email this morning. I'll send it to you Wayne, this is from the children's health defense group Florian daiquiri a world record holder and static breath holding right you heard that story yet. Yeah, you know, I mean then then you have the story of Jeremy charting the professional tennis player no later nine John college athlete would drop a cardiac arrest on your well being in the lab month nine people in their 20 link how it worked Drop. There are, I believe 75 Athlete Link Doctor Ct., Europe will be the truck that worked upward map of heart attack while playing on yelp and we read week. I looked at Mark but maybe a little at 315 of them while playing soccer anyone ever unit in the history of court never and no one is allowed to question or you get band on Facebook and Twitter vanity and I repeat that you all earmark of 1938 when Hitler tried to unite you, I don't prepare the Holocaust. I compared the Nike 38, which is the Republic got with the very thing to do like it. What feelings you and with propaganda and it was banding it with mentorship and with demonizing a group of people to everyone else and that's what Biden and company about your company are doing not picked you unvaccinated There make it like were dirty or spreading of the disease, we should not be allowed to live a normal life or Job anymore.what did you got Oracle… You work deplorable, deplorable and beyond the pale and find what you will be parked right I'm the most pro-truck guy that ever lived. I love them at the port of the first minute again later either friend of mine, you read it be therapeutic. P read the crowd by wetting my love.okay property but them I like that but human. I did agree on one thing and one thing only the dead wrong about the back pain. It is not good to get it bad people will buy understand that and so I got up to minimize filling up your butt that at least need to get the backing mandate don't you before you take it, but he's dead wrong, that it was such a great thing what it was great. It was a five star field general and make sure that if there was something out that I could apply, he was told by the doctor did they lie… Back to what you understand.

It it doesn't say like like your new guy off like like which you've never seen over the next 20 push you in my opinion, my credit, you will be the worst year in the history of America.

Other than or maybe equal to think like World War II.

It will work. American Revolution was a black five black legs like the revolution. It took terrible with that before you fall that letter to revolution or Civil War or just know the America people are cheap and they won't write up and there will be revolution or Civil War. I will all be like legs again and the dialogue will be so magnificent late, large and and I mean that only the negative way is the only word I can think of for Lane how large you will be it will be terrible it will be tragic thing so bad it only if you want one body year or longer when the real words come out by croaking quality blood clot walking up just go to very good.

I'm an American, I agree with you and hoping you know there's a movie called return to the hiding place. So they came out a number years back under entering the Obama times, but it talks about the silence of the churches in Holland that when the trains would go by the choir leader would make them sing louder something when you are lying now. I'll is linking by the church in America is business first to join in all his 662430466 sources. This vast array goes generation right reminding you that we have a two hour program Monday through Friday with interviews on topics that impact you are goes to return our country to a biblically-based constitutional republic as envisioned by our founding fathers, and what made our nation the greatest in the world forever hundred 50 years. You are a part of the vision so please join us a chosen generation chosen generation ready and sign up for our emails today. You find yourself turning on the news and feeling hopeless open borders spending on crazy.

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Are you getting up in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night. Still tired.

It doesn't have to be that way. That's why Mike window started my pillow and after his success.

Helping people sleep better with the pillow I decided to go all in. He found Giza cotton for the best sheets and created the ultimate mattress topper and since stores will carry this product he's passing that savings on to you.

Use the code Pastor Greg for incredible discounts and help feed starving children call today 800-662-9236 800-662-9236. Nowhere else are you going to be able to sleep well and know that you have said starving kids use the code Pastor Greg call my pillow today 800-662-9236 800-662-9236 look fine for marriage between a man and a woman I am for life from conception by following the Bible and I believe that our founders started this nation on biblical principles. I'm in support of our military and believe that America should play a role in world security. I believe our Constitution was intended for moral people and that the Bible contains the only true moral code. I believe we are all born sinners, and the God in his grace and mercy, sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and that if we will confess our sins is just and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I believe salvation is not just accomplished a little prayer that is found in how transformation is lived out Jesus is to be the Lord of our lives and we should follow the steps.

This is not legalism or works, but a life lived out in love and honor towards the one who died for my sins. Faith without works is dead and is no faith at all. I believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart that God will ultimately bring us into perfect action Jesus Christ experiment perfected and so was man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame of the fall repents and get up and move closer to Jesus.

I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness that God will heal our land. I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till he comes and that's a call evil wicked and to learn about those evil acts as a part of the mandated Christianity to love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary front to front with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters, even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can never sit silently by while evil attempts to conquer the world is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life that does not make me weak but strong, not silent and not fearful, courageous, you're my friend may not fully that I share what I share because I care if you strongly disagree with these beliefs. They are not available for me and you can if you choose, unfriend me. I do not say this in anger but in love.

I wish for you guys to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and God, not man gets to decide what is truth life and the way God bless you. You can support a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace generation radio were no top supplements and everything filtered through biblical glasses and again folks on my special guest is Wayne Allan Ripp.

You can find them at root for America route for is awesome radio show coming out of KM ZQ a.m. 670 in Las Vegas is on the USA radio network as well and it's the war rock podcast buddies on for 3 PM to 6 PM Pacific standard Time, Monday through Friday 9 AM 670 and you can pick it up online at his website and that is route for when we were talking in the break-in and one of these you really wanted to talk about is is the impact of Bochum China Joe and and they've said were going to do a new round of vaccine mandates. Give me your thoughts with regards this what what would you think the goal is what they really trying to do to us like regular structure Or nothing to do would help all of the world without nobody at covert your gold out and I can remember bubblelike people think that everybody got the flu and pick out and I remember people dying. I remember older people dying of the flu capital why God wanted 99.975 per that work for hire survival rate or copyright work that the Bible survived the COBIT in most everybody recovered I know very famous actor just died of COBIT. The coping, but diabetes congregates dark so I would beg to hear about that but but people do dive the flu. Years ago it eat out people died one year of the mandates are not about Lou not about the path you were COBIT or omicron there about filling the middle class. In my opinion click job middle class income make everyone dependent on government there very well aware liberals are in the left and i.e., Mark look are aware that most middle-class people vote Republican and a large don't want it back. The weight still there job and make the Baker welfare and at Baker government and that's what I think we are being fired hire are being fired. Nurses are being fired prison guard order Inc. you pilot jet pilot light crude military medical act. We have no job and no income that we come back. That is the ground it might be number one and number two, filling up pulpit. You'll notice they never think her cot go up it got yellow Home Depot load target, Walmart are all doing great. The reporting record profit but will pick the correct run over bar, nightclub there will and you ban people were unvaccinated going in retroactive part. Then they look after cut all clinical data. It is a gigantic doubt of the middle class and the working class and called the United States and I think delete the Great Depression and the end of capitalism. If we let it happen going to let it happen again. I mean that's the other thing that they're getting your mean he's talking about doing these lockdowns if you go to Canada or are you going to Mexico and then you want to come back into the United States. You may end up spending seven days in some concentration camp until they decide that you're safe to let out that there a lot. I would make out the grade that you will wind up there now you will wind up working. I don't know but that hotel room on Glock with you and so great either alone or hotel room would guard out. I felt like the weather will be an actual camp to call the court that like you correctly that kind of reminder card drinking drill you really are like, but you're not a lot… I know per breath of air without a map. Got a make like that government you're perfectly healthy you what You put your Europe map below your no they club you bring every guy I meet none of the lack I got correctly stated per month out Joe Biden get brain-dead.

The people behind them are Obama in the third term in my thing and you carry the orders of George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party and they're all getting rich with pride.

In order to carry out a communist takeover of the United States of America.

That's what's really happening. That's what it's all about but I don't look at it and when I met you number one I got COBIT and I actually got covert about the poker room I wedding and I deeded 48 hours with hyperactive, you know that miracle drug that won the Nobel Prize but not work out throughout the human drug that wanted Nobel Prize lantern and lied about it the most amazing miracle drug. I don't make any money on it. I'm not manufactured one penny and I'm trying people to live? And I were back and plucked make it to the vitamin.

It is what saved my life in 48 hours during the comical and made it go away and how minor covert it correctly and quickly take make the vitamin and I get my three hour national radio show every day, showing no will do I cope. I think three TV interviews on national TV and no light COBIT. No one even noted the problem and I also got to work. My new book the great fake report that and got book so I 30 radio interview. We are show every day schedule throughout the week. I COBIT and I did all one and no one knew that I would hope worthy of shutting down economy when only up to do it that your everybody got.

I've elected Bill and lots of fighting the vitamin D think and quit for Keith and I were elected, and you got it from the doctor about it.

I can only tell you in my personal inmate COBIT into a little pile comical. It went away 48 hours yes I do I do vitamin D3 St. quercetin and I and vitamin C have done it every single day since last December when I had coded and I ended up with a case of double pneumonia and coughing up blood. Wayne I had a severe case and we have actually have an immune pack on our sponsor page that you can click on and I'm taking them that I wanted say someone is so cool. My beard was white. I mean white white white.

I started taking this stuff two months ago and I now have color in my beard literally getting younger and letting you watch me. It's crazy. Maybe one more by the way, I will incur by right pureblood green eyes data home care and the nerve number like $200 in the amount of vitamin B12 magnesium in dealing hydrated when you COBIT $40 on. Thank God for you in the Bible, Jesus describes himself as gentle and lowly author Dane Ortman says we are very different that he is, we are not gentle and lowly in our deepest heart were not that way we think Jesus is just a better version of us.

We can learn from our gentle and lowly Savior this week on family life today with David and Wilson