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Justin Danhof Stop Wokism It Is Destroying Our Economy 112321

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Cross Radio
December 3, 2021 8:20 pm

Justin Danhof Stop Wokism It Is Destroying Our Economy 112321

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg you can get more chosen generation of Pastor Greg Young God or generation radio show many of you know that I've been working with pastors in India taken over a Bible school there along with an orphanage and working side-by-side with a local pastor there that is been managing this for quite some time, were now doing Sunday morning. Or I should say Sunday evening gatherings and meetings with pastors for the protection of their identity and for the sake of preventing potential persecution. I'm not can use their names, but I want to share with you some of the testimonies that were getting an invite you to be a partner with us today in the meeting, there was a pastor's wife and she was suffering from passing urine since one week. Doctors told her that you have kidney problems and you have to be admitted to the hospital and you're probably getting need to be operated on.

But Pastor Greg after he shared his testimony and shared the word of God you pray for sick and God touched her and she ran into the toilet and passed urine all glory to God. Another one God healed the pastor had been suffering from right leg pain. He was sitting in the pastors meeting having severe pain since three years after an accident when Pastor Greg prayed, God touched him and healed him instantly.

All glory to God. God healed another pastor who had not been able to hear from one year since six years and it never shared this with anyone, but when Pastor gate Pastor Greg prayed, God touched him and he started hearing instantly from that ear. All glory to God. Another pastor was suffering from neck pain since three months, and when Pastor Greg prayed, God touched him and healed him instantly. All glory to God. Another pastor was suffering from back pain since one year and God touched him and healed him instantly right after Pastor Greg prayed. Another pastor was having itching problems and was always itching on his right hand and on his right side and his right arm and he was feeling too shy to share with anyone, but when Pastor Greg prayed, God healed him instantly. All glory to God. Another pastor was suffering from a fever for the past two weeks he was fearing that he might have the Corona but when God touched him, but when God touched him and he was healed he got freed from fear from Corona. All glory to God. Also another pastor was healed because he was not able to digest food whenever he was eating something he was vomiting but after prayer.

He ate dinner and he did not vomit and just now. He had called over to the pastor there and he's perfectly all right all glory to God. Another pastor was suffering from pain of his backbone because three years ago he fell from his roof and he was always having pain in his backbone sense but when Pastor Greg prayed, God healed him instantly. All glory to God.

I want to encourage you to join with us as we are seeing miracle after miracle, and we are able now to begin to minister to these pastors and encourage them by providing them with the funds that they need in order to feed their families and to help their congregations.

Persecution is on the rise, and there is no work factories are closed and he is on a total shutdown. As a result of this coronavirus the persecution from seek Hindu Muslim, even from the Buddhists all the way around has been on the rise, but there's also been a a bright light as they have, but we have been able to send funds over there that have allowed us to be able to feed the starving, and that is making a huge impact.

So help us today go to the website chosen generation chosen generation hover over the contact section and you'll see an India project drop down make a donation today.

Please make your best donation today to help us to reach these pastors. God bless you. I'm your host Pastor Greg chosen generation, your host Esther radio. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now chosen generation digital generation radio were no topic is off-limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and you might be seeing yourself.

Wait a minute, welcome back. I just tuned in.

Well guess what, we have a two hour program. We begin program at attend a.m. Eastern time 9 AM central time. Had a great first hour of programming, Ken Thornburg and I talking about this some things going on and giving thanks in this Thanksgiving season amount long and I talked about the comprehensive sex education program that's being pushed in our schools and a brand-new minor attracted persons I'm I'm not kidding you folks.

They are starting in kindergarten, teaching about how minor attracted persons are now an accepted part of their LGBT Q plus agenda and the children should consider. Oh, I don't know having sex with someone that's older than them.

I'm serious as a heart attack and you should be serious about getting your kids out of public school, I mean today figuring out were going to be working on some projects here with some folks to pilot a program. There's good, there's God, there's are affordable ways and were going to find affordable ways for parents to get their kids out of the indoctrination centers.

Speaking of indoctrination centers. How about corporate indoctrination and woke gives him and by the way, good jobs at Disney World, not Disneyland, Disney World for making the decision that mandating vaccines in Florida will not be a part of their program. I don't like a lot of the other things that Disney is doing and will talk about those with my friend from the free enterprise project. National Center for Public policy research finding the national order find them in our page Mr. Justin Dan off Justin welcome and happy Thanksgiving, Sir, thank you, thank you. Well my my my woke is some I mean it's a real thing. I guess maybe should we start there right because they always tell us they say all you know it's a conspiracy theory. There's really not any woke is. I'm glad you know this is all nonsense talk to me about how corporations are perpetrating woke is him on on their employees and subsequently and in the policies and the and the advertisements and all the things that they're doing well look at new and corporate America in the okay now what we have or are where I'm not getting you where I think the Chief diversity Ofc. A corporation now hold more power than like the Board of Directors. I really need the HR manager diversity Ofc. are holding way over the activity that employees are mandated to engage the type of employee hired earthquake. The type of employee get promoted up the food chain, and it all be largely on what you look like you preferred affect the relationship really really come down that that were running affirmative action program through corporate America were running really indoctrination great right but I think what you know what were talking about the ark is in every school public school in America every publicly traded company as well, and what really.

Actually a couple months ago granite article Chief diversity Ofc. Our now painting your title. It may corporate minicomputer taking the title get any idea what the title. Minor attracted persons. No, no I'm sorry I was bad, go to yelp corporate office chief purpose. Think about that corporate burnout angered her. It diversity equity include what in the world that have to do with productivity creating revenue creating value, not just for your company tidy Britt Lord because remember Shirley American the American Catholic Catholic economic ever created by me and blow out there trying to show what we have to try it how to answer the woke without the ring back to work okay. Apply think about it. Is your laureate when you're 4500 company and you are mandated to go to a monthly training that help all black people that their product in all white people to their ball. You're not doing your job, your limit, you write, nothing to do with what ever guilt that you were brought in to help the company perform your eight week ground pine but be demoralizing if you're likely to be told that your point employee is likely to be told that your info then you have lower morale taking time away from productive lowering the morale that helping American advance American Catholic of course not and happening every time a you know affirmative action was a big thing in California and my friend Ward Connerly was the driving force behind you know eliminating that right. I mean he was. He was a he was a major force in getting affirmative-action move from California affirmative-action was damaging in destroying businesses constantly and I remember back in the 1990s, I was working for Citicorp in Foster City and because I was neither black nor gay. There was no promotion room for me at all. And when they found out that I was a Christian then I became a target and and they spent a great deal of their time trying to run me out of there. You know you hear you're there.

With white female I mean you well and billion of the court that you currently get you your cantle but you are the enemy of the need to be canceled in American dieting and you know when it might come down to it I didn't what to do with your Brockport at the nothing but they don't care they how the left and on you. They're not liberal anymore that the left there to pick the left one safety hour date yet it at once I get power then they get meal you know a sword that cuts across so many intercultural Lane in the picnic planning must rethink that there dominate its skin is is really horrific. And of course the other parts of this is is that you know that that the messaging that they keep driving with this thing you know, take a look at the commercials that are being air most of the individuals now that are being hired to participate and be a part of advertisement has to either be a person of color or somebody who is of of of a what I would consider to be a not natural sexual persuasion and if if you're not one of those two things.

There's a good possibility that you're not going to be considered by these ad agencies and by these woke corporations, and it's disproportionate is the issue. I'm not I'm not being prejudiced here. I'm just simply saying that you know when when when still 70% of America looks at their at their television when they look around. They are of a particular complexion and so I would suggest you you want the qualities, then it would seem to me that that just inequality would mean that there would be an equal balance when you want your television, whether it's television programming or whether it's you know commercials a. Otherwise, it sounds like you trying to drive an agenda down and write the letter very, very good at taking marching orders so the big had a in Manhattan. They dictate right the television. There you know the CEO of United is me and Warner and all of the rep think it and everyone on the left follow suit.

There's no there's no questioning of authority like on the American left and it's no different in Wall Street again has a lot to do with it. Talk about the way that that you know money. It doled out in the country. A lot of I do the no racial equity initiative to make it look good if they at the large gap that business word out in the summer of 2020 after birth weight. The black life matter.

It would every bit the crux every industry to funding you will. The black-white matter in the organization.

After all the work at the Porter burning city after city after city yet. You know every dog might activate all open their wallet. If you week tell how much to get you will give you more than I who are by that look think about well during the pandemic. Well, the big company. The one click that are now back they've done really really well the Amazon, Apple, Facebook, the minute, whatever, who's been cropped, the small bit whose windows were beaten with baseball back during the summer, 20, 20 they got rock, Amazon you want to be really difficult.

What funding structure while bit Wally would benefit from everyone thing at home and order. You know that there the product to the frontal unit that it cynical to think about that way but I pity dealing with low for long enough to know that that the healthy let me ask you this is something else of my mother's up. In any conversation we were streaming. You know, going back and forth, and that his insurance nobody's thinking about this right now, the Department of Justice and and the Federal Trade Commission are telling insurance companies you can't raise your rates will subsidize you.

So the government is stepping in right now and freezing that the premiums by saying they're going to subsidize their they're going to give the money that's going to be coming in via things like what was just past these big giant you know bills write these these 1.70 $2.2 trillion budget resolutions that they're putting in the place with folks you know I was in subrogation for many years.


And one of things that I saw with my insurance clients was when natural disasters would hit insurance rates in those areas would go up. That was just a natural byproduct of all the claims that were pay.

I'm furious just in what you're saying because corporations have to have large liability expenses hi this is Michael Kreider of Michael's MNP supplements. Let's talk energy do you wake up tired even after a full night sleep was keeping up with your family and or secure job leave you exhausted by noon. Do you find yourself turning way too early in the day, and too often to caffeine loaded drinks just to get you through it all.

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They are 100% US-based providing exceptional customer service. Most importantly, patriot mobile shares our values and supports organizations fighting for religious freedom, constitutional rights, sanctity of life, first responders and veterans use the code chosen for free activation call 972. Patriot, 972 patriot calls today use the code chosen patriot `chosen generation with Pastor Craig and his vest rig. Thanks so much for tuning in ice so greatly appreciated. Did you know Matthew 10 tells us whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light and what you hear in the ear preach on the housetops. Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin and not one of them falls to the ground apart from your father's will but the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear. Therefore, you are of more value than many sparrows. I want to encourage you in this Thanksgiving time that God has a plan has a purpose and he's working it out and he wants you to be a part of it and you can through Jesus Christ his son.

If you've never professed faith in Jesus Christ, I encourage you to do that today simply pray this prayer. Father, please forgive me for all my sins take them away from me and help me to become the person that you created me to be. I desire to have relationship with you, and I asked Jesus Christ to become the Lord of my life. I put my faith in him and I believe on the promises you've made a man if you prayed that prayer reach out to me and let me know. I'd love to hear from you today and know this. We are God's chosen generation chosen for such a time as this and every day when you listen to the program and you hear the opening that we play that is a reminder of who you and I are God bless you and have a great rest of your day. Now back to chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg. Don't forget you can get more chosen generation, at and the packaging generation radio. I'm your host Pastor Greg, thanks so much for being here. I do know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day, and I think you were given a tuned here. Just then half an executive VP of the free enterprise project find that at national org that's national org justices were going the break I was talking about the. The insurance implications that are part of this and how the government right now is actually stepping in and threatening the insurance companies you know you will not increase your premiums, and so on. But I think a lot of Americans watch what happens in some of these communities and and it doesn't hit the kitchen table, as it were, yet, and as a result of that, there is there is they don't kind kind of react to it, so to speak but talk to me about your thoughts relative to you know how how insurance carriers have to be affected right that mean when you start having to cut checks to businesses that have been burned down some of her going to say, exclusions, or to say no Mariah that's excluded but some of these policies still cover. I mean the theft issues.

As an example, and you mentioned a CVS Docktor audience about that note, organized that of retail across America in a pocket guide the Northern California. Congo, where typically organized that Rinker going in Berkeley in California because they know I not a prophet, with California getting what the dirt at the level but at some point nature you have to go out in the premium. I have to skyrocket because there Will be no way that we can keep up with the victim with, nor shall it looted day in and day out, and so the that that insurance premium height it going to get it to in your billfold and anything occur because the story arc is able to maintain the look I think I'm to start targeting the maintain distort PDFs recently and after quality 900 work nationwide innovated tie to that that but obviously to connect their updated public and you stop and think about folks I mean there are no wheat we have the that the greatest generation is passing, but the baby boomers which I'm at the youngest end of the baby boomers where we are one of the larger populations and we are are many in my age group between you know 60 and 75, 80 are are dependent on pharmacies and and access to pharmacies the ability to be able to get certain medications, and if CVS is and Walgreens and you know what have you start closing down and now all the sudden you're not able to get there. That's an issue in your leadership class to have occurred and up and do anything you know are we to think about the company. Their doors are being looted to the point that there needing fabric that goes like. Right that her leaving you the closing. And yet they're not willing to call out the reason we critically how we get the yellow yet the yellow auguring that they can have occurred that it becomes apparent policy implemented that decriminalized healing from my Thor cell where you have to quote in your app will be right with our well it goodhearted to our elderly enemy of their their cricket and have a more difficult part.

And of course you know our system. Now our education system has marginalized the elderly and the very young they are is an and that is folks. These are socialist communist ideologies and policies you use a person so long as they're useful when they get to an age where there no longer useful.

You you don't care you put them into a place you know where you were. You cut them off and ran like yeah you're right that many American. The political class.

The arbiter of all of the problem in the creator about the problem and I would get implore you look at the money. Look at the big black and their role in all look at you know that the actions of Wall Street bank looking to get there tomorrow.

I think American worker bought the same time promoting and expanding in China look at every one of the company and again I think the you know, we also have to very closely examine those that are that are presenting and pushing these things that the Caesar dessert.

I mean, you talk about politicizing my Justin.

These are the its politicians and their policies. It's it's the old Biden hokum China Joe in Washington DC and his minions. It's a Department of Justice that would criminalize and consider parents who stand up for their children to be domestic terrorists.

I mean these kinds of attitudes and actions are are infiltrating every single part of our society and and I get it.

Yes we need strong CEOs but on the other hand I have to have some some mercy for the CEO who is saying they are granted they will put me out of business. They will figure out a way that shut the company down. Just we got you find this