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Producers’ Pick | Mike Singletary: NFL Hall of Famer on Importance of Fatherhood

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 5, 2022 6:00 am

Producers’ Pick | Mike Singletary: NFL Hall of Famer on Importance of Fatherhood

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 5, 2022 6:00 am

Hall of Famer Mike Singletary on his “Host of the Fatherhood Festival” in Canton, OH.

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Maybe the best defense in the history of the game Pro Hall of Famer since 98. But now we still given back. I'll hopefully you'll be coaching again if that's you choose. You want to do, Mike. Welcome back to bring to me Joe very much I will great the fatherhood festivals, providing a chance for to talk in an open form with very some very well-known names about the need for fathers in the home. If immuno cell put together.

He did have a situation where his dad was in the home for a lot of his young life knows what he missed and you are part of trying to give back to that before we talk about the game in life, you talk about why it's important for you to be involved in this big event. You know all Sunday night and Father's Day weekend village can Ohio and were really excited about going to be fun for everybody and even mom so very excited, and really important for fathers to care our country is dependent on and I really believe that there are a lot of things that you could talk about talk about jobs you could talk about what You talk about talk about. Start with how run the household that mom make a difference. In a way would make a difference to Jessica has kind country music star Stuart Davis is going to be there the bike by dirt tour which is solid to gets number one. The country so Mike personified leadership with one of the best defense is ready when the even when the Bears were merging owes heard about the leadership of this middle linebacker who never should've been this good. What role did your dad play in your life. I will swell.

I didn't think you did a great job until I got older goal. I've been around and work at being able to just watch.

I really did you know being a father and what you give to her son go is not so much with everything that and I think that my father never saw anybody and if there's one thing that I have in my life that I call my dad working no one out. The baby may be bigger, faster, everything else smarter when it comes to working a better be ready to evolve the next day to come, I still say thank you so with this fatherhood Festival. You not only think it's important for fathers and Father's Day here. Obviously, but you also think is a huge gap in this country. You think it's bigger, it's because anything else you to but the ripple effect goes bad parenting leads to situations like we had in ufology and Buffalo. Don't you think you know. You cried out below cried out, crying out for someone to show them the way they trust someone that love them someone that they love it, but an who better than Bob.

I really believe that you can look out country of the different father make trust me. I was raised by my mother. My mother thank God for mom, my dad is something about father we stand up and become demand all be managed to make a tremendous difference not only Mike would you get this idea to Mike Singletary know when you get this idea and when it was utilized as a need for a fatherhood Festival June 17 through through the 19th. I just excited about the opportunity that someone would have say hey you know what, let's get the men together in this country. But Bob and follow what it means to stand and what it needs to die because of what we designed and we can get this turned around and we can get the word out that people understand problems, understand, and maybe those wives can begin to respect the man-made. Maybe those kids can begin to listen to a band.

I think right now we've got, walk away from my job but I think right now supposed to because were not meeting our country at all until we come back into the home and begin to say that backflips must go to work apologize for not being here screwed up, whatever that is. But I'm here now, let's go home. Since I can't discomforting lunchbox and pantry selection of writing like vegetable lo mein and taken to the masala keep the family feel definitely always came in the high standards he trusts from hopefully for 1930+ ingredients are nothing other more reason to think the flavors of whole foods market carotene so so Mike couple things listening II do less you want to do start dividing people up on their race and religion in the black community, especially for the numbers are staggering. How few have a mother and dad in the home. What happened well you know a great question. You know what happened to black family. What happened to the father and you know I think everything has a root yours is so easy right now for a lot of people to look at what's happening right now. Start started many years ago started and slavery started in an segregationist started in you know there are so many things set up for you know that father not not to be married there so many things set up for the father that home and in mom's not going to get money from welfare is hard for me get a job he thought so one has to come to to the place you know what I am the one every father every black man white man whoever it is. Gotta stand up and take responsibility for the nine I may not of got myself a native whole. There may be a lot of the things that happen in order for me to be where Matt: I'm looking up I got a long way to go. Yes, what I get out of that hole and if I climb out of that hole. While them, not going to give me the hope was going to give me everything I need by, get out of that hole. I'm ready to go to work and make a difference in look around for somebody else to help as well but it didn't just get there automatically for their benefits to employees.

Unfortunately, that not plan any kind of cars are not planning to come again but you know what I'm talking about anybody else listening, you know, things take time to to get where they are and I just think you we can all talk about what happened. What is not important. What's important what you will do about it.

Today, and therefore we are in the food will be talking about provided funding understood a couple things I remember you I didn't show. Jim ran for four years and he told me when he was at Syracuse best friend country and they when they go down south.

They were told the black players can stay in a separate hotel and of course his coach never went along with that they would end up there end up finding a way to get around it and then you have the 60s I just went to the Ford Museum and have Rosa Parks bossed the same bus that you want to to refusal of the back of the bus and they have like that. The actual water founds were black-and-white and use on the south, the segregation that existed roughly the same age is a little bit older than me in the North. I didn't see that I read about it was on tests and studies in Hebrew papers on it, but you when I see the when I see the South now, and I see the North Delsea American now I see progress does Mike Singletary see progress on the progress depends on what progress me know. Progress means different things to different people.

I think so. You know that there's not, you know, and many you don't see people getting hung guilty people you know you can go to deflation going to get beat that you don't see that but but I think there are still things in place, you know, it's kind of like BPO. Please test that they had no a lot of time doing when you look at those three that they put in that jar you know what he pleased. Good job.

What he put a glass top over the jar and the fleas were trying to jump out and they could jump out every time he jumped and hit the finally after the fleas that there have been up to the top.

And guess what. Jump anymore and I think a lot of times when you look at African-Americans in this country.

So many of us to stop jumping refill.

I will have anything to jump for Maribel. Certainly a lot of people out there that are still jumping out at job out of a person to do that and you and your making sure people know the tops off Mike Singletary. Thanks much for being here, and best luck in the festivals. The 17th to 19th pick up your tickets Another great reason to go to Canton, Fox News contests network subscriber listen to the Tri-County federal prosecutor and four term US Congressman from South Carolina brings you a one-of-a-kind pungent subscriber