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Congressman Byron Donalds American Opportunity Awaits Those who Work Hard 120221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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December 3, 2021 7:49 pm

Congressman Byron Donalds American Opportunity Awaits Those who Work Hard 120221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen generation, and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood holy nation, peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous life. Time passed were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy and now Pastor Greg program to have you with me think some of you being here. I know you have a choice of where you can list any and every day, and I think he would soon hear if you missed any portion of our first hour sure encourage you to get it Monica Leo Klein was on. We talked about mind pollution. We talked about what they're doing to our children through the comprehensive sex education program forcing on them. Pornography and grooming them. They have a new a new title now.

It's called minor attracted persons. Yes, they are preparing your four and five-year-old to accept overtures and grooming them for pedophiles. That's what's going on in your school. It's happening all across America.

We talked about it with Monica in the first half hour last half hour away now en route joined us on the program so you missed any of it. I encourage you to check it out. Very excited to have my next guest with me. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York is proud son of a hard-working and loving single mom's mom dedicated time instilling in them the greatness requires sacrifice. And it's driven him as a devoted family man and a United States Congressman graduate of Florida State University. Congressman Byron Donald's proudly serving the Southwest Florida district 19 Byron welcome Congressman is so good to have you anything for being here. Well, there's there's a great deal for us to discuss lots lots of stuff that's going on. I call in Bochum China. Joe and he has decided that we we need to lock people down that are traveling now.

Your thoughts with regards that and and what what might Congress do to try to mitigate that situation all about. I don't know what why they're doing it acquired or docked covered on screen COBIT might need. Maybe normal report, but they're not our night. So go from better probation but want to now you sleep. Travel warrant, I did like the not by electric company be admitted.

No general public but not bad.

The administration block the ability to make public height, garlic, what are they piccolo feedback about Joe Biden want to do anything about it to benefit their watch it with our like healthcare, like it's it's really scary when you think about it. I got an email this morning that that outlines from several you know high-level world-class athletes that are experiencing and have experienced severe reactions to these injections and these are people in, you know, and in very good health. There's also a former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Ken root cares his wife Cheryl suffered a severe neurological reaction of maternal scope in 19 shot and and and you know shares stories about these kinds of things so were dealing with an experimental injection that there's a lot of evidence out there to support. Perhaps shouldn't even be being administered to the public or at least you need to have advised you know can sense and and know what it is they're putting into your body. I think that the mandate that all what people make to get it back. They do it of their own government, getting making you do it their all of people who had adverse reaction, your reaction or have died from the back thing the letter were going to make people take it to me there highly responsible. We had a meeting in the pulpit committee general of the bait. I basically after the employer mandate they might do that with circuit if they want they want to do that and somebody get or somebody died liable that the government liable reliable viable object about what sure you that it back thing or two and they get barely ill or have about your condition or they packed away the family members are not all okay with stopping the fire there, one of the body accountable and will be what what the mayor right body accountable absolutely absolutely fly in it and it has to make you wonder Congressman if they are giving these communities to you know them, but Darren is in the Pfizer's if they're giving at you know immunities to the employer. Why would you give immunity unless you anticipate that there's gonna be some kind of a problem. It it it it just doesn't add up to my making sense know you make actual I made you aware of a quick problem. Lockdown travel banů Probably yet you come across the border illegally. Basically on note and your COBIT pot that there is no logic coming out of the quite out all politics about political now there's another thing that is that's going on that has to do with the gun laws and my understanding is, is that there are that the Senate Democrats are trying to run down to the floor a bill called HR eight which would institute universal background registration checks that's predicated on this most recent shooting that took place and of course you know I it's terrible and it's in the news and in the school.

What happened in the school with the three people that were killed and eight, there were injured but there they're using that now to try to push forward this universal background registration check.

I understand there is a way that people can get involved in making phone calls with regards this. Have you heard anything about this. Are you familiar with this.

An officer will build up out earlier Democrats rammed through every Republican vote again and out that it now you are trying to move it that it I know that shooting a bit getting me about it now wanted David pretty good. Make clear warning that the predominant question actually had a meeting go look and it like that day and by the parent public part of the parent that the kids who walk alive were meeting with school about and go bad will.

They get back the clock at the light literally lightly when he did, he committed the truck. The but the issue about the complete monologue that the gum of the back of the problem you look at any match shooting wrinkle shooting that occurred the perpetrator folder gone or they acquire the gonna be legally very rarely got actually legally parked their firearm that you do require them illegally party the law-abiding gun belt when we bring back the Democratic look baby paid nothing that is no law that you have your card that would stop what actually occurred because the already broke the law overwhelming the start of people who bombed by their dog legally open about what we undertake universal nuclear look at any match shooting going back a decade.

The perpetrator basically required, though what we should be doing comically to be looking at medical help is looking at gun law because really at the heart condition of the perpetrator. Like the money will go to committee payment back in our #sure line that goes back to you know kind is one of the things we talked about our first hour to is the kind of education and the things they're doing to our children what Monica talked a bit about Monica little client talked about was how the schools through the comprehensive sex education program IDE humanizing the kids so the kids are taught that they're not human beings that they are just animals with sexual tendencies and there taught that from a very young age and their time. That life doesn't matter if you're killing babies and you're euthanizing the elderly right. I mean, you show me where these children are being raised to realize that they have some kind of real intrinsic value, and that life matters, both theirs and the lives around them and I majored know what happening or will elect that were beginning. I think the individual victim of people were gonna break it down from our group based upon rate based upon unfortunately epic upon gender fluidity as opposed to recognizing the individuality of humanity of everyone in the mud at the present thing object, but the perspective of a culture overall because the people don't have individual like individual aid Bennett TV to just break other groups down you be to two aggregate or to discriminate against brought back to the broader group because you don't recognize people at people recognize them as 1/9 grade demographic research study course when you again when you do that, then you know you and and then the child becomes frustrated and you teach children sue that how they feel and their emotions are the most important thing that that you know it is that's that's what matters is how how how Johnny feels about a particular situation when those feelings are hurt. They don't know how to manage those feelings because there taught that somebody else should adjust predicated on how they feel that day and and so there is there is this reaction this very violent reaction that takes place, and in part it has a lot to do again with you know the loss of of the sense of of individual value and and I think you made a very important point and when you talk about this morning.

We come back after this break, and that is you note teaching individuals you mentioned in your biography that your mom taught you about your value about how your life mattered and made a difference and could make a difference and how hard work was a big portion of you becoming the congressman that you are today that the graduate of Florida State University.

The successes in your life and teaching your children and your family. Those same principles and that is really what America is truly about. I love to talk you soon about that. We get back from this break my guest Congressman Byron Donald is with us, you listen edition generation radio.

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Did you know Matthew 10 tells us whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light and what you hear in the ear preach on the housetops. Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin and not one of them falls to the ground apart from your father's will but the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear. Therefore, you are of more value than many sparrows. I want to encourage you in this Thanksgiving time that God has a plan has a purpose and he's working it out and he wants you to be a part of it and you can through Jesus Christ his son. If you've never professed faith in Jesus Christ, I encourage you to do that today simply pray this prayer. Father, please forgive me for all my sins take them away from me and help me to become the person that you created me to be. I desire to have relationship with you, and I asked Jesus Christ to become the Lord of my life.

I put my faith in him and I believe on the promises you've made a man if you prayed that prayer reach out to me and let me know. I'd love to hear from you today and know this.

We are God's chosen generation chosen for such a time as this and every day when you listen to the program and you hear the opening that we play that is a reminder of who you and I are God bless you and have a great rest of your day. Now back to chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg. Don't forget you can get more at www.chosen generation.and will go back to generation ready on the host, Pastor Greg Congressman Byron Donald is my guest and I want to be sure about my audience on CEC MTV. The exceptional conservative networks. The number one urban online television network in America and we are now partnered with NTD. Also, those listening on the truth broadcasting network.

The noble radio network and are independent stations on both Salem and good friends in KY H in Utah as well is that wells are independent stations across the country.

It's great to be with all of you well.

I am very pleased to Congressman having you with us. We were talking about and you mentioned about how in the schools.

There's this effort to try to segregate create racial division and of course a lot of that is really breath tested to CRT and that issue, you've got three sons you're raising as you talk to them about America and about the opportunities in America. What are some of the things that that you want young people to know, irrespective of the color of their skin about America, like the literally lottery if they are born America in the lab, you 25, 30 years. In reality, it did nobody bite. I a bit of history at but your personal color born in the last 30 years you bitterly the lottery where the people in the history of the planet like different time. Any other country, and that's just go how open and in all the opportunities that are available in our country though and I try to go in Oregon. The gravity born in America today are not America you think that the matter actually. You have no appreciation for the purpose of the progression America made born in America today, but would you gravity born in England in 1703 object so I got that part number two is that you know because were American by the Democrats try to do what they think were were largely American by and fell because of you have an ability to get educated. You have an ability to really find whatever your passion gone by and then you work at it grind out.

It in. You know you can just do it from doing it in the matter what you get out of their way to accomplish in a what they're doing to get caught up in what you know political or you know the word out that come from lack of all the jargon that you try to get you to think that it not possible for you in your life I think is a real discredit the young kid the color and credit the country object and not the America that actually that the also political American.

My own thought it really, my leg. With work part every year. At whatever got account got given you. You have a leg up over most people in the world and in that area. Next meal you don't work at the if you don't work in the grindstone will become my yoke is really up to you if you choose not to work being done. I love you but you will be a bomb and you will look tomorrow because that's how I'm not like you know we can do that but live your handle your quote for that effort and not a bet and you'll be picked up like an appeal for that bet effort that you can't be mad at anybody else laughing our development done way back in high school that you know who you but now I Like now real you can't wait around you graduate high school. Okay now the big Mike. I think if there's anything we do all that in high school will be no need to know we don't really implore in our McKibben America how it built teenage years are like double-click it and not because the old account when it comes to the end and the question is scripturally speaking says to do everything is under the Lord. See you should do everything that you do with excellence and that's what you're really talking about Congressman is his you know making that effort and and if you don't. If you choose not to do if Eugene is that she said to just be slacking.

That's not on anybody else.

You can't point your finger and look around and say well you know you didn't. You know I wasn't treated this way. I was no you didn't make the effort.

You didn't you didn't try. You didn't put in your best effort, and America is a place, as you said, it's the greatest place on earth an opportunity to make of it. I don't think about about feeling young people and a lot of people have a feel of what things are down five. I thought my phone but nobody cared about you.

I care about your feelings about what you're feeling. Nobody will care though, no matter what was going on that day.

If you're in your code. There were firing something you have to write how you feel.

Largely though, I think that I think what we've done with by trying to build them up to now, what Did everybody feel